Boxycharm February 2018



It is that amazing time of the month, the time where my favorite subscription shows up in my mail box! Boxycharm costs $21 a month for which you receive five full size beauty related products. Let’s see what they gifted us with this time!


Crown Pro Trio Brush Set 

These brushes are what I am most excited about in the box (doesn’t bode well for the other products). Beauty tools are always nice to receive. This trio from crown isn’t anything spectacular and looks VERY similar to a set I have from Wet N’ Wild. The brushes feel of high quality though, soft AND pink! I will absolutely find use for all of these and will love to have them displayed on my vanity.


CoverFX Shimmer Veil in “Amethyst”

Getting a CoverFX product in our box is awesome! Getting THIS CoverFX product in our box isn’t as exciting. This is a liquid pigment that can be used in many different ways. The purple shade stacked with shimmer would work as an unconventional highlight or look pretty as a pop of color on the eyes. Working with this consistency is not my favorite but since this product is so pretty I will give it a fair shot. I like that they included an item in a different shade than the usual champagne. It is always good to mix things up every once in a while!


Ofra Cosmetics Pop-Up Palette with Blush in “Winter Rose Glow”

A magnetic palette was a refreshing choice to include in this month’s box. I personally already have too many items just like this, but if you do not, this would be great to receive. Including an Ofra blush with the palette was a classy move on Boxycharm’s part. An added bonus! A warm brown shade with subtle shimmer  that is perfect for everyday (and everybody) especially when worn with something bright elsewhere on the face. Paired with the CoverFX shimmer veil, this blush would be lovely.


PUR Lips Plumping Lip Exfoliator 

Exfoliating the lips should be a part of everybody’s normal routine. I have been incorporating this step in my morning prep and have loved the outcome. This lip exfoliator has scrubbies mixed with a moisturizing balm in a lip pencil form. It smells just like candy too, yum! It does a great job of smoothing out the lips and getting them ready for color application. Already owning a product that is fairly identical is the only reason I’m not wowed by this.




Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil

Another black eyeliner pencil is not what I need at the moment. I have received a ton in subscription services recently so I am set. It is by no means a bad item, just not that exciting. I will most likely pass this product on to a new home. How many black liners can one girl use?!


This is the first month I have been disappointed in Boxycharm. I am sure you saw a theme. None of the products were terrible, they were just things I do not need in my collection right now. That is okay, not every month can be perfect! What items did you get this month? Were you on the fence about this box as well? Let me know down in the comment section.



Ofra Cosmetics Pop-Up Palette

CoverFX Shimmer Veil Amethyst 

Ofra Blush

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