Another month came and went, as they do. The reason this post is a tad late is because my month was SO busy. Filled with weekend trips, tons of work and other exciting things along the way. I am never too busy to find new items to obsess over though!

Here they are:

Military Green Bomber Jacket

Usually jackets in this color and style tend to be on the heavier side, making them perfect for Fall. However, I was lucky enough to score a lightweight bomber jacket in the perfect military green shade (which is a neutral). I have been wearing it with just about everything this month. I use to never wear jackets because I never wanted to cover my outfit up. However the addition of a completer piece, like a light jacket, can actually make your outfit look far more pulled together. This style of jacket in this shade will blend perfectly into your wardrobe. The go-to item for all your fun summer adventures!


Pastel Nails

Since I am now obsessed with getting gel manicures, one may think I would have a signature color by now. Nope! Choosing a new shade each time is more than half the fun. The last two times I have gotten my nails done I have chosen pastel shades. One being light blue and the next being a pale pink. Pastel shades are perfect for contrasting against your summer tan and not competing with any color scheme you may be wearing in your outfit. Pastels are trending everywhere and are going to be the summer nail staple


Working out

If you know me you know that it is INSANE that I am putting the act of working out as a favorite of mine for this month. I use to never workout, EVER and was never inclined to eat a vegetable unless I absolutely needed to. Times change, bodies change and it became evident that some physical activity was needed in my life. I have been working out for several months now about 3 times a week. May was the first month however where if I was not able to make it to the gym, my body could feel it. I do a routine of weight lifting and calisthenics AKA cardio. Nothing insane at all, just enough to tone some stuff up and make me feel good. If my clothes start to fit a bit better that is just an added bonus.

I had a great month and hope you did too! What were the items that you were loving in the month of May? I would love to know! As always, make sure to check out all my top (affordable) picks linked down below.


Essie Summer Trend 2017 Nail Polish – Blue-La-La

Essie Summer Trend 2017 Nail Polish – Baguette Me Not

Women’s Madewell Northward Crop Army Jacket

Merona Women’s Bomber Jacket

CK Logo


Another month has flown by, and I truly do mean FLOWN. Time has been going by so incredibly fast lately. Since that has no inclination of stopping, it is best to just enjoy the ride!

Here the things that I have been obsessed with this month:


It has been a tumultuous six months for the relationship between me and my skin. At the age of 24 I have been dealing with more skin issues and breakouts than I ever have in my life. I thought I was over that hump in my life, guess not. I have been trying so many new skin care products lately and have been loving it. I still haven’t found the most amazing product in the world but my skin has benefited a lot by me just babying it. My skin is very dry so these products have been a huge drink for it. Eye creams and skin serums have been my favorite items to test out. I cannot see myself slowing down with with a good skincare regime anytime soon!

Light Washed Distressed Denim

If you have been reading my posts, eyeing my social media or have seen me at all in person chances are you know the exact pair of jeans I am talking about. Me and my best friend recently bought this same pair of jeans at the end of last month. They are all I want to wear right now. This lighter wash is something totally different for me, but they go perfectly with all the spring styles I have been rockin’ latley! I love that they are distressed but not completely shredded, it is a happy medium. They are slightly cropped which is a short girls dream because they do not need to be hemmed or cuffed, thank goodness! The mid-rise makes it ideal to wear with any top including cropped styles, so too much skin isn’t shown. They look great with any pair of shoes you wear, flat styles or heels! No matter what my outfit for the day may be chances are these pants are the star of the show. These jeans are my obsession and I think you should get a pair to see for yourself! I of course have them linked down below, they are so budget friendly too (thank me later).


Adjustable Food Ring

I do not cook, and when I do cook it does not come out looking too pretty. Enter this ring, I now look like a gourmet chef! Let’s face it, if I am cooking and it turns out well it is going on Instagram, don’t lie you are the same way! This ring makes gorgeous cylinders of layered delicacies. The recipe possibilities are endless (see my first attempt down below), which makes this contraption so fun. I am working on a deconstructed sushi roll tower next! It is adjustable depending on what size you want your tower to be and the thing really does hold all the ingredients together. It is definitely an awesome tool to  have in your repertoire, and would be a winner for dinner parties. So cool and EASY because believe me if I can do it, so can you. Then all you have to do is watch the “likes” roll in!



