If your makeup station looks anything like mine, your brush collection is full to the brim. So why am I always reaching for the SAME brushes? I enjoy a routine, the tools we choose to use ensure we get the desired outcome. These are the brushes I use when I need my makeup to be ON POINT.  The brands are not necessary info – the shape, density etc is the point I’m trying to get across. Look for similar styles in your collection!


A rounded brush with DENSE bristles. I seriously use this brush everyday, in some way. This is typically how I apply my foundation. The density of the bristles ensures I get the highest coverage from my cream products but would work for powder foundation as well.


I either use the same brush as above (work smarter not harder, right?!) OR a small stipple brush to get into the small nooks of the eye area.


A large fluffy brush. The larger the better in my opinion just make sure it still is able to pick up product regardless of how soft it is.

Contour/ bronzer

I use the same brush for creating a contour and bronzing up the face. I start contouring with an over-sized fan brush. This gives a diffused appearance, covers a good amount of space and blends  product out like a dream (no patchiness here). I then take a lighter bronzer shade and blend with the same brush to make sure there are no harsh lines.


I use a medium size duo fiber brush. I enjoy a soft blush look, I want it to be noticeable but not resemble clown cheeks. A looser packed brush makes this happen.


A domed brush is ideal for applying highlighter. The shape allows you to have more precision at the tip and if more coverage is needed you can utilize the wider bristles as well.

What are your must have makeup brushes? Do you reach for the same ones everyday? Are you more of a makeup sponge gal? Let me know everything and shop down below!

We could all use more time in the morning. Things can feel rushed and the last thing we want to worry about is a long makeup routine. I enjoy doing my makeup and playing with new products when I have the time to do so. The days I just need to get out the door? I enjoy having an easy routine to look pulled together fast. I have been doing this exact regimen every day for work for a while now. I will recommend products but i’m sure you have similar items in your collection that will work perfectly!

Somebody want to start the timer?

  1. I always prime my face. You could skip this step if you applied a nourishing moisturizer first. I use a pore filling primer around my nose, my forehead and smile lines. Just tap it in and you are set.  This ensures you have a smooth canvas for the rest of the products.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  2. Apply a tinted moisturizer with a dense brush. You will get the most coverage when using this type of brush. Since it is a tinted moisturizer (a bb or cc cream would work too) you don’t need to be meticulous with the blending. This evens out the complexion but doesn’t make you look like you are wearing makeup.
  3. Apply a translucent powder all over the face with a large fluffy brush. A pressed powder in your shade would work too. This sets the cream in place and makes it last all day.                                                                                
  4. For a bit more coverage, I apply a banana toned powder underneath my eyes since I skipped concealer. You could use a powder that is a couple shades lighter than your complexion as well. This may not be necessary step if you don’t have severe dark circles.                                                                                     
  5. Apply blush! Any blush! I tend to opt for a slightly shimmery finish because I am skipping highlighter. Blush instantly adds life back to the face.                                                                                                              
  6. Apply a tinted brow gel and brush through with a spoolie. Filling in your brows with a pencil takes too much accuracy and time. A gel is fast and adds quick definition.                                                                            
  7. Apply mascara. Your favorite mascara will do just fine.  Two coats will really make your eyes pop!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  8.  Use a setting spray to get rid of excess powder and keep everything in place all day!  I reach for an illuminating one to give my skin a glow. If you have dry skin opt for a mattifying formula.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Timers down!

Most of these steps take less than a minute. You could always swipe on lipstick or even easier, a tinted lip balm as well! I do not feel the need to do this step most days. If I need to spice up my look for a night out I will then add lipstick to take this easy look to the next level.

A lot of these products I cannot link but you can buy them for ONE DOLLAR, yes you read that correctly, at shopmissa.com. They work great and have become some of my everyday essentials.

What is your go-to routine? Do you like something quick or more full glam? I love learning new tips & tricks, so drop yours down below! Let me know what you think of my five minute face and don’t forget to shop my top picks!





Buying gifts is rewarding but not always easy. We could all use a little help deciding on the perfect thing for our loved ones. Here are some easy, readily available options at a reasonable price. Last minute shopping doesn’t have to be a headache.

After all, the true meaning of the holidays is spending quality time with the ones you hold dear.


The trend that keeps popping up everywhere? Leopard! It’s baaaaaaack, in a big but streamlined way. Look for an accessory in this print and you will give the fashionista in your life the ideal gift. An oversized scarf will go with what she already owns without having to worry about the fit.

A leopard print watch is another wise choice. Watches add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. A stylish gesture that will give her no excuse to be late to your weekly brunch date.


The best beauty gift I received this year was a jade roller. I’m passing on the love to the skin care oriented chicas in my life. They promote good health, are fun to use and look stinkin’ adorable on your bathroom counter. Bundle with some sheet masks and you’ll end up with the perfect spa day gift basket. Every woman needs a little TLC in her life. Give her the gift of relaxation, she deserves it.

Games + Entertainment

The more entertainment in life, the better. Whether you are buying for a book-worm or finally want to beat your sister in a game for once, I’ve got you covered.

Cards Against Humanity is a HILARIOUS option. Catan is competitive and strategic but just as fun! Perfect for your friend who is always hosting game night.

