The holidays are upon us and the best time of the year! Making your home warm and inviting for the season is a delightful pastime.

I use to never decorate for the holidays besides getting a Christmas tree. It seemed silly to spend so much time preparing, just to take it all down a couple of weeks later. That mindset changed this year. My home looks like what Fall dreams are made of and it feels incredible!

I wanted to find  EASY ways to decorate that weren’t time consuming and wouldn’t break the bank. Boy did I! Throw your D.I.Y pants on and let’s get started.

Free printables

Pinterest is SUCH an incredible tool in your arsenal. There are tons of resources and blogs out there that post on Pinterest and can be utilized by anybody. A free printable is a piece of artwork somebody designed and posted online for everybody to download and print! Type in any category (I.E “spooky Halloween free printables”) and prepared to be amazed by the results. Found a graphic you enjoy? Print on cardstock, pop it in a frame (from the dollar store of course, told you we were pinching pennies) and you are set! Place them strategically around your home or hang in a gallery style. The best part? You will still have the frames and can just change out the prints for the next season! I have thanksgiving art already set to go for November 1st. Keep your current prints stored flat for next year!


Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are easy and can be completed during any available down time. I found an easy bat stencil online, printed it and then used it to cut out several in varying colors and textures. Using a paper bag or newspaper will give a Halloween farm-house feel while using glitter scrapbook paper will give you a glam look! I then taped the bats in a flying motion on different walls. Easy, covers a good amount of space and looks great! You could of course do this with any shape of your choosing. Making paper banners using construction paper or more free printables is just as simple. Attach the shapes to a festive ribbon and hang. Boom, decorated!



 You will not believe how instantly fall-ified your home will look after a few thoughtfully placed pumpkins. The mini ones look great stacked in corners and your larger jack-o-lantern types are the ideal porch decor. I also found several gourds and put them in a glass bowl for a colorful centerpiece that will last me till the end of November. Mini pumpkins and gourds, left uncut, will last a VERY long time. Going to pick these up at an actual pumpkin patch will be less expensive and MORE FUN than buying them at a local grocery store. At a patch you will be able to find varying colors and textures that will match any other decor you have in mind. White pumpkins were a huge hit for me this year!



Painted Bottles

I love the way bottles of different shapes and sizes look together. This could be done for any holiday in a variety of colors. I chose to use old wine bottles and black spray paint. Don’t even bother to take off the labels and if they turn out kind of messy that is all part of the charm! These work together perfectly as a centerpiece. I went one step further by printing out apothecary labels found online and taping them for a creepier look. For Thanksgiving or Christmas a few gold bottles scattered throughout would look fabulous.



Just a few simple ways to decorate your home this season. If I can do these, I know you can! Once these crafts are completed you will have them for years to come.

How do you decorate? Do you even bother? What do you think? Should I stick to writing about fashion? Let me know everything down below! Happy crafting!

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