Buying gifts is rewarding but not always easy. We could all use a little help deciding on the perfect thing for our loved ones. Here are some easy, readily available options at a reasonable price. Last minute shopping doesn’t have to be a headache.

After all, the true meaning of the holidays is spending quality time with the ones you hold dear.


The trend that keeps popping up everywhere? Leopard! It’s baaaaaaack, in a big but streamlined way. Look for an accessory in this print and you will give the fashionista in your life the ideal gift. An oversized scarf will go with what she already owns without having to worry about the fit.

A leopard print watch is another wise choice. Watches add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. A stylish gesture that will give her no excuse to be late to your weekly brunch date.


The best beauty gift I received this year was a jade roller. I’m passing on the love to the skin care oriented chicas in my life. They promote good health, are fun to use and look stinkin’ adorable on your bathroom counter. Bundle with some sheet masks and you’ll end up with the perfect spa day gift basket. Every woman needs a little TLC in her life. Give her the gift of relaxation, she deserves it.

Games + Entertainment

The more entertainment in life, the better. Whether you are buying for a book-worm or finally want to beat your sister in a game for once, I’ve got you covered.

Cards Against Humanity is a HILARIOUS option. Catan is competitive and strategic but just as fun! Perfect for your friend who is always hosting game night.

Give Becoming by Michelle Obama to the most topical woman in your life, girl power! An important read we should all tackle this upcoming year, including me. A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell is ideal for the mystery lover you know. I couldn’t put it down earlier this year. Bonus points if you watch the tragically bad movie adaptation with her afterwards.

Do not feel you have to go over the top this season. It truly is the thought that counts. What are you hoping to get this year? What are you giving as your best gift? From the bottom of my heart, happy holidays, may it be as magical as you are!


I did a thing, a BIG thing! If you have been clicking around my site then you already know. got a total makeover! Blogging is a constant work in progress. I am always making adjustments and changes along the way. This is the biggest overhaul I have ever done and it was nerve-racking, to say the least.

I was contacted by Emily from the company Blogerize with an offer to help me re-vamp my site. I was skeptical, of course. She said it would be free and that she would handle all the complicated stuff I hadn’t been able to figure out on my own. Even more skepticism at that point. Free? Come on, what’s the catch? Turns out, NO CATCH! After a ton of emails back and forth, Emily sent me a design mock-up of how (if I was so inclined) my site would look. I gave her input on a color pattern and how important my instagram feed was to my site. Once I saw the design she came up with, I was all in. A much more user-friendly homepage that totally fits my aesthetic.

Then came the process of becoming a self hosted blog. A task I have always wanted but could never figure out after trying for a year. Emily took care of all the heavy lifting and now I’ve grown leaps and bounds in what I am able to do on my blog. Did I pay for the self hosting storage? Yes, but at $47 a year, to me it was worth it. Emily got everything figured out on her end and in 24 hours I had a brand new, shiny blog. I can customize and add more content than ever possible prior to the switch. This is all so exciting! Some minor adjustments were made by me, such as  creating a new logo header and changing some fonts. I’m much too picky to give up ALL creative control. Together though, we created a site I am proud of. My motivation to grow this blog has multiplied ten fold during this process.

If you are looking to start or change-up your blog I highly recommend using Blogerize. The whole process could not have been easier. Do you research beforehand (I read at least twenty Blogerize reviews before agreeing) but know that it IS the real deal. The team was so responsive to my needs and worries. The outcome was a truly beautiful interface that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Go ahead, click around!


The holidays are upon us and the best time of the year! Making your home warm and inviting for the season is a delightful pastime.

I use to never decorate for the holidays besides getting a Christmas tree. It seemed silly to spend so much time preparing, just to take it all down a couple of weeks later. That mindset changed this year. My home looks like what Fall dreams are made of and it feels incredible!

I wanted to find  EASY ways to decorate that weren’t time consuming and wouldn’t break the bank. Boy did I! Throw your D.I.Y pants on and let’s get started.

Free printables

Pinterest is SUCH an incredible tool in your arsenal. There are tons of resources and blogs out there that post on Pinterest and can be utilized by anybody. A free printable is a piece of artwork somebody designed and posted online for everybody to download and print! Type in any category (I.E “spooky Halloween free printables”) and prepared to be amazed by the results. Found a graphic you enjoy? Print on cardstock, pop it in a frame (from the dollar store of course, told you we were pinching pennies) and you are set! Place them strategically around your home or hang in a gallery style. The best part? You will still have the frames and can just change out the prints for the next season! I have thanksgiving art already set to go for November 1st. Keep your current prints stored flat for next year!


Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are easy and can be completed during any available down time. I found an easy bat stencil online, printed it and then used it to cut out several in varying colors and textures. Using a paper bag or newspaper will give a Halloween farm-house feel while using glitter scrapbook paper will give you a glam look! I then taped the bats in a flying motion on different walls. Easy, covers a good amount of space and looks great! You could of course do this with any shape of your choosing. Making paper banners using construction paper or more free printables is just as simple. Attach the shapes to a festive ribbon and hang. Boom, decorated!



 You will not believe how instantly fall-ified your home will look after a few thoughtfully placed pumpkins. The mini ones look great stacked in corners and your larger jack-o-lantern types are the ideal porch decor. I also found several gourds and put them in a glass bowl for a colorful centerpiece that will last me till the end of November. Mini pumpkins and gourds, left uncut, will last a VERY long time. Going to pick these up at an actual pumpkin patch will be less expensive and MORE FUN than buying them at a local grocery store. At a patch you will be able to find varying colors and textures that will match any other decor you have in mind. White pumpkins were a huge hit for me this year!



Painted Bottles

I love the way bottles of different shapes and sizes look together. This could be done for any holiday in a variety of colors. I chose to use old wine bottles and black spray paint. Don’t even bother to take off the labels and if they turn out kind of messy that is all part of the charm! These work together perfectly as a centerpiece. I went one step further by printing out apothecary labels found online and taping them for a creepier look. For Thanksgiving or Christmas a few gold bottles scattered throughout would look fabulous.



Just a few simple ways to decorate your home this season. If I can do these, I know you can! Once these crafts are completed you will have them for years to come.

How do you decorate? Do you even bother? What do you think? Should I stick to writing about fashion? Let me know everything down below! Happy crafting!

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February may be a short month but it was more than enough time for me to really fall in LOVE with several things.

Embroidered Shoes

 Shoes tend to fit more often than clothing and that is a real mood booster when shopping. Taking a look at my recent footwear purchases, there is certainly an overall theme. I cannot seem to get enough of embroidered shoes. An intricate design on a shoe is the prettiest (and easiest, lazy girls can I get an amen?!) way to step up an outfit. With a knockout shoe your jeans and t-shirt combo looks like you tried a heck of a lot harder than you did. Loving the embroidered trend lately!


Multi Priming

Whoever said “more is more” had the right idea. I usually put a primer under my makeup but it never occurred to me to wear more than one. The areas on our face aren’t the same, so why treat them like they are? Yes, this is a high maintenance step, but when you have the time it is a great trick! I have been starting with a primer spray for a boost of hydration then going all over with a matte or dewy primer (depending on the look I am going for). To finish I take a pore filling product around my nose and smile lines, the places where my makeup tends to settle most in fine lines. I have definitely noticed a difference in how my makeup lasts and looks throughout the day.!


This month has been great and brought to light new items that I fell head over heels for. Hope your month was just as good! What items did you find yourself loving? Let me know down in the comment section.


NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Jessica Simpson Women’s Wazlin Bootie

ASOS Embroidered Pump

Embroidered Suede Pumps

Lulu Embroidered Suede Booties

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January has flown by and I am still getting use to it being 2018. Anybody else feel old?! This month has been a blast and along the way I discovered a ton of great stuff.

Lip Exfoliator

Winter can mean dry cracked lips. This is never a good look but especially not under a lip color. My lips are dry and flaky all year long to be honest. I needed something to start the healing process fast so I could apply my lip color. Enter in the E.L.F  lip exfoliator. This product comes in a lipstick format making it easy to swipe on the lips without having to dig your finger into a pot. Gritty brown sugar sits within a moisturizing balm, so you get two treatments in one! Just apply and then wipe away and all your dead skin goes along with it. This keeps my pucker looking pretty. Did I mention it smells like candy and costs only three dollars?! I suspect it will become one of your favorites as well.


Michael Kors Cindy crossbody

Another black purse, just what I need right? No! The shape of this Michael Kors purse is what drew me in though and I now love having it in my collection. Small black purses are always going to be a stylish staple because hello, they go with everything! The adjustable chain strap takes it up a notch and can easily be dressed up or down. A quality leather purse will last a very long time so look for a shape that you will love for years to come. For me? The Cindy crossbody is that shape.


More “Me” Time

I am firm believer in how important it is to make time for yourself. This improves one’s mood and mental health. I have been striving to have at least one pamper sesh a week to check in with myself. This can mean indulging in a lovely bubble bath or doing a sheet mask and binge watching Netflix. Just giving myself time to relax and refocus has allowed me to appreciate life so much more. I can absolutely see a difference in my energy and mood. Our lives more so fast and time can easily get away from us. I urge you to make a commitment to put yourself first and slow the clock down even if just for a bit. Go ahead, take that nap girl, you deserve it!



Tonymoly 5-Pc. I’m Real Sheet Mask Set

Michael Kors Cindy Large Saffiano Leather Crossbody

e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator – Clear

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