Give Becoming by Michelle Obama to the most topical woman in your life, girl power! An important read we should all tackle this upcoming year, including me. A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell is ideal for the mystery lover you know. I couldn’t put it down earlier this year. Bonus points if you watch the tragically bad movie adaptation with her afterwards.

Do not feel you have to go over the top this season. It truly is the thought that counts. What are you hoping to get this year? What are you giving as your best gift? From the bottom of my heart, happy holidays, may it be as magical as you are!


Boxycharm time! It has been a while since I’ve been consistent with posting these unboxings. I still get this subscription and am still obsessed with it. For $21 a month you get 4-6 FULL SIZE products. A great value and usually chock full of awesome products.


ACE Beaute – Grandoise Palette

Another Boxycharm, another eyeshadow palette. With eight warm toned shadows that feature shimmer and matte finishes, this palette is all you need to create an eye look. These colors are perfect for the holidays (especially Thanksgiving). Everything about this product is stunning, from the color story to the packaging. I cannot wait to try this out and create some bold looks.

CoverFX – Glitter Drops in “Nova”

CoverFX is a fun, high-end brand to receive an item from. This bottle of pigmented, glittery gold liquid features a dropper applicator (which I find very fun for some reason). These drops can be used as a highlighter or under/mixed in with foundation. I personally do not love the look of large glitter on my face. I am thinking about mixing this in with a body lotion to get an all over glow. I’m excited to have this item I just have to figure out how I want to use it.

LUXIE – Luminous Eye Set

Bring on the eye brushes, The more the merrier! This set of four soft brushes are small enough for detail work and getting into the crease. The gold sparkle handles will look beautiful on anybody’s vanity. These will be used like crazy!

Lashaholic Lashes – Instagram False

My fake lashes of choice for a while now have been that of the magnetic variety. I find them so easy to use. My traditional strip lash collection is growing however and I need to start wearing them. These lashes are fluttery and long but not too thick so they will still look natural. These will be incorporated into a look very soon. Also, can we also talk about this packaging? SO CUTE!


JonteBlu – Glittering Star Eyeliner

I don’t need another black eyeliner. Especially not a pencil one with glitter in it. Gel twist-up liners are easier to apply and last better on the waterline. I’ve tried a liner from this brand before and it was much too dry for my liking. It hurt to put on the eye but did end up looking okay. Not a terrible product, I’m sure somebody will scoop it up out of my giveaway bag and be happy!

Overall, I am pleased. Boxycharm just knows what they are doing. I will get use out of almost everything in this month’s box. The theme was “Gold Digger” and for once, I think they really nailed it in matching that. What products did you receive? What did you think of my box? Let me know & shop down below.

To get your own box:

Boxycharm Subscription


I can get easily distracted, especially by new things. Here a few of items that caught my attention this month:

This Blog: Kind of a no-brainier. I started this blog this month, so of course it has been one of my favorite things. I have enjoyed writing it tremendously so far. Having an outlet for my creativity has inspired and helped me so much. I recommend anybody who is on the fence about starting something like this, to do it. It is nerve racking putting yourself out there, but the positivity and support I have gotten has warmed my heart, and I believe it would do the same for any of you!

“Blame it on NARS” cheek palette: All in one face kits have been my savior this month. Since I am so lazy, ( I wonder how many times I have said that already, somebody keep a running tally for me?) having one palette with majority of the products I need makes it a go-to. The bronzer is a beautiful shade for warming up the face, but it is too intense & warm for contouring. The highlighter is natural and leaves you looking healthy and glowing. Between the two blushes, “Day Dream” the peach-y tone with slight shimmer has been the staple for my flush. All the colors are pigmented, blend well and take the guess work out of getting ready. They are all warm toned, so if that color scheme isn’t your jam, this palette may not be for you. My favorite part of this product? The mini “Ita” kabuki brush, a cult favorite from Nars’ line. I use this with the bronzer to add some color back to my face and with  other palettes for a sharp contour. The bristles unique shape is perfect for multitasking.

Braided Bun: I have never been good doing my hair. Yes, I know, I am losing my credibility more and more by the minute. When I am getting ready, I enjoy spending more time on my makeup rather than my hair. That all changed when I found this hairstyle. After searching on Pinterest, of course, I stumbled across the Braided Bun. Finally a style I can re-create in MINIMAL time with almost NO effort. Seriously, if I can do it, anybody can! Put your hair into a high ponytail, the higher the better! Take the ponytail, divide into two sections. Then braid each sections. Take the two braids and wrap around each other until a bun is formed. Secure with a hair tie that matches your hair color. This bun looks unique, you will be keeping you hair out of your face & the style will stay all day. You will trick people into thinking that you have your life together with this hairstyle.

Black Furry Cross-body: It has been all about accessories for me lately. The second I saw this purse, I knew I had to have it. After finally getting my butt out for shopping for spring clothing, I saw this bad boy! I love the fact that the purse has gold hardware, sits at a good length on my body & is black. All these attributes make it very wearable for day to day. The best part though is the fur. I LOVE THE FUR, it makes this piece unexpected and fun. Be warned though, you will want to pet it all day. With a purse like this, heads are sure to turn. Unfortunately this one is out of stock, but there are a lot of similar ones out there for you to pick up.

These were the items that got me through January.What are your favorite products from this month?


Nars Cheek palette

purse option

Braid bun tutorial


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