FOREVER 21+ Distressed Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

Adjustable Food Ring

CK Logo

I had a fantastic time this month! It was the official start of spring, I went on a grown up “spring break” and have fallen in love with a lot of products along the way!

Let’s get to the favorites:

Wet N Wild “Precious Petals” Highlighting Powder

I have been on the hunt for this highlighter since it first came out. I was excited to try it because I had heard several beauty bloggers raving about it. It proved harder to find that I had expected, but  since I was able to snag it, I have been wearing it non-stop! It packs a pretty punch of rose gold glow to my face. It can be worn intense or subtle depending how much you apply. I think it plays beautifully with just about any makeup look on my skin tone. It doesn’t look obvious on my skin and blends beautifully making my skin look lit from within. Finding a great new highlighter is awesome because they last SO long. The best part? It is extremely inexpensive, $4.99 at your local drugstore or online. Score!


Wax Warmers

Yes, I am aware that this is a random favorite to have, but I have been loving my wax warmer this month! I adore having and buying candles, but hate burning them, they look so ugly after they have been used. So strictly for aesthetic purposes, I place candle around my home.  But when I need my place to smell nice and comforting, I just switch on my wax warmer. The wax lasts forever, you rarely have to change it and the scent throw is insane. In just a matter of moments my whole place is taken to a tropical paradise. Since blogging takes up a lot of my time, my home has become a second office. When it smells nice I get so much more work done. Wax warmers really do create a a therapeutic experience.

Leather Pants

These were a purchase near the end of the month but I am including them because I CANNOT stop wearing them. I am creating excuses to leave the house in them, we need more milk? Okay I am on it (in my new leather pants)! I love the seaming and stitch detail on the knee, it is flattering and adds something special. They are also comfortable since they are lined with a softer material. I went up a size from what I ordinarily wear because these bad boys are tight. So tight, that I did not want a Ross from that episodes of “Friends” experience (raise your hand if you know what I am referring too). I can easily dress them up with heels and a blouse or down with killer sneaks and a fun t-shirt. These pants make me look and feel totally bad-ass.


What are the items you have been loving from the past month? I would love for you to let me know down in the comments.


Wet n’ Wild Highlighter

Tribear Women’s Leather Pants

Green Wax Warmer



Just because February was a short month, it didn’t stop me from falling in love with things.

Here is the stuff that caught my eye:

Purging my closet

I went on a rampage of cleaning out my closet this month. I have been trying to narrow down my style, therefore anything that doesn’t truly fit my aesthetic must go. I had so many pieces that were trendy at one point, but now I never wear them. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you most likely won’t again. Classics are a different story, which you will need and keep forever.  It is easy to have trouble getting rid of stuff, clothes are sentimental items. Deciding to de-clutter your life is the first step. Don’t focus on how much you paid for it, you will not get rid of anything if you do. If it doesn’t fit, it has to go. You are not going to lose the ten pounds you need to right now, let’s be real, and you will end up resenting having items that don’t fit hanging around. The one trick that works the most for me is to ask yourself “if I was shopping right now, would I buy this item?” You will be able to part with a lot more if you use that mindset. I got rid of several garbage bags full of clothes and shoes (and then went into my beauty room and did the same for my makeup). I feel lighter, productive, and helpful since I donated all the items. Plus, now I have more room to shop for new stuff!

JustFab “Shima” Heels

As I looked into my closet I realized all my black heels were sky high or a block heel. I needed  a pair of simple black stilettos I could wear all the time. I shopped around until I found these bad boys. The pointed toe, tie strap and suede fabrication add so much visual appeal. The low heel makes them practical and perfect for everyday. I cannot stop wearing them. I was on my feet  running around for 10 hours yesterday and these things were comfortable the whole time. I plan on buying these in the two other colors they come in. A must buy in my opinion.


