Monthly Favorites: August 2017


Time REALLY does fly when you’re having fun. This is certainly the case for me and the month of August. I spent half of this month traveling (NYC, baby) and the other half shopping a ton. Sounds like the perfect thirty-one days if you ask me! Down below are the items that caught my attention this August.

Maybelline Baby Lips

The Baby Lips line from Maybelline has been around for a long period of time, I wore these products in high school! This product in particular was lost in my collection FOREVER. I haven’t used it in so long that I am not sure if they even make this exact one anymore but the newer ones perform the same I would assume. I rediscovered it recently and brought it with me on my vacation. I thought it would be easy to wear on the plane, give me hydration and a bit of color. Little did I remember that these bad boys are super pigmented! One swipe gave me a powerful pink pout. It feels just like a lip balm but your lips look full, juicy and amazingly colorful. The hydration lasts a good amount of time and even when it does go away the color stains the lips and lasts all day. I ended up using this EVERY DAY on my trip and haven’t stopped yet. It is so easy to wear and looks great! I can’t wait to try out more colors.


Namastay in Bed t-shirt

Naps are my favorite thing, probably ever. Seriously if I could stay in bed all day I certainly would! When I found this t-shirt I couldn’t help but giggle and think “that’s so me.” It doesn’t hurt that it is also comfortable as heck to wear. Screen t-shirts have been everywhere lately. Sometimes it is just the best way to get one’s point across. I love wearing this shirt tucked in to ripped jeans with a pair of heels, the mix of structured and relaxed silhouettes keeps it interesting.


Wearing Flat Shoes

Due to an injury I acquired almost two months ago, I haven’t been wearing heels as often. Believe me, I have tried but there are times that heels just hurt my ankle far too much. Thank goodness that there are an abundance of cute flat shoes out there! Sneakers have been the name of the game for me. There are just too many dope styles available and they go with everything. The juxtaposition between a dress and a pair of sneakers has been a lot of fun to play around with. I highly recommend getting a pair of sneakers that you love and wearing them to death, you will be surprised at how many outfits they work with.


I hope you enjoyed August as much as I did. What were the products you couldn’t get enough of this month? I would love to know!




Sweet Claire Namastay In Bed Tank

Steve Madden Quilted Slip-On Sneakers

Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal Lip Balm – Pink Quartz

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm – Pink Punch

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