I’m baaaaaack, miss me? Just humor me and say yes please.

My newest obsession? Wearing barrettes in my hair. Now that I started I cannot seem to get enough.

There are so many different shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. Over-sized styles have been what I’ve been gravitating towards lately. They have the most visual impact but two dainty clips would be just as chic.

I am NOT good at doing my hair everyday. Yes, I know I am losing credibility by the second. It takes more time than I always have in my morning routine. Being able to add a barrette to any hair look instantly takes it to another level. Instant polish! Who doesn’t want to look like they tried a heck of a lot harder than they really did?

Pearl styles pair perfectly with an all black ensemble and a classic red lip. Acrylic barrettes in an array of colors add a fun flair to any look. And for all you 90’s babies out there, this is the funnest throwback trend EVER. Just think a little less Lisa Frank and a bit more high end. 

You can rock these clips with your hair up or down. The versatility is my favorite part of this style. A messy bun with a barrette at the nape of your neck? YES PLEASE! The ultimate lazy girl win. I don’t see this trend going away anytime soon and you can find these bad boys at a very low price point.

What do you think of this look? Its time to kiss your bad hair days goodbye!




An effortlessly cool look is what we all want, but why must it take SO much effort to achieve? Some girls roll out of bed looking perfectly undone but I have to spend a lot of time to look like I didn’t spend any time at all. Frustrating right?

Well, I came across the perfect outfit that will make you look hip and feel comfortable, all while you love wearing it. All positive things! 

Enter in t-shirts and skirts! You’ve seen loads of this look scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, I’m sure of it. I was sick of seeing other chicks pull this look off and wanted to try it out for myself. Man oh man, am I happy that I did!

Nothing is more comfortable than your favorite t-shirt right? So up your style game while wearing your tried and true. This is seriously a win win situation.

A basic crew neck tee will do the trick just fine. You can also rock (literally) a vintage band tee or a slogan shirt for added fun. I chose a Spice Girls t-shirt because A) I’m obsessed with them B) this shirt was a fabulous gift from my rockin’ sister and C) uhm, GIRL POWER!

Funny how t-shirts, pieces we don’t think much of, get for free or only wear to bed are FINALLY getting their time to shine. You have one, probably way more, laying around somewhere, I just know it.

There are so many different skirts you can pick from as well. Go flowy or more body hugging depending on your mood that day. I recommend picking a midi length to create the ideal balance. If you are petite like me  (I’m 5’2 for reference, fun size) and are worried a longer style will overwhelm your stature, look for a skirt with a side slit to elongate you.

Don’t think you have to wear a solid skirt either, this would be an AWESOME time to mix prints. A leopard skirt with a Ramones shirt? You bet cha! The less you think about it, the cooler it will look. Easier said than done, but I believe in you.

Make sure to tuck in your tee or tie it in a knot, just something to flatter your frame a bit more. You need something to nip you in and give you a waist. I opt to fold the hem of my shirt almost in half, knotting it and tucking it under. This basically crops it and pulls it in for a slimmer fit. If you want to go the extra mile and are feeling crafty, you can cut up an old shirt for a unique look!

I love this look and am very happy with how it all turned out. Planning to pair more of my t-shirts with skirts VERY soon. Do you like this look or is it TOO laid back? Let me know and don’t forget to shop down below!


New season, new shoes. New shoes, new YOU! 

The weather is lighter and brighter, shouldn’t your shoes match that? Enter in espadrilles. THE shoe trend of the moment. Espadrilles feature a woven sole and come in many different shapes, sizes and colors! You are destined to fine your SOLEmate in this trend.

I know, there are so many new styles to keep up with and they just keep coming. Engage eyeroll now. Don’t get discouraged though! Espadrilles were huge last spring and summer and here they are again. Predicting trends can be tricky but if I had to guess, I would say they will be popular again next year when the warm weather rolls around. Buy now, love now and be on trend next summer as well!

