Block heels 

The block heel is the “It Girl” accessory of the moment. I have been buying them like crazy. The best part of these trendy shoes? THEY ARE COMFORTABLE! Since they have a wider heel than your typical stiletto, they take some of the strain off your feet. I can easily wear any pair of shoes with a block heel all day, no matter what I am doing. This type of heel allows you to go a bit higher than you ordinarily would because they are more stable.  If more height is not your thing, don’t worry! Low block heels are just as in style as taller ones. Basically hitting the heel jackpot; comfy & cute!


If you are just stepping into this trend, go with a pair that is strappy, black and suede. Just about every brand has a version of this shoe. I got my pair at Target, so we can add in “affordable” to the jackpot as well! I have been wearing them so often because they are black and the open toe is the right amount of skin to show in this weather. As of right now, I have been loving mixing them with an athleisure themed outfit. Paired with joggers they create a playful contrast. Look for interesting fabrications when shopping for these shoes. Suede or velvet heels will look beautiful, expensive and totally on trend for Spring 2017.


My favorite part of the block heel? They come in so many different shapes and sizes. You will be able to find this wide heel in a variety of styles and prices. You have no excuse to not run out and grab a pair. A different pair to go with any outfit you wear!  These types of heels will be my go-to for spring & summer.



Suede Heel

Tan Sandals

Velvet Heels




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