Must Have Trend: Denim Skirts

Does this trend scream nostalgia to anybody else? I have been STOKED to get my hands on a denim skirt ever since I first saw people rockin’ this trend. I went a little crazy and bought two in the same week. I love this trend and I know a tiny part (or a big part) of you does too!

This isn’t your typical denim skirt you hacked up out of a pair of old Levi’s in 8th grade. The rules have changed a little bit. Strive to find a skirt that is a bit more stylized. Adding visual interest like distressing, varying fabrications or buttons will take you from follower to trendsetter. You can’t go wrong with anything that makes it and you stand and out! Since this is such a popular item you can’t go very far without being able to easily pick one up for yourself.


I chose to wear a slightly longer jean skirt than I would have back in the day. This time around it is denim skirts for grownups! The length keeps my look streamlined even though the denim makes it casual. I love the contrast between a longer skirt and a crop top, it creates the perfect balance (can’t give the cow away for free, am I right…).  The heels and suede shirt are just bonuses because the skirt is the star of the show here.

My favorite part of this trend? How a skirt is the perfect fall transition item, which isn’t your typical occurrence. This look isn’t losing momentum anytime soon so you will see this trend carrying over into fall and winter. Just promise you will wear it with a sweater, I don’t need any frostbitten fashionistas on my hands.


Take a stroll down memory lane and land yourself the perfect jean skirt. Since it is denim, you already know it goes with everything you own! You won’t want to take it off, I promise. I chose all my delightfully denim picks down below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this trend in the comment section.


Blank Denim Big Reveal Skirt

Calvin Klein Jeans Denim Mini Skirt

ASOS Tall ASOS TALL Denim Mini Skirt with Raw Edge Ruffle in London Blue

PAIGE Denim skirts

Levi’s Women’s Levi’s Button-Front Jean Skirt

CK Logo


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