Summer is the ideal time to have some serious fun with your makeup. Step out of your comfort zone and pop on something that makes you stand out.

My favorite makeup trend for the warmer months is a bright lip color. This look gives me so much confidence. Piling on tons of products when it is sweltering outside is no fun. A bold lip is all you need to bring your face to life. All the glam without the worry of anything melting off. Keeping the rest of your makeup muted will make your lips pop even more.


You can wear a bright lip color no matter your outfit, but they will stand out more against neutral styles. Want to wear all black but not look like a wallflower? Pull out your most vivid lipstick shade.

This tricks comes in handy when you aren’t in love with your outfit but need to quickly get out the door. Lipstick never fails to pull your whole look together.


When wearing such strong colors, I opt for a matte formula. This ensures it stays in place during busy days and while snapping selfies. Lipstick on one’s teeth is never a cute look.

Don’t feel that you need to break the bank in order to rock a statement lip. Drugstores and online outlets have more than enough quality options. If you aren’t going to wear it every single day, it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.


My favorite shades as of late have been purples, oranges and magentas. If these out there colors aren’t your cup of tea, everybody looks amazing in a red lip!


What is your go-to summer make up look? Are you loving this daring trend? Let me know and shop down below.


NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Color

Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick

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Getting back into the swing of writing my beauty box reviews, whew! My Boxycharm is here and excited is an under statement! Let’s see the products they provided for the start of summer.


Alamar Reina Del Caribe Eyeshadow Palette 

Eyeshadow palettes have not excited me lately. It has been a while since I wore eyeshadow every day but I’m trying to start that process again. This palette makes me stoked to do my makeup in the morning. These warm toned shadows pack a pigmented punch but blend like a dream. I can get a killer look in mere minutes. I have loved all the combinations I’ve come up with thus far but cannot wait to play around some more. This palette is something you should for sure pick up if these colors speak to you. I am OBSESSED.


 Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in “Verona”

Boxycharm includes a matte liquid lipstick in almost every box. Can we not think of something more creative? I enjoy and wear them often, I just wish there was more variety in the color selection. It’s almost always a nude-y brown shade. Something brighter would be fun for summer, don’t you think? This brown matte lipstick is nice, it gets dry after a while but Ofra still has one of the best formulas in the game. Not a total miss, I’ll just throw this in with the ten other products I have just like it.


Battington Monroe Silk Lashes

Lashes, how fun! I have not worn traditional strip lashes in years. I had lash extensions then switched to magnetic lashes ( which I am OBSESSED with!). These are silk lashes, meaning you can get many uses out of them if you take care of them correctly. These are a more natural looking as far as falsies are concerned. I am excited to give these a try sometime soon. The packaging is also as adorable as can be.


Luxie 3 Piece Flawless Complexion Set

I have said for years now that Luxie makes some of my favorite brushes of all time. I happen to already own all three of these so I may give them away or use them when my other ones are dirty (that’s how lazy I am). A tapered highlighter, foundation and duo fiber powder brush round out this trio. All soft, all pink, ALL GOOD!


Jonteblu Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

This seems like an add-on item. This traditional wood pencil eyeliner is a little rough going on but gets the job done. I got a brown shade which is different from the usual black, thank goodness. This stays in my waterline well and looks just fine.


Sol de Janerio Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This lotion is a cult favorite. Yes, this is a very small sample but it is still nice to be able to try out such a highly rated product. This lotion says that it tones and tightens the skin. Does it really? I am still undecided but it’s still a nice product. This stuff Smells INCREDIBLE, like mindblowing-ly good and looks good on the skin. It’s summer, I need all the tools possible to keep my legs looking nice!


This was a great box. Very on theme for summer and we got SIX items! The palette is by far my favorite, I can’t stop myself from using it. What did you think of June’s Boxycharm?


Reina Del Caribe Palette

Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick – Verona

Luxie Large Powder Brush

LUXIE 660 Rose Gold Precision Foundation Brush

LUXIE 522 Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Face Brush

Battington Lashes Monroe 3-D Silk Lashes

Sol De Janeiro Sol de Janeiro – Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

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Ipsy glambaG

I am excited because my Ipsy came in the mail and this is my 100th blog post. Holy moly! The saying is true, time flies when you’re having fun. Ipsy was good last month, let’s see if they can nail it this time around as well.


MINTPEAR Rounded Soft Blend M64 Brush
Ipsy can ready my mind sometimes it seems. I was just thinking about how a smaller brush to apply my highlight would be ideal. Enter in this soft, dome-shaped brush that is perfect for a controlled application. It sweeps perfectly over my cheekbones without getting the product everywhere. This is a hit for sure!
M·A·C Prep + Prime Skin
Primers are a vital step in my everyday routine, I can certainly see the difference in my makeup throughout the day. This primer feels like a lotion and gets the skin prepped and hydrated. My makeup held up all day while wearing this. M.A.C is an awesome brand to receive in a beauty subscription but this sample size is microscopic, ugh!
THE SAEM Natural Acai Berry Sheet Mask and Natural-tox Apple Sheet Mask
We all know that sheet masks are my JAM. I do one practically every day. Skin care benefits with ease! Plus we get two as oppose to one. These will have a happy home in my collection. They seem like they will smell amazing as well, huge plus.
FINDING FERDINAND Mini Lipstick in Flaming Fuchsia
Lipstick is my favorite part of the makeup routine. It pulls any look together instantly. I appreciate this bright fuchsia color because it is good to get out of my comfort zone. This goes on creamy and slightly glossy in a swatch so I’m excited to get some wear out of it. This shade will be a fun pop of color for summer. While it is tiny, this size will still allow for several uses.


