Current Obsession: Camo

Camouflage print has been synonymous for blending in with your surroundings but wearing it nowadays will only make you stand out.


I never thought of myself as a camo kind of girl until I got a jacket in the fun print and everything changed! I couldn’t get enough and immediately bought another one (they are different enough, I promise). This pattern gives off a tough girl vibe that will inject a dose of cool into any outfit.

With such a casual vibe attached it is hard to picture camouflage dressed up, but it can be done! An oversized camo shirt worn with a bodycon dress and heels will make you look fancy without being over the top. This unconventional pairing is the ideal way to incorporate this print into your spring wardrobe.


A jacket in this trend paired with jeans and a t-shirt will make you look pulled together and as if you aren’t somebody to be messed with. To tone down the toughness look for stylized details. A bell sleeve, piping, or polished buttons are the perfect feminine finishes.

 If you aren’t sure this bold style will work for your current aesthetic look for a print that isn’t as obvious or perhaps in a color palette different from the typical green. An abstract take on fabrication is the easiest way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe right now. The “is it or isn’t it” question will interest people and make your camo piece a star.


Sometimes taking risks and incorporating new trends into your everyday style is just the excitement you need. That was definitely the case for me! Camouflage print is my current obsession. What is yours?


FOREVER 21 Camo Print Bomber Jacket

Camouflage-Print Cotton Jacket

Monoreno Camo Hilo Jacket

Camo belted utility jacket

Vintage America Carmen Embroidered Camo-Print Jacket

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