Must Have Makeup Brushes

If your makeup station looks anything like mine, your brush collection is full to the brim. So why am I always reaching for the SAME brushes? I enjoy a routine, the tools we choose to use ensure we get the desired outcome. These are the brushes I use when I need my makeup to be ON POINT.  The brands are not necessary info – the shape, density etc is the point I’m trying to get across. Look for similar styles in your collection!


A rounded brush with DENSE bristles. I seriously use this brush everyday, in some way. This is typically how I apply my foundation. The density of the bristles ensures I get the highest coverage from my cream products but would work for powder foundation as well.


I either use the same brush as above (work smarter not harder, right?!) OR a small stipple brush to get into the small nooks of the eye area.


A large fluffy brush. The larger the better in my opinion just make sure it still is able to pick up product regardless of how soft it is.

Contour/ bronzer

I use the same brush for creating a contour and bronzing up the face. I start contouring with an over-sized fan brush. This gives a diffused appearance, covers a good amount of space and blends  product out like a dream (no patchiness here). I then take a lighter bronzer shade and blend with the same brush to make sure there are no harsh lines.


I use a medium size duo fiber brush. I enjoy a soft blush look, I want it to be noticeable but not resemble clown cheeks. A looser packed brush makes this happen.


A domed brush is ideal for applying highlighter. The shape allows you to have more precision at the tip and if more coverage is needed you can utilize the wider bristles as well.

What are your must have makeup brushes? Do you reach for the same ones everyday? Are you more of a makeup sponge gal? Let me know everything and shop down below!

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