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Boxycharm was not the best last month but I have a feeling it’s about to bounce back in a BIG way. This box is my absolute favorite to receive. Five FULL SIZE products for $21 dollars is pretty amazing. Let’s see how they did this time, shall we?



Pretty Vulgar “Make Them Blush” Powder Blush in “Hush Blush”

This blush is a hit on every level. It is a neutral rose shade that will flatter everybody, feels silky smooth and has just the right amount of pigment. Too much color impact can give you instant “clown face” which nobody wants! This blush lasts a decent amount of time, throughout a whole work day and then some. It blends like a dream on the skin to actually make you look like you’re blushing. My favorite part though might be the packaging. The ornate gold design adds a touch of old school glamour. I’m excited to keep using and displaying this item!


Boxycharm X PUR Cosmetics Palette 

This eyeshadow palette is a Boxycharm exclusive! PUR Cosmetics collaborated with the subscription box to bring us twelve pans of shimmery and matte shades. The color story could create some fun unique looks. I am very much looking forward to trying out the bright pink and blue shades. The formula leaves little to be desired though. The shadows are extremely powdery and cause a lot of fall out underneath the eyes. The shimmery shades I’ve tried so far have been chunky and don’t apply well to the eye. I used brushes and my finger and still couldn’t get the desired pigmentation. The PUR palette we received a few months ago is one of my favorites, so what happened here? Did I just receive a dud? It could be user error or could be poorer quality, either way I’m disappointed. The first time I used this it applied so terribly I had wash my face and start over! I still want to use different shades and try to make it work. I’m just bummed because at first glance it is so pretty.


The Vintage Company Smokey Eye Brush Set

I never complain about getting brushes in subscription services, let alone getting a set of THREE! This trio is everything you need to get a complete eye shadow look. One to pack color on the lid, one to blend the crease and one that is perfect for smudging out the lower lash line. They are soft synthetic brushes that work just how they should. The cute messages on the handles are also a hit!


Butter London Double Decker Mascara 

Since I no longer have eyelash extensions I am finally able to try out new mascaras! Therefore I was very excited to get this product in my box. The tube and wand are HUGE and offer natural bristles. The formula is very wet, yet doesn’t create any clumps of product. My lashes look extremely defined and slightly longer after application. Two coats are necessary but it builds well on itself if you want to go a little crazy with the layers. Even after a full day I can pop this on to amp up my eye look and it still doesn’t get clumpy. I have thoroughly enjoyed this product thus far.


South Mane 3 Eye Gel Packs 

Using under eye gel masks is always a fun thing to do. Have I ever noticed dramatic effects from any brand? Perhaps not but that hasn’t deterred me from trying them out! These gel packs say they will de-puff, brighten and hydrate the under eye skin. My allergies have been going crazy and while my eyes wont stop watering, the skin beneath them is dark, puffy and dry as can be. The perfect scenario to try these out! They felt cooling and relaxing to wear but I did have to lay down to prevent them from sliding down my face. My eyes looked refreshed after application, but nothing mind-blowing. It says for best results use three days in a row so maybe after that time period more dramatic results would ensue.


Overall, I am pleased with this month. Certainly better than February’s box. I have been using all these items and will continue to do so. The total retail value? $115, holy smokes! What items did you get? Were you pleased with this box? Let me know down below!


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