You can get just about ANYTHING delivered to your door through subscription boxes these days. My favorite out of these options is services that cater to my beauty addiction. Receiving these gifts to myself each month makes me SO giddy. If you are thinking about signing up for a beauty box subscription, you are in for a treat! This is the perfect opportunity to try out fun new things you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself. With there being so many options available it can be overwhelming to decide which service is right for you. Don’t stress, that’s where I come in! I am going to break down the high and low points of the beauty boxes I receive.



I have been subscribed to Ipsy for a year and a half and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. This was the first subscription I ever received and is the reason I fell in love with this process. For $10 a month you receive five beauty samples. The samples range from makeup to skincare and everything in between (I get SO many makeup brushes with Ipsy). This is the perfect service to start off if you are just looking for one. You receive fabulous items that will build your collection in an inexpensive way. If you are ballin’ on a budget, Ipsy is perfect for you. This is the only service that will cost you ten dollars (that’s basically a large coffee) and still give you some full size products!


– full & sample size products

– personalized survey to pick products

– cute makeup bag each month

– rewards program


– sometimes receive low-end products

– waitlist period

Sephora Play


I was excited when I heard that Sephora was coming out with their own beauty subscription service. I have been subscribed to this box for just about a year now. All the samples you receive come from products you can purchase at Sephora stores. If you fall in love with a sample you can easily find the full size! This is another $10 a month box that gives you five beauty items PLUS a perfume sample. The products range from all aspects of your beauty routine with an emphasis on hair and skin care. If that sounds up your alley, Sephora Play is the right service for you!


– high-end products all sold at Sephora

– personalized survey

– a lot of great skin and hair care samples

– bonus perfume sample each month


– small sample sizes, never full size

– waitlist period

– not as many makeup products

– no rewards program



I have been getting Boxycharm for the least amount of time but it did not take long for this subscription to steal my heart. For $21 a month you get a box filled with five full size beauty products equaling a total retail value of over $100 (the value cannot be beat). If you are a beauty junkie and want to build an impressive collection, this box is calling your name! They send out a full size eyeshadow palette almost every month, so much to love! Boxycharm is a makeup addict’s dream come true!


– full size items

– high-end brands

– easy to build an impressive collection

– features trending beauty items

– rewards program


– more expensive

– waitlist period

– if you do not like a product it’s hard to use up a full size

– no personalized survey

As you can see there are pros and cons to each one of these subscription services. Hopefully my input helped you out a little bit. My final ranked list is #1 Boxycharm #2 Ipsy and #3 Sephora Play. I am just far more excited by the first two each month. However, I think all of these services offer a great selection of items that would be the perfect treat each month. I have fallen in love with so many products from each of these boxes. You should go and read my previous beauty unboxings to see which subscription you most identify with! Order away pretty thang, you deserve a little pampering!

 Do you subscribe to any of these and have a favorite? Are there any other beauty boxes I should sign up for? Let me know down in the comment section!



to get your own subscription go here:

Ipsy Subscription

Boxycharm Subscription

Sephora Play Subscription

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It is that time again, for my favorite beauty subscription to arrive! Who doesn’t love getting full size products? Since Boxycharm almost never disappoints, I hope this month continues the pattern.


Let’s jump to the products:


TEMPTU x BoxyCharm Liquid Glow Hand Applied Highlighter

I have gotten a lot of liquid highlighters lately, but I am not mad about it! This one by Temptu was specially created just for Boxycharm subscribers. I love getting limited edition items, it makes them seem more fancy! This highlighter is a rose gold shade and is VERY thin and liquid-y. When pouring from the the bottle you get a lot out at once, far more than you need so be careful. When applied to the skin I got more of a sheen than the rose gold color, but I was pleased with the end result . I love using liquid highlighters underneath my foundation for a lit from within glow. This will be a summer staple!


IBY Powder Highlight & Contour Palette

If you are a true beauty fanatic you should have a contour palette in your collection. This is such an awesome product to receive in a beauty subscription box! I already have a few palettes like this in my arsenal but I am stoked to add another. This palette comes with three highlight shades and three contour shades. The powders are extremely soft and pigmented but still blend like a dream. They build up a realistic finish on the skin to give you a sculpted look. I really enjoyed my makeup after using this product. They also included a little cheat sheet on how to use the palette if the whole contouring craze is too confusing (which it can be for all of us)!


Paddle Brush from Crown

This brush is mimicked after the famous (and ridiculously expensive) Artis Brushes. I have tried a few brushes of this style in the past with little success. However, since this one from Crown brush is made of better quality I am excited to put it to the test. This is labeled as a contour brush but I will use it to blend in my foundation. The densely packed bristles make it ideal for applying cream or liquid products. The handle makes it easy to hold and rub onto the skin. The idea behind these types of brushes is that you should blend in a continuous motion and lift the brush from the face as little as possible. I really want to like this brush but it feels as if I am just smearing product around my face instead of having in sink in like I want it to. I will continue to use it though because practice makes perfect!


