L.A Girl Cosmetics Review

 Ever since L.A Girl released their new foundation and tons of beauty gurus were talking about it, I knew I wanted to do this review. I have been testing these products out for about a month and have formed a lot of opinions! I chose to test out part of their complexion range called the “PRO” line. I chose these items because creating the perfect base is the most crucial step within my makeup routine. I am constantly looking for new holy-grail products. My favorite part about this line is how affordable it is! Each product has an extremely low price tag, but preforms like they are high end. L.A Girl is now sold at Ulta stores making the products readily available. Easy to find and inexpensive? LOVE that!


Let’s get to the reviews:

PRO Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation

I am fairly sure there is a non-illuminating version of this foundation, but since I have dry skin this rendition seemed perfect for me. The plastic bottle comes with a pump which makes it easy to get product out and looks pretty on my vanity. The product itself is a liquid, runny consistency making it easy to blend into the skin. I chose the shade “fair” which matches my skin tone almost perfectly, no easy feat when picking a shade online! This foundation is illuminating but in a natural way, making my skin appear healthy. If you have very oily skin however, you may want to steer clear of this stuff. This lasts all day on me along side the rest of my makeup routine. I have been loving this foundation, it makes my skin even with full makeup on, still look like skin!


PRO Conceal HD Concealers

These concealers have been a cult favorite among the beauty community for years. I love how many shades it comes in. They have a match for you no matter what your skin tone may be! Within these concealers, they have color correcting shades as well. I decided to get four of these concealers. One for highlighting in the shade “Light Ivory”, one for contouring in the shade “Toast” and two for color correcting. The green shades gets rid of redness and the peach shades helps with under eye darkness. I am OBSESSED with all of these products! Each one is very pigmented, so a little bit goes a very long way. The brush applicator is somewhat annoying to get the product out of but it is nice to not have to  apply them with my finger. The color correcters have to be my favorite among the four.  After using just the green and peach shades my skin looked great and majority of my problem spots were covered. These bad boys may have just become my new favorite concealers!


PRO Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer

This primer comes in a easy squeeze tube and smooths onto the skin beautifully. It is a silicone based primer, not unlike the Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer. Silicone primers feel great on my skin but I don’t always notice the biggest difference with the rest of my routine. I love using this primer to smooth out my skin and create an even base to apply my foundation. I do not notice a difference in the appearance of my fine lines or pores, which I usually do with silicone based primers. However, this product is exactly what it claims to be, a “smoothing primer.” Does it do anything incredible for my makeup? Not necessarily. Does it keep my makeup on longer throughout the day? Doubt it. But it feels good and is a nice extra step if you have the time.


PRO Face HD Matte Pressed-Powder

I have this powder in the shade light ivory, which I believe is a good match for my neutral skin tone. I love that this compact has a large mirror and comes with a sponge applicator rather than a puff. I have been using this powder to set my makeup but more often for carrying it around with me throughout the day. It layers well with the products you already have if you need a quick touch up. It is by no means the most long lasting powder, but it does the trick in a pinch. I think it applies evenly and doesn’t create a cakey look on the skin.


PRO Powder HD Setting Powder

Man oh man, I was SO excited to try this powder out. My favorite loose setting powder was recently discontinued and I wanted this to be an inexpensive dupe for it. However this was not the case. The powder is very finely milled which is great but creates a mess when using it. Since this is the case for a lot of loose powders I was willing to let it slide. I use a powder like this to “bake my face.” This is a technique in which you apply tons of powder and brush off the excess, thus creating an absolute flawless look to the skin. In normal light the powder made my makeup look great and I loved it. However this gave MAJOR flashback in flash photography and made my skin look ghostly white and terrible in pictures. That always bums me out, because there are white loose powders that do not create flashback, so it can be done. If you don’t plan on getting photographed this powder is fine for day-to-day, just not my favorite.


PRO Setting HD Setting Spray

Not sure what it is about setting sprays that make me love them so much, but I cannot get enough. That is what prompted me purchase the PRO spray, I am always looking for a great new one. My makeup has a tendency to break up on me throughout the day and using a setting spray can sometimes solve this issue. This spray is just okay in my opinion. It keeps me matte, the nozzle creates a fine mist and it smells like cucumber!. It makes excess powder blend into my skin and may prolong my makeup a bit, but by no means does it do anything incredible. I will for sure continue to use it, I just do not think I will re-purchase it.


Overall I am so happy I purchased this line of products! There certainly were some standout winners that I will continue to use for a long time. If you are going to pick up just a few things from this range? Go for the foundation and concealers, they are incredible, you will not be disappointed!


Ulta L.A Girl Collection

L.A Girl Website



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