Beauty subscriptions are rolling out, which is the best time of the month! This month’s theme is “Altar Ego.” Something that is somewhat spooky for October? How fitting! Here’s hoping this month knocks it out of the park.




Who doesn’t always need another mascara? I have used this in the past and remember  enjoying it. This product both lengthens and volumizes the lashes. Two coats of this stuff and you are good to go!



Palettes come standard in Boxycharm these days and I do not hear anybody complaining. This double sided palette features four face shades on one side and eight eye shadows on the other. However, all could be worn beautifully on the eyes. While they are pretty, they are not my favorite formula. The eye shadows needed a lot of work to create a decent look and I had to build up the face shades a ton in order for them to appear. Not my favorite palette but not the worst. The selection of colors is fun, they just take a bit of patience.



Skin care? I’ll take that! High end skin care at that! This cleansing balm should be applied to dry skin, rubbed on making up heavy parts (including the eyes) and then wiped away with a cotton round. This will hopefully melt off all residue and leave you squeaky clean. This stuff smells bomb and has skin loving benefits. I have been wanting to try more products from the Farmacy line, so I am enthused.



 Another skin care item? We lucked out this month! This product comes with two parts. A charcoal paste mask that you apply to the skin and a thin lace material mask you put on over top. You secure the lace mask around your ears (so it really does stay in place) and then peel the lace off once the charcoal mask has dried. I can’t wait to try this!!! An exciting, nontraditional face mask that gives you enough for two applications.



Another long wear liquid lipstick. This one is FINALLY not a brown shade though, so i’m happy about that. Lovesick is a mauve color that really is transfer proof. Does this mean it dries out the lips and emphasizes lines? Yes, but nothing a little chapstick underneath won’t help. I really like the shade on me and how it wears for about four or five hours. After that time, it is best to take off and completely re-apply.

Overall, I am pretty stoked with this box. All awesome brands and items that I will use. The theme was very on point for the month of October. Every single product had a Halloween element to it between the packaging or the use of the item. What did you think of this month’s Boxycharm? Did you receive the same products? Let me know and shop down below!


Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Dermovia Lace A Peel Black Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Farmacy – Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy

It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

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Wondering about those beautiful tools you have been seeing all over Instagram lately? They are Jade rollers!

How do you use one? What do they even do? Is it all a hoax?


I recently got one gifted and am OVERJOYED. The company is Honey & Be and it truly is stunning, I must say.

Jade rollers are supposed to massage the skin, increase circulation and help with the absorption of skincare products.


Who has used one? Any tips and tricks? Do they really make a difference? I want to look cute on Instagram too, so how about we figure this out together!

If you want to try one out for yourself, there is a jade roller available for every price point. Score!


Let me know all your thoughts down below. I would love to chat! Do you think they really work or are they just an influencer fad?


Province Apothecary Dual Action Jade Roller

Daily Concepts Daily Jade Facial Roller

HERBIVORE Herbivore Jade Facial Roller

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Here we go again, Ipsy glam bag time! Things got away from me last month and I chose not to post my August unbagging. The products I received were not that amazing, so fingers crossed that things are better this time!



TRÈSTIQUE Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta

This sheer berry shade goes on to the lips with a subtle sheen. Coming in cute compact packaging doesn’t hurt either. This lasted well on my lips throughout the day and was ultra comfortable.



Face primers are my bread and butter, I am constantly testing out new ones. This TINY (ugh) sample has a thick consistency that does a good job of smoothing out the skin and filling in pores. Since a little goes a long way and my foundation applied nicely over top, I am happy to have received this product, even though its microscopic.


BOTANIC FARM Natural Energy Sheet Mask in Avocado

My two favorite things – sheet masks and avocados! Total score. I often get sheet masks in beauty subscriptions and LOVE it. Face masks are part of my daily routine so the more the merrier! Looking forward to trying these bad boys out, while eating some avocado toast.


DOUCCE Freematic Bronzer in Sunbeam

This free-standing magnetic pan will fit nicely into my Z-palette. The light tan shade gives a realistic contour to my skin. The powder is well formulated so it applies smoothly and doesn’t emphasize any texture. I’ll take that any day!


LUXIE BEAUTY Wonder Woman Detail Tapered Blender 140

You can never have too many brushes. Especially if they happen to be Luxie brushes, which is my favorite brand. The dense tapered shape is too large to be used for my eyes. Concealer? Highlighter? It could be used for several things, I am just still trying to figure out how this brush will work best for me. Happy to have it in my collection either way!


Overall I am pleased with this month’s bag and don’t think any of the products are a “miss.” What items did you get? I would love to know down below!


To get your own subscription:

Ipsy Subscription

Avocado Natural Energy Sheet Mask – Set of 10

treStiQue Mini Lip Glaze Crayon.

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Lipstick brings your whole look together, that is just a fact. Once you find your go-to shade it is hard to deviate away from it. That is exactly what happened with these four lipsticks for me. On any given day I am wearing one of these products or have them ready to go in my purse. Everything about them is great but the ridiculously low price tags just seal the deal!

