Leather can tend to come across a little dramatic. Not to mention, the fact that it isn’t the most P.C. fabric. Adding a few “is it or isn’t it” pieces can save you money and effort in your styling.

Faux leather pieces are my OBSESSION right now. Literally… i can’t stop. I would wear it from head to toe everyday if i could. Here is how to do it without looking like you are wearing a sausage casing.img_6628

My advice is to start small – one faux piece can totally transform an outfit. Just dipping your toe into this edgy trend? A faux leather jacket is the perfect place to start. There are tons of different styles and colors that you can choose from. My pick? This taupe-gray motorcycle style jacket (right), it isn’t black so it is unexpected and easier to wear in the daytime.

In order to add some fun & faux pieces to your wardrobe without looking like you rode here on your hog, combine them with more feminine pieces. A little hard and soft is always the way to go. A faux crop top? Perfect with a plain midi pencil skirt and heels. Wanna rock that bad-ass circle skirt? A colorful billowy tank will accompany it perfectly. Have a faux bustier thumbnail_img_6629or bralette playing hide and seek in your closet? Pair it under a chunky open knit sweater.

My favorite faux leather piece that i have in my wardrobe, is this dress, i came about at Forever 21 (left), a few months back. The fabric is killer but the shape is girly and classy. The side cut-outs are unique but still cover all the goods. I style it with a pair of bright or patterned stilettos and adore the way it looks. Spending my day looking like a bad-ass with a heart of gold, what could be better?

If all else fails, (faux leather) shoes always fit!


Leather skirt

Leather bustier

Jacket option

Jacket option 2

Dress option


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