Current Obsession: Overalls

Say hello to your new favorite summer trend, OVERALLS. This look is the most fun you can have in fashion right now. Throw on a pair and get out the door. It’s summertime and the living is easy, shouldn’t your outfit be too?


Overalls can conjure up correlations to grade school days. While I wouldn’t recommend pairing this trend with pigtails, playing into the whimsy is what makes this look so charming. Overalls remain current paired with contemporary accessories and a whole lot of confidence.  Wearing a form-fitting top underneath creates the perfect balance. An overall style that hugs the body will showcase your curves and prove this style is for all ages.

Since overalls are typically made of denim you know they are going to be comfortable! You can find the ideal fit by knowing your inseam measurement, just like how you would buy a pair of jeans. For something more relaxed go up a size to get the classic “boyfriend” style which looks best when worn cuffed. The laid back vibe is the best part of this trend, so wear them like a second skin or let your body breathe, any way that makes you feel your best.

If the pant length isn’t your thing try this trend in a dress or shorts form! Just as adorable and probably more fitting for the weather. Shorts are the most casual and an overall dress can be spruced up for a more formal event.

The right pair of shoes will take your outfit from farm girl to fashion forward. Sandals will make you look effortless and open toe heels will make this ultra casual ensemble perfect for night.

Design details such as embroidery, distressing or a faux tuxedo stripe will add interest to your baby blues. This style would be just as fab in an unusual fabrication such as leather or corduroy. So many possibilities, so little time. I told you this trend was fun!

Overall(s) this trend is my current obsession. A one piece outfit that makes you stand out far more than your typical dress. Casual or dressed up, this style could be just what your next event is needing. What are your thoughts on overalls? Let me know and shop down below!


Ripped Overall Jeans

Bleached Distressed Overall Shorts

Denim Overall Dress

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