April Favorites 2017


Another month has flown by, and I truly do mean FLOWN. Time has been going by so incredibly fast lately. Since that has no inclination of stopping, it is best to just enjoy the ride!

Here the things that I have been obsessed with this month:


It has been a tumultuous six months for the relationship between me and my skin. At the age of 24 I have been dealing with more skin issues and breakouts than I ever have in my life. I thought I was over that hump in my life, guess not. I have been trying so many new skin care products lately and have been loving it. I still haven’t found the most amazing product in the world but my skin has benefited a lot by me just babying it. My skin is very dry so these products have been a huge drink for it. Eye creams and skin serums have been my favorite items to test out. I cannot see myself slowing down with with a good skincare regime anytime soon!

Light Washed Distressed Denim

If you have been reading my posts, eyeing my social media or have seen me at all in person chances are you know the exact pair of jeans I am talking about. Me and my best friend recently bought this same pair of jeans at the end of last month. They are all I want to wear right now. This lighter wash is something totally different for me, but they go perfectly with all the spring styles I have been rockin’ latley! I love that they are distressed but not completely shredded, it is a happy medium. They are slightly cropped which is a short girls dream because they do not need to be hemmed or cuffed, thank goodness! The mid-rise makes it ideal to wear with any top including cropped styles, so too much skin isn’t shown. They look great with any pair of shoes you wear, flat styles or heels! No matter what my outfit for the day may be chances are these pants are the star of the show. These jeans are my obsession and I think you should get a pair to see for yourself! I of course have them linked down below, they are so budget friendly too (thank me later).


Adjustable Food Ring

I do not cook, and when I do cook it does not come out looking too pretty. Enter this ring, I now look like a gourmet chef! Let’s face it, if I am cooking and it turns out well it is going on Instagram, don’t lie you are the same way! This ring makes gorgeous cylinders of layered delicacies. The recipe possibilities are endless (see my first attempt down below), which makes this contraption so fun. I am working on a deconstructed sushi roll tower next! It is adjustable depending on what size you want your tower to be and the thing really does hold all the ingredients together. It is definitely an awesome tool to  have in your repertoire, and would be a winner for dinner parties. So cool and EASY because believe me if I can do it, so can you. Then all you have to do is watch the “likes” roll in!



FOREVER 21+ Distressed Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

Adjustable Food Ring

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