IPSY May 2018

Ipsy glambaG

Man oh man these subscriptions seem to come faster and faster each month. Ipsy has arrived for May and  since I have not been thrilled with my bags lately I do not have high hopes.



NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Cairo”

This product and me have a love/hate relationship. Love that we got a full size NYX product, love that it is the Soft Matte Lip Cream as well. I have several of these and really do enjoy them. HATE that I keep receiving lip colors that are way too light for me.  This shade, an extremely pale nude gives me “concealer lips” which is not a good look. I could perhaps make it work with a darker lip liner underneath, but will I? Probably not.


SLMISSGLAM Sparkle Everyday Glam Beauty Sponge

Tools are fun to receive because they typically work for everybody. Sponges fit into this category but I was wary due to the fact that a hard sponge is almost unbearable. However this one is soft and bouncy as can be! This will be perfect for blending in liquid products or baking my face with powder, both of which I do everyday. The shape of this product is a new one for me and should be good for easily reaching the under eye area. One can never have too many sponges, because the more I have the less often I have to clean them. The lazy girl in me is happy to have gotten this.


TARTE COSMETICS Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder

Receiving a Tarte product in an Ipsy bag is a big deal. Such a well-known, high-end brand! This powder is right up my alley of what I enjoy getting in subscriptions. A translucent finishing powder, meaning it is the absolute last step of your routine to blur pores and imperfections. This is not to be confused with a setting powder, and should not be applied right after foundation because it will stick and not blend. Use a light hand with this in order to prevent flash back or a white cast on the face. I think it worked well and I am excited to have it in my collection. My skin looks smooth and perfected after application. Plus this is a healthy sample size and will last me a bit, score!


TONYMOLY Painting Therapy Pack

First things first, the packaging makes this product a total hit. It looks just like a little paint tube. The cutest! This wash off mask is a small sample but after using it I realize just how little you need, so it will allow for several applications. This product is black due to the charcoal and dark clay it is made up of. These ingredients work to clear out impurities without drying the skin. After wearing it for 15ish minutes I washed it off and my skin did look good. Did I notice a huge difference? No. Is it hard to be critical of skincare on the first try? Yes. I look forward to using this again. I have loved everything I have tried thus far from Tony Moly.


ELIZABETH MOTT Shimmer Eyeshadow Single in Goldy or Mermaid Teal

Blue eyeshadow ain’t just for your 80’s themed party anymore. This shimmery teal shade is the perfect pop of color for a fun eye look. I love experimenting with blue shadows, it is probably the “exciting” color I use most often. This shadow can be applied dry or wet for more intensity. It is pigmented straight out the gate though, so worn dry should suffice. It is a single pan so you can easily put it into a magnetic palette, saving room in my collection (yay). Can’t wait to get some use out of this.


Overall, I am happy with my bag. FINALLY! Ipsy fell off for a little while, but she’s baaaaack and I am stoked. What products did you get this month? I would love to know!


TONYMOLY Painting Therapy Pack Sebum Control Black Color Clay

Tarte Cosmetics smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder

NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream – Cairo

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Ipsy April 2018

Ipsy glambaG


 My Ipsy has arrived for the month of April. The bag itself is so dang cute so hopefully the items inside follow suit!



CIATÉ LONDON Starstruck Double-Ended Stamp Liquid Liner

While black eyeliner may not be the most exciting item, this one has a secret weapon. This dual ended product has a felt tipped liquid liner on one side and a star stamp on the other! Do I see myself rocking black stars on my face often? No, but once or twice could be fun! The conventional side has a thick tip, making it slightly difficult to get a precise line. It would be good for creating a dramatic wing however. This is not a life changing eyeliner but still a fun, FULL size product to receive.


FIRMA BEAUTY 202 Angled Blender

Always happy to gain another brush for my collection. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had to go out and purchase a makeup brush on my own, total perk of subscription services! This eye shadow brush is large and fluffy, making it ideal for blending color into your crease. Another full size item is a total hit.


PURLISSE BEAUTY Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

During the Spring and Summer, outfits become more and more revealing. Therefore having smooth skin is of crucial importance! This scrub will be perfect for prepping for self tanner to prevent streaking or patchiness. It smells amazing, just like coffee cake goodness. Do I wish it was a bigger size? Of course, but will still use it!