FEEL Pure Anywhere Balm in Rose
I don’t use a lot of balms. This product can be used anywhere that moisture is needed. I would only use this on my lip because it felt too greasy for anywhere else. The name includes rose, which I took to mean it would smell like roses, but nope! It has a strong (pleasant) mint scent. It is not rose-colored either, so the name is perplexing. This will be used as a lip balm which is just not that exciting and again, this is a TINY sample size.
Overall, not my favorite Ipsy but not the worst! Two of the items were full size which is always great. What products did you get in your bag? Let me know down below!

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Ipsy glambaG

Man oh man these subscriptions seem to come faster and faster each month. Ipsy has arrived for May and  since I have not been thrilled with my bags lately I do not have high hopes.



NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Cairo”

This product and me have a love/hate relationship. Love that we got a full size NYX product, love that it is the Soft Matte Lip Cream as well. I have several of these and really do enjoy them. HATE that I keep receiving lip colors that are way too light for me.  This shade, an extremely pale nude gives me “concealer lips” which is not a good look. I could perhaps make it work with a darker lip liner underneath, but will I? Probably not.


SLMISSGLAM Sparkle Everyday Glam Beauty Sponge

Tools are fun to receive because they typically work for everybody. Sponges fit into this category but I was wary due to the fact that a hard sponge is almost unbearable. However this one is soft and bouncy as can be! This will be perfect for blending in liquid products or baking my face with powder, both of which I do everyday. The shape of this product is a new one for me and should be good for easily reaching the under eye area. One can never have too many sponges, because the more I have the less often I have to clean them. The lazy girl in me is happy to have gotten this.


TARTE COSMETICS Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder

Receiving a Tarte product in an Ipsy bag is a big deal. Such a well-known, high-end brand! This powder is right up my alley of what I enjoy getting in subscriptions. A translucent finishing powder, meaning it is the absolute last step of your routine to blur pores and imperfections. This is not to be confused with a setting powder, and should not be applied right after foundation because it will stick and not blend. Use a light hand with this in order to prevent flash back or a white cast on the face. I think it worked well and I am excited to have it in my collection. My skin looks smooth and perfected after application. Plus this is a healthy sample size and will last me a bit, score!


TONYMOLY Painting Therapy Pack

First things first, the packaging makes this product a total hit. It looks just like a little paint tube. The cutest! This wash off mask is a small sample but after using it I realize just how little you need, so it will allow for several applications. This product is black due to the charcoal and dark clay it is made up of. These ingredients work to clear out impurities without drying the skin. After wearing it for 15ish minutes I washed it off and my skin did look good. Did I notice a huge difference? No. Is it hard to be critical of skincare on the first try? Yes. I look forward to using this again. I have loved everything I have tried thus far from Tony Moly.


ELIZABETH MOTT Shimmer Eyeshadow Single in Goldy or Mermaid Teal

Blue eyeshadow ain’t just for your 80’s themed party anymore. This shimmery teal shade is the perfect pop of color for a fun eye look. I love experimenting with blue shadows, it is probably the “exciting” color I use most often. This shadow can be applied dry or wet for more intensity. It is pigmented straight out the gate though, so worn dry should suffice. It is a single pan so you can easily put it into a magnetic palette, saving room in my collection (yay). Can’t wait to get some use out of this.


Overall, I am happy with my bag. FINALLY! Ipsy fell off for a little while, but she’s baaaaack and I am stoked. What products did you get this month? I would love to know!


TONYMOLY Painting Therapy Pack Sebum Control Black Color Clay

Tarte Cosmetics smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder

NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream – Cairo

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Ipsy glambaG


 My Ipsy has arrived for the month of April. The bag itself is so dang cute so hopefully the items inside follow suit!



CIATÉ LONDON Starstruck Double-Ended Stamp Liquid Liner

While black eyeliner may not be the most exciting item, this one has a secret weapon. This dual ended product has a felt tipped liquid liner on one side and a star stamp on the other! Do I see myself rocking black stars on my face often? No, but once or twice could be fun! The conventional side has a thick tip, making it slightly difficult to get a precise line. It would be good for creating a dramatic wing however. This is not a life changing eyeliner but still a fun, FULL size product to receive.


FIRMA BEAUTY 202 Angled Blender

Always happy to gain another brush for my collection. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had to go out and purchase a makeup brush on my own, total perk of subscription services! This eye shadow brush is large and fluffy, making it ideal for blending color into your crease. Another full size item is a total hit.


PURLISSE BEAUTY Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

During the Spring and Summer, outfits become more and more revealing. Therefore having smooth skin is of crucial importance! This scrub will be perfect for prepping for self tanner to prevent streaking or patchiness. It smells amazing, just like coffee cake goodness. Do I wish it was a bigger size? Of course, but will still use it!


TRISSOLA Leave-in Conditioner

Another hit due to circumstance. A SMALL sample of leave in conditioner, which is one of the only hair products I really use, is still nice to receive. I am about to go on several vacations and this will be easy to throw in my luggage. This product doubles as a finishing cream for dry hair as well, which is how I plan to use it most.


AURORA 24H Lip Stain in “Soft Pink”

You gotta love a full size makeup item! This lipstain is a bright pink shade, “soft” does not seem fitting, not sure why they chose that name. This product really does stain your lips which makes them a bit dry in the process. Under a gloss though this wore beautifully throughout the day. It gives your lips that “just ate a popsicle look,” a fun wash of color for  your pout. Perfect for a no fuss summer look. The tip is super fine as well, allowing for accuracy.


Overall, not my favorite bag. It was just so-so, nothing mind-blowing but nothing I immediately want to throw in the trash either. Looking forward to seeing what next month has in store! What items did you get? Let me know down below!



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