Boxycharm May 2019

Another month, another Boxycharm! I tend to play with makeup a lot more in the spring and summer months, so hopefully this box delivers! 



This is a unique product. I have dabbled with cream eye shadows in the past with varied success. This intense shimmy gold with a purple shift is beautiful, just absolutely gorgeous. It can applied with a heavy hand by itself for an intense look, blended in for a subtle sparkle and as a topper on top of another eyeshadow. I am excited to play with this more and to up my liquid shadow technique. The dry down time takes a bit, so apply and keep my eyes closed for a while? That is a little awkward, but practice will make my application perfect.


I enjoy a good blush, I really do. Receiving three in a palette is even better. These buttery, pigmented shades are all beautiful. With a peach shade, a neutral pink and a darker rosy tone, this palette can work with any makeup look. This product will be great for traveling and how fast does one use up a whole blush? Not very fast so this item is going to last forever. I am happy with how the blushes apply. The staying power seems decent but I always put on a touch extra to ensure it sticks around throughout my day.


Beauty subscriptions seem like they can ready my mind sometimes. After my No7 moisturizer just ran out, I saved myself a trip to Ulta when I got this product. This moisturizer has a gel consistency which is lightweight and sinks into the skin FAST, like very fast. Which I enjoy for an AM moisturizer but may be too light for nighttime. I like just about everything about this item, besides the scent. It states on the jar that no artificial fragrance was added but I just can’t get down with the sickly sweet smell. I will get over it though, no biggie! Always enjoy getting skincare in these subscriptions.


This product totally threw me for a loop and was almost deemed a “miss.” With the title “gloss” I was expecting just that, a shiny topper. This product goes on with a ton of sparkle and dimension. Mainly gold flecks shine through but there is a faint pink shift. Then this product almost immediately dries matte, it is not transfer proof but seems like it would cling on for a while. I picture myself using this over another lip product and not on its own, it’s not pigmented enough to stand alone. So a gloss that is not really a gloss? Interesting, I guess!



Okay, this is not a terrible item to get. You don’t receive a lot of eyelash curlers, so Boxycharm gets an A for effort. I also dig how pretty this item is. The thing is, I already have a curler that I like. There is nothing wrong with this product, I just think somebody else would love it more than me.

Another good box, I love getting Boxycharm. I do feel like it has gone downhill slightly in recent months but I always find something that is worth the $21 price tag. What items did you get this month? I saw spoilers for other variations of May’s box and some of them were very good!



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