Blanket Scarves


If you ever get the chance to wear a blanket scarf, take it. They are the most amazing thing to ever be invented. Okay that is a bit dramatic, but I cannot get over them. It could be the fact that i am really cold right now, and boy do these things keep you warm. It could also img_6934be the fact that I am a very lazy person, so the thought of waking up in the morning and knowing I can literally wrap a blanket around myself softens the blow a bit.

These scarves are not the easiest thing to pull off, I will admit. Since
they are so oversize it is sometimes hard to make it look intentional. The rest of the outfit should be kept simple. You want nothing to distract from your beautiful wrap. My favorite one in my collection is img_6953
this plaid one from the brand Roots (left). It comes fully equipped with arm holes so it is easy to know how to position it on your body. Other ones without such holes take more adjusting in order to make it hang right. Plaid is one of my favorite patterns right now. Usually it is more popular in fall, but I have really become enthralled with it in late winter. Something to do with the red and black against a pale white snowy background, or my pale skin, is really doing the trick for me. Did i mention that this one is reversible? Two outfit choices in one! I paired mine with a large tote style purse to keep up with the oversize look & a red lip, which is always the best accessory.  However, if this large and in charge style isn’t your thing? You can always use it as a lovely picnic blanket!

This gray blanket scarf (right) pulls at my heartstrings, mainly because
it was a gift and the one that started my love affair with these types of scarves. This one in particular is great because gray clothing is my favorite. The pattern makes it stand out but the color scheme makes it a comfortable choice. I love pairing this one with white underneath to put the scarf on display. The contrast in colors in this outfit makes the pattern pop more. I also like rocking this over a dress as more of a wrap. It is a little bit smaller, so it doesn’t weigh you down.

Yes there is a small chance if it isn’t adjusted right you may look homeless, but that it just a risk I am really to take in order to wear bedding outdoors! You will be comfortable and warm all day, and look polished and trendy as can be. Run don’t walk to go pick one of these up before temperatures warm up too much.

Here is how to blanket yourself in style:


Plaid Blanket Scarf (exact one, in black)

Gray Patterned Scarf




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