T-shirts + skirts

An effortlessly cool look is what we all want, but why must it take SO much effort to achieve? Some girls roll out of bed looking perfectly undone but I have to spend a lot of time to look like I didn’t spend any time at all. Frustrating right?

Well, I came across the perfect outfit that will make you look hip and feel comfortable, all while you love wearing it. All positive things! 

Enter in t-shirts and skirts! You’ve seen loads of this look scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, I’m sure of it. I was sick of seeing other chicks pull this look off and wanted to try it out for myself. Man oh man, am I happy that I did!

Nothing is more comfortable than your favorite t-shirt right? So up your style game while wearing your tried and true. This is seriously a win win situation.

A basic crew neck tee will do the trick just fine. You can also rock (literally) a vintage band tee or a slogan shirt for added fun. I chose a Spice Girls t-shirt because A) I’m obsessed with them B) this shirt was a fabulous gift from my rockin’ sister and C) uhm, GIRL POWER!

Funny how t-shirts, pieces we don’t think much of, get for free or only wear to bed are FINALLY getting their time to shine. You have one, probably way more, laying around somewhere, I just know it.

There are so many different skirts you can pick from as well. Go flowy or more body hugging depending on your mood that day. I recommend picking a midi length to create the ideal balance. If you are petite like me  (I’m 5’2 for reference, fun size) and are worried a longer style will overwhelm your stature, look for a skirt with a side slit to elongate you.

Don’t think you have to wear a solid skirt either, this would be an AWESOME time to mix prints. A leopard skirt with a Ramones shirt? You bet cha! The less you think about it, the cooler it will look. Easier said than done, but I believe in you.

Make sure to tuck in your tee or tie it in a knot, just something to flatter your frame a bit more. You need something to nip you in and give you a waist. I opt to fold the hem of my shirt almost in half, knotting it and tucking it under. This basically crops it and pulls it in for a slimmer fit. If you want to go the extra mile and are feeling crafty, you can cut up an old shirt for a unique look!

I love this look and am very happy with how it all turned out. Planning to pair more of my t-shirts with skirts VERY soon. Do you like this look or is it TOO laid back? Let me know and don’t forget to shop down below!



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