Sephora Play January 2017


You could say i am obsessed with beauty subscriptions, and you would not be wrong. They img_6939are the easiest way to update your beauty routine each month! For 10 dollars a month, Sephora play will send you 5 makeup, skin or hair samples PLUS a perfume sample all right to your mailbox.

These samples are usually smaller than the ones i receive in my Ipsy, but you still get the idea if you like the product or not. I have gotten some great items from this service. The Play box is chock full of samples that are all sold at Sephora, (DUH). Thus,  you naturallyimg_6938 end up with some more high end brands, that in the full size, would come with a hefty price tag. Therefore paying 10 dollars a month to get to try this stuff out is great. Also, some of the sample sizes last a good deal of time!

Sephora play is a set box, so everybody receives the same items. However, recently they have been sending out three or four variations of the box,  usually containing only one or two samples that differ from the other ones.

Here is what i got this month:

I was very pleased with my box this month. The item i enjoyed the most was the Clinique “Almost Lipstick” in the shade Black Honey. I have heard about this product for years. It is one of the brand’s best sellers, i am so glad i finally get to try it. The color seems a bit scary when you first look at it, but it goes on very sheer and is famous for looking good on all skin tones! I love foundation products so much. They are my favorite makeup to buy. Naturally i was stoked to get the Amore Pacific cushion foundation in my box. I am happy it came with two sample pads, because cushion foundations can tend to dry up fairly fast. I just now hope this shade works for my skin tone, but if not, that is what self tanner is for! The Tarte cleaner stick looks awesome too, i am getting more and more into taking care of my skin, so this black cleanser will be fun to test out, and the fact that it comes in a stick is so convenient!

To get your own subscription, go here:

Believe me, you won’t regret it.


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