It is all about Boxycharm on the blog today. It is time to see the products they rolled out for the month of July! Here’s hoping that this month’s box gets me out of the Boxycharm slump I have been in recently.



Elemis is a great highend skincare line, so I was pleasently surprised when I saw this in the box. This (slightly green) mask is packed with ingredients that are supposed to nourish and brighten the skin. The directions say that a slight tingle may occur but this wasn’t the case for me. After applying and leaving on for some time, it says 10 minutes but I left it on for almost 20, and washing it off my skin felt soft. Soft but not stripped, which is a huge plus for me. It is hard to judge a mask right off the bat but I did enjoy using this and the herbal scent it had!


I was just talking about how much I enjoy receiving brushes. This set is just so-so however. Don’t get me wrong Luxie brushes are some of my faves and a subscription box staple! This set includes three brushes, two for eyes and one for the face. The eye brushes are great, a small shader and a fluffier blending brush, which is all you need to create an eye look! The face brush however, is not my jam. It is a flat foundation brush, which I don’t use to apply my makeup. But you know what it is good for? Applying face masks! I see what you did there Boxycharm. Insert smirk face emoji here.


I was all geared up to not like this product, but I was wrong! This deep green eyeliner glides on and stays put! This is not always the case with gel eyeliners, I’m far to use to them smudging and smearing throughout the day. I am happy to have gotten this and that it is in a fun shade. I did a full green eyeshadow look the other day and this product was the perfect added pop for the waterline!


This product claims to be a “thickening gloss” which confused me until I applied it. This gloss really does have a thick consistency which smooths out lines in the lips and provides full pigmentation. Dulce is a beautiful brown nude shade that on me requires a lipliner but that is not a problem. I enjoy how it wears (yay for not being sticky) and only needs to be reapplied after heavy eating or drinking. This is quickly becoming my favorite product for a nude lip look. Also, major points for providing a gloss and not another matte liquid lipstick. Glosses are a summer must-have!



This palette is beautiful, from the color selection to the packaging However, it is almost TOO natural for me, hence the name. The shades are mainly earth tones that in theory would create a great look. They do not have great pigmitation at first and need a setting spray to wet your brush to acquire the ideal look. There are so many palettes that don’t require this much work, which makes me think I won’t be reaching for this one that often.

This box didn’t inspire me much. I did like how all the products can be worn together though! Just an eh month or am I getting burnt out on Boxycharm all together? What are your thoughts? Are we over beauty subscriptions? Did you get these products? Let me know everything down below!

Finally back to reviewing my monthly beauty subscriptions. Life sometimes just takes you in a different route, ya know? Happy to have received  July’s Ipsy glambag and thought this was the perfect month to jump back in!


FIRMA BEAUTY 204 Wide Blender

I always love getting brushes. This is the first full size item of the bag! Tools  of any kind get used often. Receiving this brush feels like getting the most bang for my buck This is a thicker shader brush with synthetic bristles. Meaning, it is very soft and meant for packing color on the lid. I used this today and it worked great. Also, the more brushes I have the less often I have to wash them. Lazy girl win! 

MÍDFLOWER Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask

Sheet masks are great for getting a dose of skincare FAST. Hyaluronic acid also happens to be one of my favorite skincare ingredients. It does an incredible job of hydrating the skin. My dry skin needs all the moisturizing it can get, so these masks are a total hit for me. Plus, we get two in the bag!


This product seems to be full sized and the packaging is so pretty! When I first applied this I was a bit bummed, it is not very pigmented. However, after working with it more I now appreciate that it needs to be built up, ensuring I don’t overdo it. The bronzer shade is matte and gives a natural bronzed appearance to the skin. The dusty rose blush is shimmery and creates a glowy flush. Both went on very smoothly and looked great throughout the day. Being on the more natural side made me enjoy this more than I initially thought. How perfect for travel would this be too?!

CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer

I am OBSESSED with primer, like seriously obsessed. I never do my makeup without it. I even double prime to match my skin needs the best! The gel consistency of this primer hydrates the skin, smells amazing (like watermelon, perfect for waking you up in the morning) and has tiny beads that dissolve when you work it into the skin. What these tiny beads actually do is beyond me. This primer does not fully dry down, leaving the skin a bit tacky which really grips onto your makeup. I thoroughly enjoyed using this primer and could see myself picking this up in the full size.


THEBALM COSMETICS Eyeshadow in He Said, She Said

Single eyeshadows kind of annoy me, especially sample size ones. Is it just me? I feel like they get lost in my collection too easily. For the person who doesn’t hoard makeup as much as I do, this would be a great product to receive, i’m sure. This shimmery lavender shade is quite pretty, and would look great with those of you with green eyes. I do enjoy The Balm’s packaging as well, I just think somebody else will get more use out of this. 


Overall, I am pleased with this month’s bag. Four products (five if you include BOTH sheet masks) that will be certainly used up, all for ten dollars. Nothing wrong with that! What products did you get? Let me know down below!



Another month, another Boxycharm! I tend to play with makeup a lot more in the spring and summer months, so hopefully this box delivers! 



This is a unique product. I have dabbled with cream eye shadows in the past with varied success. This intense shimmy gold with a purple shift is beautiful, just absolutely gorgeous. It can applied with a heavy hand by itself for an intense look, blended in for a subtle sparkle and as a topper on top of another eyeshadow. I am excited to play with this more and to up my liquid shadow technique. The dry down time takes a bit, so apply and keep my eyes closed for a while? That is a little awkward, but practice will make my application perfect.


I enjoy a good blush, I really do. Receiving three in a palette is even better. These buttery, pigmented shades are all beautiful. With a peach shade, a neutral pink and a darker rosy tone, this palette can work with any makeup look. This product will be great for traveling and how fast does one use up a whole blush? Not very fast so this item is going to last forever. I am happy with how the blushes apply. The staying power seems decent but I always put on a touch extra to ensure it sticks around throughout my day.


Beauty subscriptions seem like they can ready my mind sometimes. After my No7 moisturizer just ran out, I saved myself a trip to Ulta when I got this product. This moisturizer has a gel consistency which is lightweight and sinks into the skin FAST, like very fast. Which I enjoy for an AM moisturizer but may be too light for nighttime. I like just about everything about this item, besides the scent. It states on the jar that no artificial fragrance was added but I just can’t get down with the sickly sweet smell. I will get over it though, no biggie! Always enjoy getting skincare in these subscriptions.


This product totally threw me for a loop and was almost deemed a “miss.” With the title “gloss” I was expecting just that, a shiny topper. This product goes on with a ton of sparkle and dimension. Mainly gold flecks shine through but there is a faint pink shift. Then this product almost immediately dries matte, it is not transfer proof but seems like it would cling on for a while. I picture myself using this over another lip product and not on its own, it’s not pigmented enough to stand alone. So a gloss that is not really a gloss? Interesting, I guess!



Okay, this is not a terrible item to get. You don’t receive a lot of eyelash curlers, so Boxycharm gets an A for effort. I also dig how pretty this item is. The thing is, I already have a curler that I like. There is nothing wrong with this product, I just think somebody else would love it more than me.

Another good box, I love getting Boxycharm. I do feel like it has gone downhill slightly in recent months but I always find something that is worth the $21 price tag. What items did you get this month? I saw spoilers for other variations of May’s box and some of them were very good!



To get your own subscription:

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Boxycharm has been slackin’ for me in recent months. Could this box be the one that puts them back in the forefront or am I just over it? Let’s find out!



Once again, you cannot go wrong with getting brushes in subscriptions. You can use them forever. Loving the fact that they sent three. Two of which are eye brushes that are good for packing on color or glitter (see below) on the lid. The third brush is said to be a contour brush, a bit on the small side for me, but I will find some way to use it. Do I have way too many brushes? Yes. Do I still love receiving these? YES!


