Worth The Hype? Magnetic Lashes

If you are anything like me putting on false lashes can be a headache. While lashes add drama and make you look more pulled together, applying them never came easy to me. My dreams have become a reality because MAGNETIC lashes are now a thing and becoming more and more popular by the day.

Below you can see the progression from bare eyes to just mascara and then with accent magnetic lashes applied. Natural looking with the perfect amount of added volume!




Think of magnetic lashes as “false lashes for dummies.” I have spent hours getting ready only to ruin my whole look by applying strip lashes. Glue gets in my eye, I end up howling in anger and having to completely start over. A total mess and fits of rage typically ensue. After getting lash extensions professionally applied every month for over a year, both my wallet and I were exhausted. I needed to explore new options.

I first heard a blogger talk about how much she loved her magnetic lashes, of course she did, they cost $70! That certainly wasn’t going to save me any money. After a friend told me how much she loved hers at a lower price point, I was convinced. Research was done and I found many brands offering less expensive options. If you are going to try something to see if it works for you there is no need to break the bank. I started with a couple of pairs from Amazon.com. They worked great and I have been a believer ever since.

The lashes come with two pieces with tiny magnets on them. One piece is placed on the top of the lash and the other is applied underneath the lash to create a sandwich effect with your natural lashes in the middle. The hardest part is matching up the pieces to align the magnets for the strongest hold. It certainly takes some practice but with fifteen minutes or less with these bad boys, it will become a piece of cake. The best part is that with no glue, if you do mess up you can just pop them off and try again! Your makeup will not get messed up no matter how many tries it takes. They are also re-usable, as long as you keep them clean and shaped you will get many wears!


Once they are applied to your liking, they stay on all day! With added drama to your look and a FAST no mess application, they really are my dream lashes. Can you see the magnets if you look up close? Yes, but who cares!? They look natural enough that you can even wear them without eyeliner.

Since this style has been becoming more and more popular, several brands are launching their variations. Ardell, a HUGE name in the false lash world recently brought out multiple styles of magnetic lashes. I have tried the “accent” ones, which are applied to just the outer half of the lash line making them the most wearable for every day, and adore them! They also have several full lash options available. Affordable and awesome choices from the drugstore or your nearest Ulta!


 Having small magnets near your eyes may seem scary, but I have noticed no issues thus far wearing them almost every day. I can not picture myself going back to conventional strip lashes anytime soon, I am a changed woman. What do you think about magnetic lashes? Let me know down below and stay lashy my friends!


Magnetic Accent Lashes

Magnetic Full Lash Wispies

Magnetic Full Lash #110

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  1. Sandi B Davis
    April 2, 2018 / 8:17 am

    Well, I’m game. Applying lashes is a pain in the a**.

    • caseykay
      April 2, 2018 / 9:06 am

      Yes, yes it is! I could not agree more. Give these a shot, I was pleasantly surprised!
      XO, CK

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