Wet n’ Wild  MegaLast Lip Color in “Bare It All”

This is the lipstick that started my love affair with lipstick! The most inexpensive of the group, coming in around two dollars is my favorite. A neutral brown shade on me, but would appear more nude on less naturally pigmented lips. You can wear this with EVERYTHING, it goes with all makeup looks or no makeup at all. This is the most wearable, everyday shade I have found. The matte formula has a slight slip to it for the first couple hours then eventually dries down. You most likely only have to apply once throughout your day. From the state my current bullet is in, you can tell it gets a lot of love. Comfortable, beautiful and no fuss whatsoever!


Wet n Wild  MegaLast Lip Color in “In the  Flesh”

I am just a fan of the whole MegaLast matte lipstick line. They have some incredible colors. This shade is a bit darker and more red toned than the previous one. Same formula and same “rock it everyday” ability. I wear this lipstick when I have a more low-key eye look going on. Obsessed! I interchange this shade and Bare It All constantly.  When I NEED my makeup to look perfect all day, this is what I reach for. These lipsticks also last forever, like I bought them four years ago and wear them constantly, forever. Now that they are FINALLY running low, I need to go pick up another one, or three.


E.L.F Matte Lip Color in “Tea Rose”

Another long time favorite. This is the one for all the cool toned lovers out there. The thin bullet allows for more control and the hidden in the bottom sharpener lets you keep its shape. Allowing you to line and fill in your pout super fast! This mauve/lavender shade is fun but still wearable. This is a matte formula as well, sensing a trend? Staying put is my number one priority in a lipstick, I don’t want to have to worry about it moving or getting on my teeth throughout the day. You will may to reapply after eating, but it is worth it. A non drying matte in a flattering for all skin tones shade. Coming in at around three dollars, run don’t walk to go pick this lipstick up.


COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lipstick in “Spellbound”

This is the fun, bold and bright color of the group. After discovering this lipstick I could not get enough. I was planning outfits and makeup looks to match this product, not the other way around. The intense magenta shade is so flattering. The blue undertones make your teeth appear whiter and the powerful pigment makes your lips look fuller. This lipstick is once again a matte formula. The last thing you want to worry about when rockin’ a fun lip is if it is going to budge. This lipstick stays put from your morning to coffee to your late night martini. Whenever I want to pump up any look this is my go-to product. Don’t be scared, you are going to love it, I promise!


With these four products being easy to find at your nearest drugstore or online, there is no reason not to try them all. A go-to shade for any occasion! Paint your pout and pinch your pennies with these lip color choices. What is your must have lip product?!


e.l.f. Tea Rose Matte Lip

Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color

CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick in Spellbound

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Ipsy glambaG

My heart skips a beat whenever that pretty pink package turns up in my mailbox. Ipsy was my first subscription service and it is still going strong. For $10 a month you get to try five beauty samples and sometimes receive full size items! Last month was pretty good so we shall see if July’s bag can keep up!


SMASHBOX COSMETICS Studio Skin Concealer Light

This is an AMAZING product to receive. Full size, high-end brand and the perfect shade for me. This is one of the best items I have ever gotten in a glam bag. Trying new concealers is one of my favorite things to do! This lightweight formula doesn’t cake up but still offers a good amount of coverage. This month has been a crazy one so my dark undereye circles need a lot of help. I’ve been wearing it for about a week now and am obsessed. TOTAL HIT!


MELLOW COSMETICS Creamy Matte Lipstick in Candy Floss

Just look at that color! Bright, fun and super summer-y. I mentioned in a previous post how much I have been drawn to wearing bold lip colors lately. This certainly fits the bill. Another full size product with adorable packaging and pigmentation to boot. The formula is non drying and stays put. It can get patchy after a few hours of wear, but if you just wipe it off and reapply you will be fine. Another total hit, I love practically everything about this lipstick.


CALLYSSEE Caffeine Rush Nourishing Facial Sheet Mask

More sheet masks, need I say more? Always stoked to get sheet masks because of how often I use them! We get two this time around, amazing once again! This formula is chock full of coffee extract which is going to wake up your skin just like a cup wakes up your mind in the morning. These are perfect for those times your skin is looking a bit dull. Cannot wait to try these out!


ELLA EDEN Pressed Eyeshadow in Harmony

This rosy peach eyeshadow screams summertime. This full size (OMG, who is keeping count?!) product is extremely soft to the touch and blends on to the eye like a dream. It offers a build-able formula if more color payoff is needed. The shimmery shade looks so flattering all over the lid. This would also be beautiful as a blush topper on the cheeks. The pigmentation is there so you just have to decide where you want to put it!


WANDER BEAUTY Glowtion in Celestial

This lotion is packed with shimmer and a hint of champagne color. This would look beautiful mixed in with foundation or applied prior to makeup for an understated glow. Since it is subtle using it as a liquid highlight on top of foundation might not be the best idea. The Wander beauty brand has been swirling around lately and I am excited to be able to try something from them.


Overall, this might be the best Ipsy bag I have ever received. Four full-size products (five if you count both sheet masks)!!! Seriously, how do they do it?! I have been wearing the eyeshadow and concealer for several days now and adore them both! What items did you get this month? Are you excited as I am? Let me know down below!


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