TRISSOLA Leave-in Conditioner

Another hit due to circumstance. A SMALL sample of leave in conditioner, which is one of the only hair products I really use, is still nice to receive. I am about to go on several vacations and this will be easy to throw in my luggage. This product doubles as a finishing cream for dry hair as well, which is how I plan to use it most.


AURORA 24H Lip Stain in “Soft Pink”

You gotta love a full size makeup item! This lipstain is a bright pink shade, “soft” does not seem fitting, not sure why they chose that name. This product really does stain your lips which makes them a bit dry in the process. Under a gloss though this wore beautifully throughout the day. It gives your lips that “just ate a popsicle look,” a fun wash of color for  your pout. Perfect for a no fuss summer look. The tip is super fine as well, allowing for accuracy.


Overall, not my favorite bag. It was just so-so, nothing mind-blowing but nothing I immediately want to throw in the trash either. Looking forward to seeing what next month has in store! What items did you get? Let me know down below!



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Worth The Hype? Magnetic Lashes

If you are anything like me putting on false lashes can be a headache. While lashes add drama and make you look more pulled together, applying them never came easy to me. My dreams have become a reality because MAGNETIC lashes are now a thing and becoming more and more popular by the day.

Below you can see the progression from bare eyes to just mascara and then with accent magnetic lashes applied. Natural looking with the perfect amount of added volume!




Think of magnetic lashes as “false lashes for dummies.” I have spent hours getting ready only to ruin my whole look by applying strip lashes. Glue gets in my eye, I end up howling in anger and having to completely start over. A total mess and fits of rage typically ensue. After getting lash extensions professionally applied every month for over a year, both my wallet and I were exhausted. I needed to explore new options.

I first heard a blogger talk about how much she loved her magnetic lashes, of course she did, they cost $70! That certainly wasn’t going to save me any money. After a friend told me how much she loved hers at a lower price point, I was convinced. Research was done and I found many brands offering less expensive options. If you are going to try something to see if it works for you there is no need to break the bank. I started with a couple of pairs from Amazon.com. They worked great and I have been a believer ever since.

The lashes come with two pieces with tiny magnets on them. One piece is placed on the top of the lash and the other is applied underneath the lash to create a sandwich effect with your natural lashes in the middle. The hardest part is matching up the pieces to align the magnets for the strongest hold. It certainly takes some practice but with fifteen minutes or less with these bad boys, it will become a piece of cake. The best part is that with no glue, if you do mess up you can just pop them off and try again! Your makeup will not get messed up no matter how many tries it takes. They are also re-usable, as long as you keep them clean and shaped you will get many wears!


Once they are applied to your liking, they stay on all day! With added drama to your look and a FAST no mess application, they really are my dream lashes. Can you see the magnets if you look up close? Yes, but who cares!? They look natural enough that you can even wear them without eyeliner.

Since this style has been becoming more and more popular, several brands are launching their variations. Ardell, a HUGE name in the false lash world recently brought out multiple styles of magnetic lashes. I have tried the “accent” ones, which are applied to just the outer half of the lash line making them the most wearable for every day, and adore them! They also have several full lash options available. Affordable and awesome choices from the drugstore or your nearest Ulta!


 Having small magnets near your eyes may seem scary, but I have noticed no issues thus far wearing them almost every day. I can not picture myself going back to conventional strip lashes anytime soon, I am a changed woman. What do you think about magnetic lashes? Let me know down below and stay lashy my friends!


Magnetic Accent Lashes

Magnetic Full Lash Wispies

Magnetic Full Lash #110

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Boxycharm March 2018



Boxycharm was not the best last month but I have a feeling it’s about to bounce back in a BIG way. This box is my absolute favorite to receive. Five FULL SIZE products for $21 dollars is pretty amazing. Let’s see how they did this time, shall we?



Pretty Vulgar “Make Them Blush” Powder Blush in “Hush Blush”

This blush is a hit on every level. It is a neutral rose shade that will flatter everybody, feels silky smooth and has just the right amount of pigment. Too much color impact can give you instant “clown face” which nobody wants! This blush lasts a decent amount of time, throughout a whole work day and then some. It blends like a dream on the skin to actually make you look like you’re blushing. My favorite part though might be the packaging. The ornate gold design adds a touch of old school glamour. I’m excited to keep using and displaying this item!


