November 2018 Ipsy

I haven’t been able to wear a ton of makeup lately but that time is coming to an end and I’m ready to play!  Looking forward to testing out some new products.

Let’s see what Ipsy has to offer this month, shall we?


TIMELESS BEAUTY BAR Glam & Glow + Up in the Clouds Sheet Mask Set

Sheet masks are a part of my daily routine. Obsessed does not even begin to cover it. Our skin can always use a bit of TLC. Sheet masks are the perfect way to get an extra dose of hydration during the colder months. I will happily add these to my mask collection (which is the favorite drawer in my vanity).


A girl can never have too much blush. It instantly adds life to your face. I adore blush and use it everyday. This blush pan is full size and will fit snugly in a magnetic palette. Pan products as oppose to compact products let you customize a palette and save space in your collection. I am totally on board with that. This blush is a stunning dusty rose shade that mimics the color your cheeks make when you’ve been out in the cold. The perfect winter blush. This item is pigmented so you can make it as intense or subtle as needed depending on how much you apply. The silky smooth texture blends easily onto the cheeks and lasts throughout the day.


JELLY PONG PONG Cosmic Light in Pulsar

Another full size product, woo hoo! The eye pigment is stunning. A highly dimensional, shimmery blue color with green undertones will be gorgeous for holiday looks. I do not get a ton of use out of blue shadows, but this product makes me want to change that. It’s just that pretty! Pigments last FOREVER because they are just that, straight pigment, meaning you only need a small amount. This a very fun item to have received.



M·A·C Strobe Cream in Pinklite

Receiving a product from M.A.C is not a bad thing, I’m just not blown away. Liquid highlights are tricky for me. Not quite knowing how to use them effectively, they tend to get forgotten in my collection. I will try this pink cream highlight underneath foundation for a glowy boost and hope that it doesn’t break apart my makeup throughout the day. The sample size is also pretty dang small. Not the best item, but I will still try it out.



SUGAR COSMETICS Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick in Trusty Rusty

Again, this is not a terrible product. The reason it is a “miss” for me is because of how small it is, it’s comically tiny. This lip color will maybe allow for two or three applications. The rusty-red color is gorgeous however and I’m excited to try it for that reason. Liquid lipsticks are not my favorite during winter due to how drying they can be, but for a short period of time they look fab. I will give this a shot and hopefully I love it, despite it’s size.


Overall, I am content with this month’s Ipsy glambag. Yes, a couple of products were small, but I think I’ve become jaded. These bags are supposed to let you TEST products after all. I shouldn’t be so harsh. The hits however were all awesome! What products did you receive? Let me know everything and shop down below.




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    Thanks for finally talking about >November 2018 Ipsy –
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