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As March draws to a close, I wake up each day feeling  hopeful for spring weather. However, I am constantly let down with rain and gloominess. Living in Oregon, it is something I have grown accustomed to. My new mindset has become “I will start dressing like spring when It starts to feel like Spring.” On this particularly gray morning I wanted my outfit to reflect just that, feeling gray.


Monochromatic makeup and outfits are extremely on trend right now. Wearing the same color scheme throughout an outfit at one point may have seemed dull but now it makes you appear streamlined. I usually try to break up an outfit with at least one colorful item. That was not the case on this morning! I chose different shades of gray for today’s outfit. I took these various gray items and styled them with a complimentary, light wash pair of jeans. The cropped gray sweater is my favorite. Since it is long-sleeved and a heavy fabrication I only have a few more times I can wear it this season (if Oregon weather gets its act together).  It is a cropped sweater, so alongside the mid rise jeans only a hint of skin is shown. Making it the perfect choice for what SHOULD BE a spring day. The long sleeve, wool fabrication and color make it appropriate for a rainy, cozy day instead.

I chose silver hardware for all my accessories; my watch, purse and shoes. Because gray and silver match perfectly, duh. All the gray items I chose do not match each other, the shoes, sweater and purse are all different shades.  The sweater being the darkest and the focal point, the shoes being the lightest to draw the eye down and make my legs appear longer (the large platform heel helps for that as well).The difference in tones is what keeps the outfit the interesting and not looking like a suit.


Wearing a monochromatic outfit is anything but boring, I guarantee you, Even when you are not feeling as bright as you would like, you can still have a killer outfit!


Gray Sweater Silver Pressley WatchMichael Kors Selma Satchel



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