Shellac Nails

Technically this type of manicure has been a favorite of mine since before Christmas. However, I got an amazing manicure this month that blew my mind and solidified my love. I use to rarely get my nails done, and my nails showed that fact. I had short nails that were in bad condition, I would bite and pick at them (horrible habit, I know). Getting my nails done more regularly has completely changed that. My nails have been able to grow and make my hands look so much better. I can rock rings now! Shellac manicures are the way to go, yes they are a tad more expensive then the basic one, but they last weeks. I am obsessed.

 IT BRUSHES Velvet Luxe Goddess Kabuki Brush

I did not realize how much I needed this brush until i got it. I have been using it every single day during my makeup routine. First off, it is unbelievably soft, the softest brush I own. The term “velvet luxe” is right on the nose. Second, it is densely packed, so it picks up pigment easily. It never goes on patchy, it applies like a dream. Swiping this over your face feels and looks incredible. I use it to apply bronzer, but I can picture it being great for powder as well. Since it is a big brush,  it covers my whole face fast. This is an Ulta exclusive and pricey for a makeup brush, so wait for a sale. It even comes with a velvet pouch to carry it when you are traveling, because you won’t want to go anywhere without it.



Shima heels

IT Cosmetics brush



I can get easily distracted, especially by new things. Here a few of items that caught my attention this month:

This Blog: Kind of a no-brainier. I started this blog this month, so of course it has been one of my favorite things. I have enjoyed writing it tremendously so far. Having an outlet for my creativity has inspired and helped me so much. I recommend anybody who is on the fence about starting something like this, to do it. It is nerve racking putting yourself out there, but the positivity and support I have gotten has warmed my heart, and I believe it would do the same for any of you!

“Blame it on NARS” cheek palette: All in one face kits have been my savior this month. Since I am so lazy, ( I wonder how many times I have said that already, somebody keep a running tally for me?) having one palette with majority of the products I need makes it a go-to. The bronzer is a beautiful shade for warming up the face, but it is too intense & warm for contouring. The highlighter is natural and leaves you looking healthy and glowing. Between the two blushes, “Day Dream” the peach-y tone with slight shimmer has been the staple for my flush. All the colors are pigmented, blend well and take the guess work out of getting ready. They are all warm toned, so if that color scheme isn’t your jam, this palette may not be for you. My favorite part of this product? The mini “Ita” kabuki brush, a cult favorite from Nars’ line. I use this with the bronzer to add some color back to my face and with  other palettes for a sharp contour. The bristles unique shape is perfect for multitasking.

Braided Bun: I have never been good doing my hair. Yes, I know, I am losing my credibility more and more by the minute. When I am getting ready, I enjoy spending more time on my makeup rather than my hair. That all changed when I found this hairstyle. After searching on Pinterest, of course, I stumbled across the Braided Bun. Finally a style I can re-create in MINIMAL time with almost NO effort. Seriously, if I can do it, anybody can! Put your hair into a high ponytail, the higher the better! Take the ponytail, divide into two sections. Then braid each sections. Take the two braids and wrap around each other until a bun is formed. Secure with a hair tie that matches your hair color. This bun looks unique, you will be keeping you hair out of your face & the style will stay all day. You will trick people into thinking that you have your life together with this hairstyle.

Black Furry Cross-body: It has been all about accessories for me lately. The second I saw this purse, I knew I had to have it. After finally getting my butt out for shopping for spring clothing, I saw this bad boy! I love the fact that the purse has gold hardware, sits at a good length on my body & is black. All these attributes make it very wearable for day to day. The best part though is the fur. I LOVE THE FUR, it makes this piece unexpected and fun. Be warned though, you will want to pet it all day. With a purse like this, heads are sure to turn. Unfortunately this one is out of stock, but there are a lot of similar ones out there for you to pick up.

These were the items that got me through January.What are your favorite products from this month?


Nars Cheek palette

purse option

Braid bun tutorial


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