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Gone are the days of having to put our feet through hell in order to be on trend. Sneakers are officially back in style! I could not be more excited for this trend that is popping everywhere. From runways, to celebrities, to the street, everywhere you look you will see this stylish take on athleisure.

I am known to wear heels almost every day. I love them, the higher the better in my opinion. I am a short girl and heels instantly make me appear pulled together. However, it is always good to give your feet a break, even if you wear the most comfortable heels ( yes, they exist).

This is the time where these shoes come in and save the day! I am stoked to be able to slip into a comfortable pair of sneakers and still appear fashionable. Now, before you start rocking your everyday workout pair, listen up. These are not your average athletic shoes, think of them as a whole new category. Chic Sneaks!  These types of shoes are amazing because you can wear them with just about anything. Pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, any combination of an outfit you can think of! Mixing more dressy and casual pieces is what makes this trend fun.


My favorite pair right now are these pink, suede, Adidas trainers. They are laid-back but the color makes them feminine and fashion forward. They work with any outfit I rock lately. They are the perfect mix of girly and sporty. When trying to find the perfect pair for you look for something special. It can be a color, a pointed toe, cutouts, anything that makes them stand out from your usual pair of running shoes!


If tie up shoes are not your thing, that is just fine. Slip-on sneakers are just as hip and even more convenient and comfortable! What’s not to love? Still look for interesting fabrications and patterns to keep them looking fresh. Throw on your favorite outfit and then add a pair of  these trending shoes. I promise they go with more than you would think!


No matter  who you are you will love this trend! It will instantly turn you into the cool girl, I promise.


Adidas Pink Trainers

Black Slip-ons

Quilted Slip-ons

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