I was very excited to see that my Sephora Play box had arrived today. I have been using the products I received last month on a daily basis. The only thing I heard about this month’s box was it was going to be centered around “lip items.” This makes sense for the month of February, which hopefully brought us all lots of kisses.

Let’s see what I received:



NARS Velvet Lip Glide

I was very excited to have gotten this. I believe everybody received one of these in their bags. I was under the impression this would be a matte liquid lipstick, which are everywhere right now. However, it goes on more like a cream lipstick. The color”Bound,” is a dusty rose shade. I can picture myself wearing this everyday, it is a “your lips but better” type of shade. I love NARS and I think it is incredible to receive a high-end brand in a ten dollar subscription.


Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy

This stuff is fun, but not for the faint of heart. I actually have one of these lip plumping lip glosses already. I received the shade “Milkshake” a pale creamy nude color. It does make the lips look more plump and fills in the lines in my lips. This product does sting and burn, but it doesn’t last forever. The shade is a bit pale on me, but over a lipstick I could  see myself rocking this. This is the type of product I will usually swipe on while I am getting ready, to receive the plumping benefits, then wipe off the excess and apply my lipcolor. The only thing I do not understand, why must it smell like licorice?!


Origins GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream

I was happy to receive an eye cream. I don’t usually get eye creams in these subscriptions, so this was refreshing, no pun intended. I have only tried a few things from Origins, so I am excited to test this out. It is never too early to start focusing on skincare. The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate so it is vital to nurture the area. This one in particular has ingredients like coffee and ginseng which will perk up the skin and make you seem more awake (AKA help with dark circles, which we could all use). This will be a great thing to try in the morning.


Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer

Okay, another moisturizer. Usually I would be upset, considering I receive a moisturizer sample in just about every Sephora play bag. However, this one is a little different. It claims to blur imperfections and it dries matte. I rubbed a bit into my hand and did notice a difference with how my skin’s texture appeared. So instead of using this as a typical moisturizer, I believe it would be a perfect primer before makeup application. It will create an even canvas and keep me matte throughout the day. So re-purposing this product makes it a hit for me.


Marc Jacobs Fragrances Divine Decadence

We always get a small fragrance sample each month as an extra. I am terrible at describing scents, so I will not try too hard. It is warm and woodsy. It is masculine & feminine at the same time, which i enjoy, not overly sweet. I plan on throwing it in my makeup bag, its always good to have a fragrance with you.



SEPHORA COLLECTION LashCraft Length & Volume Mascara

The only reason this is a miss is because I do not wear mascara.  I have eyelash extensions and you’re not supposed to put any product on them.  Sephora collection has blown me away with some of their products in the past, so I am sure this mascara would do the same. I enjoy the fact that it is a natural bristle wand and not a plastic one. I plan on putting it in my mascara drawer (yes, i have a whole drawer full) and will use it when I take a break from my extensions. This product says it comes off with just warm water, which would be great. So, this is only kind of a miss, just because I don’t have a use for it at the moment.


Overall, I am pretty stoked about this month’s bag. I am mostly excited about the brands they decided to include, all well known, and mostly high-end!

What did you receive this month, I would love to know!


To get your own subscription go here:

Sephora Play subscription



I can get easily distracted, especially by new things. Here a few of items that caught my attention this month:

This Blog: Kind of a no-brainier. I started this blog this month, so of course it has been one of my favorite things. I have enjoyed writing it tremendously so far. Having an outlet for my creativity has inspired and helped me so much. I recommend anybody who is on the fence about starting something like this, to do it. It is nerve racking putting yourself out there, but the positivity and support I have gotten has warmed my heart, and I believe it would do the same for any of you!

“Blame it on NARS” cheek palette: All in one face kits have been my savior this month. Since I am so lazy, ( I wonder how many times I have said that already, somebody keep a running tally for me?) having one palette with majority of the products I need makes it a go-to. The bronzer is a beautiful shade for warming up the face, but it is too intense & warm for contouring. The highlighter is natural and leaves you looking healthy and glowing. Between the two blushes, “Day Dream” the peach-y tone with slight shimmer has been the staple for my flush. All the colors are pigmented, blend well and take the guess work out of getting ready. They are all warm toned, so if that color scheme isn’t your jam, this palette may not be for you. My favorite part of this product? The mini “Ita” kabuki brush, a cult favorite from Nars’ line. I use this with the bronzer to add some color back to my face and with  other palettes for a sharp contour. The bristles unique shape is perfect for multitasking.

Braided Bun: I have never been good doing my hair. Yes, I know, I am losing my credibility more and more by the minute. When I am getting ready, I enjoy spending more time on my makeup rather than my hair. That all changed when I found this hairstyle. After searching on Pinterest, of course, I stumbled across the Braided Bun. Finally a style I can re-create in MINIMAL time with almost NO effort. Seriously, if I can do it, anybody can! Put your hair into a high ponytail, the higher the better! Take the ponytail, divide into two sections. Then braid each sections. Take the two braids and wrap around each other until a bun is formed. Secure with a hair tie that matches your hair color. This bun looks unique, you will be keeping you hair out of your face & the style will stay all day. You will trick people into thinking that you have your life together with this hairstyle.

Black Furry Cross-body: It has been all about accessories for me lately. The second I saw this purse, I knew I had to have it. After finally getting my butt out for shopping for spring clothing, I saw this bad boy! I love the fact that the purse has gold hardware, sits at a good length on my body & is black. All these attributes make it very wearable for day to day. The best part though is the fur. I LOVE THE FUR, it makes this piece unexpected and fun. Be warned though, you will want to pet it all day. With a purse like this, heads are sure to turn. Unfortunately this one is out of stock, but there are a lot of similar ones out there for you to pick up.

These were the items that got me through January.What are your favorite products from this month?


Nars Cheek palette

purse option

Braid bun tutorial


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