Flatforms (meaning the sole is the same height across the whole shoe) are the most contemporary and my personal favorite. Wedges are a classic and will provide a great deal of comfort while giving high heel height. The heel for people who don’t like heels, yes please! A low espadrille makes for the perfect summer sandal. You can opt for an open or close toe. Either style will go with your current summer wardrobe and be easy to dress up for a night out after you hit the beach (or lake if you live in the PNW like me).

These shoes are as easy going as your summer should be. Throw them on with a dress for a delightfully darling look or add them to denim for a hip vibe. Any way you slice it, these shoes are everywhere at the moment. And I do mean everywhere, espadrilles have popped up in every store and every website that I’ve seen in the last four months. Each brand wanting to get in on the action. Have I mentioned that each pair I’ve worn have been extremely comfortable? I mean, what are you waiting for?  Your feet will thank you later.


What do you think of this style? I certainly have been loving mine! Can you picture yourself wearing these or are you already? Let me know and shop down below!





Spring is in full swing and who doesn’t love that?! When the weather gets a bit warmer it is time to get more creative with style choices.

In Oregon, spring is a confusing season. You never know what the weather will bring throughout the day. Start your morning out with some sun? Don’t get too excited, rain could be right around the corner. But hey, the plants need it, right?

Since the Oregon weather cannot make up it’s mind during this time of year (or any time of year, for that matter) it is not exactly a walk in the park to find a good and practical outfit.

Here are some recent looks that I have put together.

If you think these looks are a little all over the place without a similar link, you are correct! Besides primarily wearing open toed shoes (and hair up because more sleep in the AM is key) my outfits have varied greatly during recent weeks. Good denim and faux leather are constants for me all year round however.

Usually, if I was going to show some skin, I covered up in another region. Mainly to keep the outfit balanced but also because it can get cold even in May!

What are you wearing right now? What is your favorite springtime outfit? What is weather like where you live?

Thoughts on my choices?

Let me know everything and shop down below!




Just about everybody has a wedding to go to this year and they usually all happen around this time. You cannot escape wedding season. Your instagram feed is probably filled to the brim with festival and wedding pictures. No matter your opinion on these pastimes, it is just a female’s summer reality.

I do not usually mind, I love getting dressed up and a wedding is the cutest excuse to do so. I have a few to attend this year that I need dresses for. The first one being just a couple of days away! That is where majority of these purchases stemmed from. Let’s just say it took off from there,  some of these do not fit the theme for my upcoming wedding or the other ones I will be attending,  but it won’t be too hard to find an occasion to wear a fun dress!

I am guilty of buying multiple dresses for an upcoming event on more than one occasion. Ugh! A girl likes her options. The setting of has so much impact on what is acceptable to wear that it can easily get stressful. I am happy with some of these recent purchases and the spring color palette (not typically a pastel person). Snaps for going out of my comfort zone!

The light blue dress is just a resounding NO. I’m sure we can all agree on that. What can I say? I panicked. It looks like something I would have bought for a highschool dance (and thought I was hot shit mind you, but as a twenty something year old, it just ain’t appropriate anymore). That is life, not every single purchase is going to be a success.

The yellow maxi dress is EVERYTHING. I am obsessed and knew instantly that it was going home with me.  While I love it, it is not the right dress for my next wedding (velvet doesn’t really scream “beach casual”). It will surely get worn sometime soon though, birthday outfit perhaps?


The belts were an impromptu purchase. These style of belts are just about everywhere (remember all those festival pictures I mentioned earlier? These belts are clearly a Coachella staple). It was my time to hop on the bandwagon.  I plan on wearing both of these with different types of denim throughout my upcoming vacation. Trendy and practical, yes please! Chose to get one in silver and gold hardware to cover all my bases!

What is your ideal wedding guest outfit? What do you think of my choices? The floral dress came out on top! Yes, I already know, so you don’t even have to say it.

 “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” 

 A girl can be a little cliché if she wants to be! What are your recent purchases? Do you think the trendy belt look is overrated? Let me know everything and shop down below.


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