I have constantly expressed my aversion to wearing jackets. They always felt constricting and covered up my outfit underneath. I had no problem handling a little cold weather when my outfit rocked. Funny how things can change, right?

Now I can’t seem to stop myself from buying jackets. They may be more fashionable than functional, but it is a step in the right direction. Jackets are my current obsession and have been the “it” item of my favorite outfits lately.


The many different styles available is what makes picking a jacket so fun. Some days you feels edgy and that is when a moto style comes in. Then there are times you want to appear feminine and a fun (faux) fur coat is just what the doctor ordered. The days when you want to be decked out in athleisure? The perfect time to rock a bomber!

There is a jacket out there for every mood. They have the power to transform an outfit instantaneously. When you want to run out the door and put minimal thought into your look, throwing on an epic jacket will do all the work for you. Notice how I am wearing the same jeans in EVERY picture? An awesome outerwear piece will let you get away with that!


Jackets make you look pulled together and hold everything in place. Strive to find one that fits close to the body, added bulk is something nobody needs. Making sure it fits correctly in the shoulder is also key. That is the biggest give away that an item is ill-fitting. I have short arms so I fully understand how difficult it can be to find a jacket that doesn’t engulf you. While fit is everything, if you are in a pinch and need to make a jacket fit better in a flash, cuff the sleeve under as oppose to over! Works like a charm.


It has been all about outerwear for me lately! I cannot stop wearing this look even with warmer weather on the horizon. Do you have a tried and true jacket? Let me know down below!



Blossom Embroidered Jacket

Embroidered Biker Jacket

Forever 21 Crushed Velvet Moto Jacket

Black Faux Fur Jacket

Metallic Moto Jacket

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Hardware on clothing is my current obsession because the “tough girl” look is always appealing. You appear confident and in charge.

This is a great transitional trend to take you from winter to spring. The heavy fabrics keep you warm but the streamlined silhouettes breathe fresh air into your wardrobe. Spring doesn’t have to be all pastels and flowers. This time around go for an edgier take.


I love wearing pieces with hardware in lieu of a print. It adds interest to a garment without having a print overwhelm my small frame. Look for items that features studs, grommets or zippers. Just make sure the item offers clean lines to make you look fierce and not frightening.


Throw a nod to the punk era while still being one hundred percent you. Making a trend your own is what fashion is all about. I like to mix hardcore pieces with more feminine touches. This is where  the “hard & soft” mindset works tremendously.

Pair a cuddly sweater with a studded skirt. Wear your most delicate frock with a heavy-duty motorcycle jacket. Step into a pair of edgy shoes and strut your stuff. Any way you rock this trend you are going to ooze cool.


Break the rules, stick it to the man and wear something that makes you feel absolutely bad ass. What are your thoughts on this look? Let me know down below!


Black Faux Leather Studded Mini Skirt

boohoo Mya Leather Look Studded Panel Mini Skirt

Studded Jacket

Stud Floral Moto Jacket

Kamilla Stud Loafer

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Camouflage print has been synonymous for blending in with your surroundings but wearing it nowadays will only make you stand out.


I never thought of myself as a camo kind of girl until I got a jacket in the fun print and everything changed! I couldn’t get enough and immediately bought another one (they are different enough, I promise). This pattern gives off a tough girl vibe that will inject a dose of cool into any outfit.

With such a casual vibe attached it is hard to picture camouflage dressed up, but it can be done! An oversized camo shirt worn with a bodycon dress and heels will make you look fancy without being over the top. This unconventional pairing is the ideal way to incorporate this print into your spring wardrobe.


A jacket in this trend paired with jeans and a t-shirt will make you look pulled together and as if you aren’t somebody to be messed with. To tone down the toughness look for stylized details. A bell sleeve, piping, or polished buttons are the perfect feminine finishes.

 If you aren’t sure this bold style will work for your current aesthetic look for a print that isn’t as obvious or perhaps in a color palette different from the typical green. An abstract take on fabrication is the easiest way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe right now. The “is it or isn’t it” question will interest people and make your camo piece a star.


Sometimes taking risks and incorporating new trends into your everyday style is just the excitement you need. That was definitely the case for me! Camouflage print is my current obsession. What is yours?


FOREVER 21 Camo Print Bomber Jacket

Camouflage-Print Cotton Jacket

Monoreno Camo Hilo Jacket

Camo belted utility jacket

Vintage America Carmen Embroidered Camo-Print Jacket

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Can you believe that this blog is turning one year old? My mind is blown and my heart is so full. What a year it has been! Countless outfits and hours later we have reached a huge milestone. I have written a whopping 80 posts so far and that fact alone amazes me.

What I have learned along the way has proven to be far greater than I ever anticipated. This was just supposed be a hobby that stemmed from sheer boredom and being snowed in last January. What was created was a positive outlet and a huge part of my everyday life. Writing about and living your passion is the most rewarding thing possible (and justifies all my shopping habits). This blog is the best thing I have ever done. I have grown leaps and bounds since I started this journey and have gained a huge arsenal of skills that I never thought possible.

THANK YOU to all that have read, clicked and supported this brain child of mine along the way. This blog would not be what it is today without all of your helping hands. I want to hug each and every one of you. If anybody out there is thinking about starting a blog, I can not recommend it enough!

So CHEERS to Caseykayblog’s first birthday. I am extremely excited to see where this adventure takes us next!

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I love to make the decision of who I want to be on a particular day based on my outfit. Who have I been lately? A person who loves to wear vests! Majority of my favorite outfits over the last month have featured a vest of some kind. The stylish stand outs have been faux fur & duster styles.

 Outerwear items are called “completer pieces.” They take any outfit up a notch and add just the right finishing element to make you look pulled together. I have not always been a fan of jackets, I don’t like constricting layers and never want to fully cover my outfit. This is where vests come to the rescue as the ideal layering piece. You don’t have to take them off when you go indoors but they still offer coverage, warmth and most importantly, style!



A faux fur piece will take you from casual to CHIC instantaneously. They look lovely over a cocktail dress for a night on the town or jeans and a t-shirt for a trendy day time ensemble. My collection of faux fur vests has grown astronomically this year because they are the easiest way to look luxurious without breaking the bank.

If faux fur isn’t your jam then perhaps a long vest might be. A duster vest draws the eye all the way down your frame and helps elongate you. Just make sure it fits correctly in the arm holes to ensure it looks intentionally long and not messily over sized. A duster vest that has some structure to it will pair well with a lightweight blouse. The differentiation in fabrics will create interest in an onlooker’s eye. This unique take on a blazer is the perfect way to spruce up your office wardrobe.

Vests are my current obsession, what is yours? Let me know in the comment section. Don’t forget to shop all my top picks down below!


She + Sky Ombre Fur Vest

Bow Tie Waist Longline Belted Vest

Love Republic Chiffon Duster Vest

Napa Valley Women’s Napa Valley Faux Fur Vest

QED London Furry Vest

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