“The Convertible Brow” by The BrowGal 

I have not used a powder to fill in my brows in YEARS! I was up to the challenge this morning and was very pleased with how my brows turned out. This product contains three powders which could work for a large spectrum of hair colors. These powders can be applied dry or wet to act as a pomade . I think that is a genius idea! I do not typically use pomades but this product really IS convertible! I did finish off my routine by applying a tinted brow gel as I always do, and my brows looked great all day. This product was the surprise front runner of the box for me.


The Brow Brush from The BrowGal

I do love that they included a brush to use with the previous product. Do I wish they came together and counted as one product? Yes. Have I become incredibly spoiled by this beauty subscription? Also yes. This brush is great, the spoolie and angled side both worked great to get my brows in tip top shape. I actually did not have a brush like this previously since I always use pencils to fill in my brows, so this was a welcomed product for my collection!


Overall, another winning box from Boxycharm. No misses? I’ll take that any day! I am always happy with this beauty subscription. There is so much to love about getting FULL-SIZE products at a ridiculously good price tag. The total value of this box? $138…and I paid $21 for it. BEST. DEAL. EVER.

To get your own subscription go here:

Boxycharm Subscription


Liquid Glow Hand Applied Highlighter

The Browgal By Tonya Crooks Dual End Eyebrow Brush

The Browgal By Tonya Crooks Convertible Brow for Light Hair

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It is that time again, the time I receive my Sephora Play box in the mail! I feel like I am still testing out the products i got last month, time really doesn’t slow down now does it? I looked at the spoilers for the possible boxes this month and the one I received was the one I was hoping for!

Lets see the products:



Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Anti-Aging Collagen Booster

This is the item I was most excited about, quite frankly it is almost the only product I am excited about. I have been very into serums lately, they just feel so great on the skin. I cannot wait to add this one to my collection and try it out! It says to apply day and night but I think this will be best used in the morning because it smells of citrus which would be a great wake up call in the AM. The packaging is great too, the sample size will last long because a little serum goes a long way and it comes in a beautiful glass bottle.


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

This product is a hit because I do love this primer, but it is also a miss because I have SO may primers in my collection right now. More specifically I have so many samples of this exact primer! I will of course use it, I adore primers and Smashbox is such a great brand. I only wish I had received something I have never tried before and would get me more excited.


Dr Dennis Gross Freulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel

This product or should I say products because you receive two treatments, confused me at first. I then realized they are pads that have strong anti-aging ingredients in them, retinol being the main one. When thinking of anti-aging retinol is the ingredient you want to deal with, it is powerful and works extremely well. You wipe these pads all over a dry, clean face at night which gives the ingredients time to sink in. When you wake up in the AM you will have radiant, younger looking skin! Seems pretty perfect doesn’t it? Two treatments is not enough to see real results but it is still a cool product to try out. Just make sure you apply sunscreen in the morning because retinol makes you light sensitive! I am excited to try this and the packaging makes it easy to use and travel friendly.


Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

This product came at the perfect time because I am almost out of my remover. The products I have tried from the Sephora Collection I have enjoyed, so I am happy to try a new item from the line. I do not wear a lot of waterproof makeup mainly since I do not wear mascara and that is the most common waterproof makeup item. However, since it is waterproof it gives me the impression that it will be stronger than your average eye makeup remover, making it easy to get off pesky long-wearing eyeshadow and eyeliners!



Makeup For Ever Aqual XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner

This is only a miss because do I really need ANOTHER black eyeliner?! The answer is no, so much no. I am excited this product is by Make Up For Ever though, I have heard so many incredible things about this brand and am stoked to have something from them. This eyeliner is very long wearing which is no surprise because “For Ever” is literally in the title, and the swatch took forever to remove. This seems like a great choice to apply in the waterline because it won’t budge!!


This box was certainly not my favorite. The products were not bad by any means, they  just didn’t particularly excite me. Some of these will be used and some may be put into my giveaway pile. I still always love Sephora Play for the brands they include!


Sephora Play Subscription



I checked my mailbox today and saw this hot pink mailer peeking out, which instantly put me in a good mood! Getting my beauty subscriptions is always my favorite part of the month. Ipsy had released a few spoilers but I tried so hard to not ruin the surprise for myself. I have no idea what I am getting this month but I know that I am excited!


Let’s get to the products:


OFRA Cosmetics Blush in “Rendezvous” 

This is by far my favorite item that I received in the bag. I have never tried anything by the brand Ofra but I have heard SO many good things! This blush pan is big and already happy at home in my Z-Palette. It is a beautiful rosy rust shade which looks dark but blends in perfectly to create a beautiful everyday flush. I was looking for a new go-to blush because all the ones in my collection have been boring me. I am hoping this Ofra blush does the trick for me!


Defy & Inspire Nail Lacquer in “Paradise Island”

I have not received a nail polish from Ipsy in so long, so it was due time. This color is a beautiful powder blue which is definitely out of my comfort zone. However I am happy to have received this shade because it is a beautiful color for spring and summer, especially against tan skin. It seems opaque and is formulated without all the bad stuff usually found in nail polish (like formaldehyde, gross). It states that it is wear resistant so hopefully it lasts well on my nails.


