Boxycharm July 2019

It is all about Boxycharm on the blog today. It is time to see the products they rolled out for the month of July! Here’s hoping that this month’s box gets me out of the Boxycharm slump I have been in recently.



Elemis is a great highend skincare line, so I was pleasently surprised when I saw this in the box. This (slightly green) mask is packed with ingredients that are supposed to nourish and brighten the skin. The directions say that a slight tingle may occur but this wasn’t the case for me. After applying and leaving on for some time, it says 10 minutes but I left it on for almost 20, and washing it off my skin felt soft. Soft but not stripped, which is a huge plus for me. It is hard to judge a mask right off the bat but I did enjoy using this and the herbal scent it had!


I was just talking about how much I enjoy receiving brushes. This set is just so-so however. Don’t get me wrong Luxie brushes are some of my faves and a subscription box staple! This set includes three brushes, two for eyes and one for the face. The eye brushes are great, a small shader and a fluffier blending brush, which is all you need to create an eye look! The face brush however, is not my jam. It is a flat foundation brush, which I don’t use to apply my makeup. But you know what it is good for? Applying face masks! I see what you did there Boxycharm. Insert smirk face emoji here.


I was all geared up to not like this product, but I was wrong! This deep green eyeliner glides on and stays put! This is not always the case with gel eyeliners, I’m far to use to them smudging and smearing throughout the day. I am happy to have gotten this and that it is in a fun shade. I did a full green eyeshadow look the other day and this product was the perfect added pop for the waterline!


This product claims to be a “thickening gloss” which confused me until I applied it. This gloss really does have a thick consistency which smooths out lines in the lips and provides full pigmentation. Dulce is a beautiful brown nude shade that on me requires a lipliner but that is not a problem. I enjoy how it wears (yay for not being sticky) and only needs to be reapplied after heavy eating or drinking. This is quickly becoming my favorite product for a nude lip look. Also, major points for providing a gloss and not another matte liquid lipstick. Glosses are a summer must-have!



This palette is beautiful, from the color selection to the packaging However, it is almost TOO natural for me, hence the name. The shades are mainly earth tones that in theory would create a great look. They do not have great pigmitation at first and need a setting spray to wet your brush to acquire the ideal look. There are so many palettes that don’t require this much work, which makes me think I won’t be reaching for this one that often.

This box didn’t inspire me much. I did like how all the products can be worn together though! Just an eh month or am I getting burnt out on Boxycharm all together? What are your thoughts? Are we over beauty subscriptions? Did you get these products? Let me know everything down below!


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