February 2017 Favorites


Just because February was a short month, it didn’t stop me from falling in love with things.

Here is the stuff that caught my eye:

Purging my closet

I went on a rampage of cleaning out my closet this month. I have been trying to narrow down my style, therefore anything that doesn’t truly fit my aesthetic must go. I had so many pieces that were trendy at one point, but now I never wear them. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you most likely won’t again. Classics are a different story, which you will need and keep forever.  It is easy to have trouble getting rid of stuff, clothes are sentimental items. Deciding to de-clutter your life is the first step. Don’t focus on how much you paid for it, you will not get rid of anything if you do. If it doesn’t fit, it has to go. You are not going to lose the ten pounds you need to right now, let’s be real, and you will end up resenting having items that don’t fit hanging around. The one trick that works the most for me is to ask yourself “if I was shopping right now, would I buy this item?” You will be able to part with a lot more if you use that mindset. I got rid of several garbage bags full of clothes and shoes (and then went into my beauty room and did the same for my makeup). I feel lighter, productive, and helpful since I donated all the items. Plus, now I have more room to shop for new stuff!

JustFab “Shima” Heels

As I looked into my closet I realized all my black heels were sky high or a block heel. I needed  a pair of simple black stilettos I could wear all the time. I shopped around until I found these bad boys. The pointed toe, tie strap and suede fabrication add so much visual appeal. The low heel makes them practical and perfect for everyday. I cannot stop wearing them. I was on my feet  running around for 10 hours yesterday and these things were comfortable the whole time. I plan on buying these in the two other colors they come in. A must buy in my opinion.


Shellac Nails

Technically this type of manicure has been a favorite of mine since before Christmas. However, I got an amazing manicure this month that blew my mind and solidified my love. I use to rarely get my nails done, and my nails showed that fact. I had short nails that were in bad condition, I would bite and pick at them (horrible habit, I know). Getting my nails done more regularly has completely changed that. My nails have been able to grow and make my hands look so much better. I can rock rings now! Shellac manicures are the way to go, yes they are a tad more expensive then the basic one, but they last weeks. I am obsessed.

 IT BRUSHES Velvet Luxe Goddess Kabuki Brush

I did not realize how much I needed this brush until i got it. I have been using it every single day during my makeup routine. First off, it is unbelievably soft, the softest brush I own. The term “velvet luxe” is right on the nose. Second, it is densely packed, so it picks up pigment easily. It never goes on patchy, it applies like a dream. Swiping this over your face feels and looks incredible. I use it to apply bronzer, but I can picture it being great for powder as well. Since it is a big brush,  it covers my whole face fast. This is an Ulta exclusive and pricey for a makeup brush, so wait for a sale. It even comes with a velvet pouch to carry it when you are traveling, because you won’t want to go anywhere without it.



Shima heels

IT Cosmetics brush



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  1. Anonymous
    March 3, 2017 / 10:37 pm

    I decided to go with the Velvet Luxe after reading your review. Thanks for the great insight.

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