ColourPop Cosmetics Crème Gel Pencil in “Mr. Bing”

I have one of these ColourPop eyeliners in my collection already and I LOVE IT. These pencils are automatic which is a lazy girl’s dream because who wants to spend time sharpening eye liners?! The name Mr Bing is a “Friends” reference so I knew I was going to love it no matter what. It is a deep brown shade which is great for days you want something less dramatic than black. It is applies smoothly so you will not be tugging on the gentle skin of your eye. I am glad they sent a different shade than black to keep it interesting. I cannot wait to create an eye look using this.



PEEK Beauty Naturally Long Wearing Eye Shadow in “250k8”

This is a miss because individual eye shadows tend to get lost in my collection. For me palettes are so much easier to use and create a look with. The tin packaging of this shadow is cumbersome and difficult to open which makes me want to not even bother. The shadow is a shimmery mix of copper and brown which is beautiful, but I have this shade SO many times over in my collection already. I will say that it seems to be long-lasting, the swatches on my hand were difficult to get off. I know that I will use this, just probably not a whole lot.


SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner

I personally do not use a toner, so that is why this is a miss for me. I am aware that I probably should be using one, but it just seems like a pointless extra step. I will try this because I would love to be proven wrong and for it to do amazing things for my skin. This one in particular is made with some pretty luxe ingredients like truffle, rose and rosemary extracts, that part I like.


Overall this month was just so-so for me, not the worst but I know Ipsy can do better. The bag itself is pretty dang cute though and I will for sure be using it in my purse. Definitely a creative design and nothing like any of the bags we have already received. What products did you get this month? Let me know down in the comments!


Ipsy Subscription

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I was very excited to see that my Sephora Play box had arrived today. I have been using the products I received last month on a daily basis. The only thing I heard about this month’s box was it was going to be centered around “lip items.” This makes sense for the month of February, which hopefully brought us all lots of kisses.

Let’s see what I received:



NARS Velvet Lip Glide

I was very excited to have gotten this. I believe everybody received one of these in their bags. I was under the impression this would be a matte liquid lipstick, which are everywhere right now. However, it goes on more like a cream lipstick. The color”Bound,” is a dusty rose shade. I can picture myself wearing this everyday, it is a “your lips but better” type of shade. I love NARS and I think it is incredible to receive a high-end brand in a ten dollar subscription.


Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy

This stuff is fun, but not for the faint of heart. I actually have one of these lip plumping lip glosses already. I received the shade “Milkshake” a pale creamy nude color. It does make the lips look more plump and fills in the lines in my lips. This product does sting and burn, but it doesn’t last forever. The shade is a bit pale on me, but over a lipstick I could  see myself rocking this. This is the type of product I will usually swipe on while I am getting ready, to receive the plumping benefits, then wipe off the excess and apply my lipcolor. The only thing I do not understand, why must it smell like licorice?!


Origins GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream

I was happy to receive an eye cream. I don’t usually get eye creams in these subscriptions, so this was refreshing, no pun intended. I have only tried a few things from Origins, so I am excited to test this out. It is never too early to start focusing on skincare. The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate so it is vital to nurture the area. This one in particular has ingredients like coffee and ginseng which will perk up the skin and make you seem more awake (AKA help with dark circles, which we could all use). This will be a great thing to try in the morning.


Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer

Okay, another moisturizer. Usually I would be upset, considering I receive a moisturizer sample in just about every Sephora play bag. However, this one is a little different. It claims to blur imperfections and it dries matte. I rubbed a bit into my hand and did notice a difference with how my skin’s texture appeared. So instead of using this as a typical moisturizer, I believe it would be a perfect primer before makeup application. It will create an even canvas and keep me matte throughout the day. So re-purposing this product makes it a hit for me.


Marc Jacobs Fragrances Divine Decadence

We always get a small fragrance sample each month as an extra. I am terrible at describing scents, so I will not try too hard. It is warm and woodsy. It is masculine & feminine at the same time, which i enjoy, not overly sweet. I plan on throwing it in my makeup bag, its always good to have a fragrance with you.



SEPHORA COLLECTION LashCraft Length & Volume Mascara

The only reason this is a miss is because I do not wear mascara.  I have eyelash extensions and you’re not supposed to put any product on them.  Sephora collection has blown me away with some of their products in the past, so I am sure this mascara would do the same. I enjoy the fact that it is a natural bristle wand and not a plastic one. I plan on putting it in my mascara drawer (yes, i have a whole drawer full) and will use it when I take a break from my extensions. This product says it comes off with just warm water, which would be great. So, this is only kind of a miss, just because I don’t have a use for it at the moment.


Overall, I am pretty stoked about this month’s bag. I am mostly excited about the brands they decided to include, all well known, and mostly high-end!

What did you receive this month, I would love to know!


To get your own subscription go here:

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