Boxycharm December 2017


I feel like I was just writing my post on last month’s Boxycharm. Life just keeps flying by! This box tends to be my favorite each month so let’s see if this time around is any different.

Show me the goods:



Real Her Blush Kit

You really can’t go wrong with getting a palette in your box. This “kit” includes three baked blushes. The shades differ from another in color and finish. A bright pink with gold shimmer throughout, a coral with a satin finish and a neutral brown shade with specks of glitter rounds out the trio. They have good color pay off without being overly pigmented and difficult to apply. They wear well on the skin and last a decent amount of time, not all day, but long enough to get the job done. Three shades that I don’t really have in my collection right now? Score!



Getting brushes in subscriptions is half the reason I stay a subscriber. I never have to buy a brush again! This one from Crown is great. It is dense, soft and looks pretty in my collection. I just don’t love what it is geared towards. This doesn’t make sense as a blush brush, it is too dense and applies blush in splotches. Perhaps with a not very pigmented blush it would work but I still don’t think it is worth the effort. This brush would be perfect for cream contour or foundation. Always love getting a brush, I just need to rack my brain on how to use it.


Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick

This is the hero product of the whole box. I am OBSESSED with this liquid lipstick and to be honest, I am surprised by that fact. The metallic lip trend never appealed to me until very recently (as in “the second I got this product” recently). A light brown with a pink reflect that looks stunning on the lips. It is a lot of look but I have not been able to stop wearing it recently. Such a fun color! Pretty Vulgar nailed the formula on this one. It feels light on the lips, doesn’t dry them out, lasts forever and fades off gracefully. Everything you could ask for in a liquid lipstick. This might be my new favorite formula of all time. Total hit!


bellapierra Pro Concealer Palette

This color correcting palette certainly sparked my interest when I saw it nestled in my box. Three cream shades make up the palette. An orange to counteract dark circles, a green to combat redness and a purple to brighten up the skin. I can use all three of those things! I do wish they were a bit more pigmented but they still do the job of handling pesky skin issues. They are not as dry as I initially thought they would be which is a huge plus for a cream compact product. The product does smell of crayons though, which freaks me out a bit. Color correcting is by no means an everyday step in my routine but I enjoy doing it when I have the time. Looking forward to playing around with this product more.



Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara

In order to not sound like a broken record, I will keep it brief. This is only a miss because I do not wear mascara. However, it is always great to receive a product from Tarte!


Overall, this Boxycharm was just okay. I like almost all the products but for some reason I am not over the moon about this box. What are your thoughts? What items did you get this month? I would love to know!


Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick

Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara

RealHer Blush Kit

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