Fall weather has been inspiring my wardrobe lately. Thought I would show you some recent purchases of mine.

Let’s start our week off with a little outfit inspiration, shall we?

Faux suede has been huge for me. The soft texture is exactly what I want to wear in this beautiful but gloomy weather. This dark tan shade was an easy choice. It will go with the other warm toned pieces I’ve been coveting. Nude shoes are a must when wearing this color.

The Blank NYC jacket is a splurge but will last for years. A moto style will always be a classic look. A good jacket instantly pulls together any outfit.

Can’t get enough of rust pieces this time of year. The perfect sweater to match my pumpkin spice lattes. I have a couple other items in this color family and adore them all. Warm toned items just scream cozy to me.

The oversized and slouchy shape keeps up the comforting demeanor. Tied in a knot or tucked into jeans, a big sweater will feel like a warm hug.


What have you bought recently? What pieces are you obsessed with this fall? What do you think of my choices? Let me know everything and shop down below!


Ever heard of a “happy color?” A shade that brings you pure joy every time you wear it? Yellow is MY happy color. It is fun, bright, full of personality and goes with more than you may think.

 Looks like yellow is the new trendy color in town, move over millennial pink! Add one piece of this style anywhere in an outfit and I promise it will instantly become your new favorite.

With so many different shade variations out there, you are guaranteed to find the one that flatters you best. I love a BRIGHT pop or a muted mustard. An uber pale tone would be a sophisticated option as well.

Yellow works well with gold accessories and lots of denim. Yes, you can also wear this trend with black and not fear resembling a bumblebee. Even if you do, you will be the chicest bee you ever did see!

If a full on yellow get-up isn’t your thing, you can still incorporate sunshine hues in small doses. Pop this color into your makeup or accessories. Easiest way to knock a trend out of the park is to not hit somebody over the head with it.


Contrary to the rhyme, this color is anything but mellow. Not that you would want to be! Fashion is about taking risks and this trend fully embraces that. Sport yellow separates or a one piece. No matter how you chose to rock it, this color will let you stand out.


Yellow is THE color trend of  the moment. What do you think? Could yellow be your happy color too? Let me know all your thoughts (sunny or otherwise) and shop down below!


Off Shoulder Crop Top

boohoo Crop Fisherman Jumper

Mustard Yellow Crop Off Shoulder Sweater

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Fall is just around the corner, whether we like it or not. While excited, I will miss my summer outfits dearly. Either way this is the perfect time to pick up or pull out quintessential fall staples.

Prints are always a fun fashion decision. Plaid is an obvious choice for the fall. While there is nothing wrong with it, steer in a different direction and look for gingham or window pane print, both huge trends this year.

Earthy tones are the epitome of fall. Military greens and rust just waiting to be plucked from your closet. This doesn’t mean bright colors are out just yet however. Varying shades of yellow and orange-y reds which we saw TAKE OVER this summer are forging head first into the changing season.


Leaves shifting colors does not mean you need to let go of your skirt affinity until next year. Look for heavier fabrics and straight cuts. Suede, leather and denim skirts will mend the gap until winter arrives. Overall dresses are a wise choice as well. Perfectly paired with a chunky sweater to keep you warm.

For shoes, isn’t it obvious? Boots! Of course, but what kind of boots? Booties and over the knee styles still run the game. They go with everything and you most likely already own a pair of each from last year, thank goodness!


Denim, denim, denim! Jean pieces are synonymous with autumn. Wear a full denim outfit (see previous “Denim on Denim” post) or incorporate just one piece into a look and you are set for the season. Over-sized denim jacket with a suede skirt? Check! Strive to find jeans with interesting hemlines. Raw edge? Double check! Distressed or starched, any denim at all will do just fine.  This dressing for autumn thing is easy AND comfortable.


Now is the time to FALL in love with new fashionable finds. What are you planning on wearing? What is a trend you’re looking forward to trying out? Let me know and shop down below!


V-neckline Twist Front Chunky Knit Sweater

Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

Oversized Ripped Denim Jacket

Raw Staggered Hem Jeans

OTK Black Boots

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Denim on denim is a high impact look. This is THE street style of the moment. Everybody from celebrities to local fashionistas cannot seem to get enough. I have found myself decked in all denim non-stop latley.

There are so many ways you can wear this trend. Mix and match the shapes or rock a full Canadian tuxedo, just promise me you will have fun. There are no rules anymore.

Denim is edgy, low-key and comforting all at once. Your lived in baby blues are just that, YOURS! Take a cue a la Britney Spears and have no qualms about wearing a full jean ensemble.


To break up the pieces, a fun t-shirt or blouse underneath a jean jacket will keep this look refreshing and light. Mixing different shades of denim is another route to take. I chose a light wash and black denim for my look. Does everybody want to wear a crop top to achieve this style? Probably not. But that is the fun part, there are so many possible combinations! A denim button down tucked into a denim skirt would look just as chic.


Opt for jeans and a denim jacket buttoned up as a top for days you want more coverage. Cuff the jeans and strap on a killer attitude because confidence is key to complete the look. This naturally dressed down style works great with sneakers or heels for a delightful juxtaposition.


Since it’s denim and you already know it is going to be comfy why not try this out for yourself? Denim is classic look for a reason, now is the time to dive in! What are your thoughts on this trend? Let me know and shop down below!


Urban Outfitters UO Max Zip-Front Denim Cropped Top

H&M – Skinny High Ankle Jeans – Black

H&M – Denim Jacket – Blue

Raw Hem Denim Skirt

Forever 21 Chambray Button-Front Shirt

Forever 21 High-Rise Exposed Button Skinny Jeans

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Summertime and the living is easy. So  easy in fact, it just slips on by. Between moving, several trips and weddings to attend, I have been crazy busy.

When trying to decide what trends I found myself wearing lately, there weren’t a ton of constants. Instead I thought a compilation of outfits would be more sufficient. Who doesn’t love a little outfit inspiration, am I right?





Hot weather and easy ensembles have ruled my world lately. Work smarter not harder!

What are you wearing this summer? What do you think of my choices? What is your favorite hot weather trend? I would love to know down below!


Lace-up Front Backless Bodysuit

High Split Back Frayed Hem Denim Skirt

Halter Print Jumpsuit

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