Being the short girl ( and proud of it) that I am pants usually need to be hemmed or cuffed in order to fit me. Enter in culottes, which are everywhere from runways to the streets right now. This style of pants need no altering in order to look fab. I am 5’2 on a good day and this trend still looks amazing.

Culottes are wide leg trousers that hit below the knee to resemble a skirt. A fresh length that is perfect for summer. This look works in a print or solid, whichever you prefer. Vertical stripes will elongate your leg line (that’s why this pair is my go-to). A solid blouse with patterned pants or vice versa is the perfect every day balance.

Flowy fabrics are the epitome of comfort in the warmer months. Don’t sweat it, literally! You will looked pulled together for work or play all while being comfortable. Easy, breezy!

Wide leg trousers in full length can sometimes overwhelm a small frame. Making the culotte style ideal for petite girls. The higher hem will also showcase your shoes perfectly. Wear your prettiest pair to truly let them shine.


If separates are too much work, try this look in a jumpsuit. The hardest part about finding a jumpsuit is typically the length. Take out the guesswork and find one that hits higher on the leg. This will come in handy when shopping online. Full mobility included. win, win!

I just can’t get enough culottes! My collection has not stopped growing this year. What are your thoughts on this look? Let me know and shop down below!


Crêped Culottes

Wide-Cut Jersey Culottes

Striped Bandeau Jumpsuit

Ankle-Length Jumpsuit

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Say hello to your new favorite summer trend, OVERALLS. This look is the most fun you can have in fashion right now. Throw on a pair and get out the door. It’s summertime and the living is easy, shouldn’t your outfit be too?


Overalls can conjure up correlations to grade school days. While I wouldn’t recommend pairing this trend with pigtails, playing into the whimsy is what makes this look so charming. Overalls remain current paired with contemporary accessories and a whole lot of confidence.  Wearing a form-fitting top underneath creates the perfect balance. An overall style that hugs the body will showcase your curves and prove this style is for all ages.

Since overalls are typically made of denim you know they are going to be comfortable! You can find the ideal fit by knowing your inseam measurement, just like how you would buy a pair of jeans. For something more relaxed go up a size to get the classic “boyfriend” style which looks best when worn cuffed. The laid back vibe is the best part of this trend, so wear them like a second skin or let your body breathe, any way that makes you feel your best.

If the pant length isn’t your thing try this trend in a dress or shorts form! Just as adorable and probably more fitting for the weather. Shorts are the most casual and an overall dress can be spruced up for a more formal event.

The right pair of shoes will take your outfit from farm girl to fashion forward. Sandals will make you look effortless and open toe heels will make this ultra casual ensemble perfect for night.

Design details such as embroidery, distressing or a faux tuxedo stripe will add interest to your baby blues. This style would be just as fab in an unusual fabrication such as leather or corduroy. So many possibilities, so little time. I told you this trend was fun!

Overall(s) this trend is my current obsession. A one piece outfit that makes you stand out far more than your typical dress. Casual or dressed up, this style could be just what your next event is needing. What are your thoughts on overalls? Let me know and shop down below!


Ripped Overall Jeans

Bleached Distressed Overall Shorts

Denim Overall Dress

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Co-ord sets have been around for years now but this trend shows no signs of stopping. Deciding what to wear in the morning can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Having easy outfits that you know work is the best thing imaginable. While dresses are fine and dandy, two piece sets are all the rage! You do show a tiny bit more skin so rock this look NOW during the spring and summer.


Co-ord stands for “coordinating” (but you already knew that, I’m sure). These two piece outfits come in more options than you could possibly think of. Tops with shorts, skirts or pants all of the same fabric. You will certainly be able to find this look in a cut that makes you feel most comfortable.

You know they are going to match, so just throw on and go! People will think you put in far more effort than you really did, don’t worry I won’t tell. If the amount of skin makes you nervous, throw on a jacket or duster cardigan for an ideal completer piece and a dose of cool.

Prints are your friend when it comes to these sets. Since it is separate pieces, it breaks up the pattern and doesn’t overwhelm the eye. Been dying to try the polka dot trend? This is your time! Standing out is inevitable in this fashion forward look so go bold and bright to make it worth while.


The versatility of this trend is the best part! You can wear the pieces together or mix and match. The more options the better, right? Especially when packing sets on vacation, the possible combinations are fantastic and save space in your suitcase. Pack a couple and be the epitome of a jet setter. You will be able to get dressed (and look amazing) in mere seconds. Each piece will go with what you already have in your closet as well, get the most bang for your buck girl!

Coordinating sets are my current obsession. They are taking my summer wardrobe up a notch and I cannot get enough. What do you think of this trend? Let me know and don’t forget to shop down below. Game, SET, match.



Polka Dot Crop Top and Skirt

Palm Leaf Crop and Shorts

Striped Tank and Pants

Polka Tank and Midi Skirt

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Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you could wear it across your chest? Message t-shirts are all the rage and I cannot get enough. It might be time you let your shirt do the talking!

The best part? It’s a t-shirt so you already know you can rock it with anything. Jeans and a tee is an obvious choice so pair your low-key look with high heels or statement sneakers, anything to take it up a notch. A t-shirt tucked into a midi skirt with sandals is the ideal spring & summer outfit. You will appear unexpectedly cool, like you literally woke up like this. Any way you decide to wear this look, chances are you already have the components in your closet!


With message shirts you can get your point across without saying a word. Does it have to be a statement? Of course not, its fashion, it isn’t that serious. Wear something you find funny or cute and your outfit will be a conversation starter all day. Feminist t-shirts are having a major moment but if that isn’t your thing, no biggie! A shirt stating how much you need a latte works too.  Take a stance, put out a political view or keep it light. There is no wrong answer.


The t-shirt is back and dead set on getting it’s point across. I’m loving this laid back style, it is equally cute as it is comfortable! What are your thoughts? Don’t feel the need to rock a memo or want to make it yours? Let me know down below and don’t forget to shop my top picks.



Etsy Coffee Before Talkie T-shirt

Grayson Threads Women’s “Namastay in Bed” Destructed Graphic T-Shirt 

Future Is Female T-shirt

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The pearl embellishment trend brings modern air to a timeless style. Pearl necklaces have long been a classic look, an accessory of utmost elegance. This style is making a resurgence, just not in the way you would expect. Pearls are showing up as accoutrements to any piece of clothing you can imagine.

Pearl embellishments are the epitome of Spring! While this look has been in circulation for some time, I think now is the perfect time to don your pearly pieces. There is a lightness to this look that seems most appropriate to be worn with the sun shining and flowers blooming. My favorite part? You can forgo any extra jewelry, you are bling personified!


This trend is ultra feminine, which makes me extremely happy. If that isn’t your typical aesthetic then bear with me, please. The juxtaposition between shredded denim decked with pearls is super fun without being super girly. Equal parts edgy and romantic. Think of pearls as the new studs and you are on the right track.


If you do not want to rock pearls from head to toe, I understand. Choose ONE piece that features this fun embellishment. A pair of shoes in this trend is the ideal place to start. After I bought these heels, I was hooked! The perfect amount of pearl pop for any outfit without shoving this style down somebody’s throat.

Tell me your thoughts on this look? Too gaudy or just right? Let me know down in the comment section.


Pearl Beaded Distressed Cut-Offs

Pear Frayed Hem Jeans

Pearl Ankle Strap Heels

Pearl Booties

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