Loose highlighters are a bit harder to work with than a pressed one. However, they can pack a punch! This peach highlighter has a major purple shift when light hits it (which I learned is almost impossible to capture in a photo). How fun is that? It can be applied subtly or built up. This finely milled powder will last a very long time. It is best to apply loose highlighters with a fluffy brush to get a seamless appearance. When I want a colorful and unexpected highlight this is the product I will reach for.


A pencil eyeliner is not the most exciting product to receive, can we all agree on that? I do appreciate that it is not black however. I occasionally like wearing a pop of color on the waterline, so it will get some use. This bronze shade can be a bit hard to apply. I recommend warming it up on the back of the hand first. It is by no means an incredible product but it does the trick.


Getting a palette is Boxycharm’s M.O. This eyeshadow palette features 12 shades ranging from matte to shimmer to glitter. What I’m most excited about? The pressed glitters! I have never used a full-on glitter eyeshadow like this but how pretty would they look on the eyes?! I cannot wait to play around with this product. Some of the shadows did need to be built up (mainly the purple and the deep bronze). Overall, the shadows blended well and were decently pigmented. There are some fun pops of color but for the most part this could be an everyday palette.


I have been ALL about lip gloss lately. This holographic shade can be worn over any lip color for a plump look with a pink hint. When applied to the lips it is very difficult to see the shift in color (so not really holographic, now is it?) it just looks like a clear gloss. I still dig it though! I’m just grateful that Boxycharm mixed it up and did not send another liquid lipstick. Juicy looking lips all spring and summer long please!


This was not my favorite box. Boxycharm has been boring me lately. I feel we get the same brands over and over again. Maybe i’m just spoiled, I will of course be giving it another shot to bring back the excitement I initially felt with this subscription.

What do you think of this box? Did we receive the same products? Do you have tips on working with pressed glitter shadows? Let me know down below!


Back at it with my Ipsy unbaggings, took me long enough, right?!


APTO SKINCARE Nourishing Mask with Blue Spirulina

I am trying to get a better handle of my skin care. I adore sheet masks but it is good to switch it up every once in a while. I used this product the other evening. Applying a thin layer and leaving it on my skin for 10 mins. Did I notice a dramatic difference? No, but skin care doesn’t work like that. I enjoyed using it and am sure my dry skin enjoyed it too. My skin did feel hydrated afterwards! Give me all the skin care please.

THE BALM COSMETICS theBalmJour Creamy Lip Stain in Namaste

A lip product in a wearable color that is not a liquid lipstick? Repeat after me: HECK YES! This product goes on creamy and eventually sets down into a stain. After my lips dried it gave me the “popsicle lip” effect. I do prefer more of an opaque look, so I now know once it dries, it may be time to re-apply. I loved how this felt on my lips throughout the day with amazing lasting power because it really does stain the lips. The medium pink shade was extremely flattering and would work on a variety of skin tones.


If you read my blog post about my favorite brushes you know that I LOVE a good fan brush, This one is a bit on the thicker side which I enjoy, it makes it easier to pick up powder products. I will most likely use this for highlighting since it is soft and synthetic. Can’t go wrong with receiving a brush in a ten-dollar beauty subscription, I will be able to use this for a very long time!

EYEKO Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner Travel Size

Eh, not my favorite item to get but certainly not the worst. A girl could always use some black liquid liner! I will keep this in the makeup bag that I keep in my purse for emergency touch ups.

TARTE Double Duty Beauty™ Base Tape Hydrating Primer

Primer is the most important step in my makeup routine. I can ALWAYS tell when I do not apply it. Since I have dry skin a hydrating primer is right up my alley. The consistency of this item is very liquid-y (makes sense since it is a hydrating formula) it blended into the skin easily and made it look plump and ready for foundation.

Not my all time favorite bag but still good! Do you get Ipsy? What products did you receive? Let me know down below!

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