Boxycharm X PUR Cosmetics Palette 

This eyeshadow palette is a Boxycharm exclusive! PUR Cosmetics collaborated with the subscription box to bring us twelve pans of shimmery and matte shades. The color story could create some fun unique looks. I am very much looking forward to trying out the bright pink and blue shades. The formula leaves little to be desired though. The shadows are extremely powdery and cause a lot of fall out underneath the eyes. The shimmery shades I’ve tried so far have been chunky and don’t apply well to the eye. I used brushes and my finger and still couldn’t get the desired pigmentation. The PUR palette we received a few months ago is one of my favorites, so what happened here? Did I just receive a dud? It could be user error or could be poorer quality, either way I’m disappointed. The first time I used this it applied so terribly I had wash my face and start over! I still want to use different shades and try to make it work. I’m just bummed because at first glance it is so pretty.


The Vintage Company Smokey Eye Brush Set

I never complain about getting brushes in subscription services, let alone getting a set of THREE! This trio is everything you need to get a complete eye shadow look. One to pack color on the lid, one to blend the crease and one that is perfect for smudging out the lower lash line. They are soft synthetic brushes that work just how they should. The cute messages on the handles are also a hit!


Butter London Double Decker Mascara 

Since I no longer have eyelash extensions I am finally able to try out new mascaras! Therefore I was very excited to get this product in my box. The tube and wand are HUGE and offer natural bristles. The formula is very wet, yet doesn’t create any clumps of product. My lashes look extremely defined and slightly longer after application. Two coats are necessary but it builds well on itself if you want to go a little crazy with the layers. Even after a full day I can pop this on to amp up my eye look and it still doesn’t get clumpy. I have thoroughly enjoyed this product thus far.


South Mane 3 Eye Gel Packs 

Using under eye gel masks is always a fun thing to do. Have I ever noticed dramatic effects from any brand? Perhaps not but that hasn’t deterred me from trying them out! These gel packs say they will de-puff, brighten and hydrate the under eye skin. My allergies have been going crazy and while my eyes wont stop watering, the skin beneath them is dark, puffy and dry as can be. The perfect scenario to try these out! They felt cooling and relaxing to wear but I did have to lay down to prevent them from sliding down my face. My eyes looked refreshed after application, but nothing mind-blowing. It says for best results use three days in a row so maybe after that time period more dramatic results would ensue.


Overall, I am pleased with this month. Certainly better than February’s box. I have been using all these items and will continue to do so. The total retail value? $115, holy smokes! What items did you get? Were you pleased with this box? Let me know down below!


Get your own subscription here (currently there is NO waiting list) :

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Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara

Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush Powder Blush

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Ipsy March 2018

Ipsy glambaG

It’s Ipsy time! Getting my glam bag brings me so much joy. I love the surprise, the opportunity to try new products and that it is a mini gift to myself each month! The March bag is black and white in which Ipsy provided two markers so you could color it yourself! Kind of a cool idea.



CONTOUR COSMETICS Lip Kit Pencil in Juju

My collection is seriously lacking in the lip liner department. Therefore this product came at a perfect time. The shade is a nude-y peach that is almost the same as my lips but better. I can wear this under any lipstick to achieve a more defined look. This item is very creamy making it lovely to apply but I have an inkling it will be used up rather quickly. I am wearing it today under a nude lipstick and it hasn’t budged at all. This will be an everyday staple!


FAITH IN FACE I Want Perfect Makeup Sheet Masks

One can always use more face masks. I do them so often (a couple of times a week, at least) that getting them in subscription services is the best case scenario. I have not tried this brand before and cannot read the directions due to the fact that they are in Korean. K beauty is typically amazing though so I am excited. From the looks of it, this mask is marketed as a primer for makeup. Certainly an interesting idea to do a mask right before applying your base products. I will most likely use another primer in conjunction with this product but still looking forward to trying it out. Plus we get TWO, score & score!



This product lays somewhere in middle for me, not exactly a hit but not a miss either. Mainly because this item perplexes me. It is a highlighter duo with one side being a cream and the other being a powder. The cream side is a beautiful champagne shade which adds a sheen to the face. The powder is a shimmery bronze shade. The two shades don’t make sense together. I would think the idea would be to layer them, the cream under the powder for the most intense highlight, but then shouldn’t they be near the same color? I wore the cream side and liked it for a subtle glimmer to the skin but it’s nothing to write home about. I used the powder side as an all over bronzer but it would work as an eyeshadow as well. It looks pretty on the skin, just not as they were aiming for. Probably won’t reach for this item much due to the effort it takes to make it work.



DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow in Ariana

I have gotten Doucce eyeshadows before and they work just fine! Pigmented, buttery soft and easy enough to blend out. The reason this product is a miss is my collection just doesn’t need another brown shadow. Especially a single one, palettes are just so much easier! I think this product would be better off finding a new home.


TARTE COSMETICS Sex Kitten Eyeliner

Another dang black pencil eye liner. I do not need one nor do I want one. One more time for the cheap seats in the back: DOWN WITH BLACK EYE LINERS! Plus, this sample is teeny tiny. A total miss for me!


Overall, this turned out to be a slightly anticlimactic un-bagging. Two products that I won’t even use? Lame! No big deal though I’m sure next month will be better! What products did you get in your bag? Successful bag or a total dud? I love comparing so let me down below!


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Boxycharm February 2018



It is that amazing time of the month, the time where my favorite subscription shows up in my mail box! Boxycharm costs $21 a month for which you receive five full size beauty related products. Let’s see what they gifted us with this time!


Crown Pro Trio Brush Set 

These brushes are what I am most excited about in the box (doesn’t bode well for the other products). Beauty tools are always nice to receive. This trio from crown isn’t anything spectacular and looks VERY similar to a set I have from Wet N’ Wild. The brushes feel of high quality though, soft AND pink! I will absolutely find use for all of these and will love to have them displayed on my vanity.


CoverFX Shimmer Veil in “Amethyst”

Getting a CoverFX product in our box is awesome! Getting THIS CoverFX product in our box isn’t as exciting. This is a liquid pigment that can be used in many different ways. The purple shade stacked with shimmer would work as an unconventional highlight or look pretty as a pop of color on the eyes. Working with this consistency is not my favorite but since this product is so pretty I will give it a fair shot. I like that they included an item in a different shade than the usual champagne. It is always good to mix things up every once in a while!


Ofra Cosmetics Pop-Up Palette with Blush in “Winter Rose Glow”

A magnetic palette was a refreshing choice to include in this month’s box. I personally already have too many items just like this, but if you do not, this would be great to receive. Including an Ofra blush with the palette was a classy move on Boxycharm’s part. An added bonus! A warm brown shade with subtle shimmer  that is perfect for everyday (and everybody) especially when worn with something bright elsewhere on the face. Paired with the CoverFX shimmer veil, this blush would be lovely.


PUR Lips Plumping Lip Exfoliator 

Exfoliating the lips should be a part of everybody’s normal routine. I have been incorporating this step in my morning prep and have loved the outcome. This lip exfoliator has scrubbies mixed with a moisturizing balm in a lip pencil form. It smells just like candy too, yum! It does a great job of smoothing out the lips and getting them ready for color application. Already owning a product that is fairly identical is the only reason I’m not wowed by this.




Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil

Another black eyeliner pencil is not what I need at the moment. I have received a ton in subscription services recently so I am set. It is by no means a bad item, just not that exciting. I will most likely pass this product on to a new home. How many black liners can one girl use?!


This is the first month I have been disappointed in Boxycharm. I am sure you saw a theme. None of the products were terrible, they were just things I do not need in my collection right now. That is okay, not every month can be perfect! What items did you get this month? Were you on the fence about this box as well? Let me know down in the comment section.



Ofra Cosmetics Pop-Up Palette

CoverFX Shimmer Veil Amethyst 

Ofra Blush

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Ipsy February 2018

Ipsy glambaG


My Ipsy Glam Bag just arrived for the month of February and I am excited to see if I ADORE everything I got. The hot pink mailer matches this month of LOVE perfectly.


Show me the goods:


MELLOW COSMETICS Mini Matte Liquid Cloud Lip Paint in Tehran

Another liquid lipstick? Constantly receiving this type of product is driving me a bit nuts. Why can’t we move on to any other lip formula? This item does stay put and live up to its name, it feels just like a cloud on the lips. As somebody who is over wearing liquid lipsticks, I did not mind this one as much. A brown toned nude that doesn’t budge or dry out my lips? That’s a hit in my book.


BANG BEAUTY Blush in Smoked Peach

Blush is always a fun item to receive! If this isn’t the full size then it is an amazing sample, this will last forever. A compact (with a mirror) featuring a stunning peach shade with gold shimmer throughout. This applies evenly on the skin with just the right amount of pigment that can be built up. You can skip highlighter when wearing this because it gives the skin a luminous golden glow.


ENGLISH LAUNDRY Signature for Her Eau de Parfum

Perfume samples are a rarity for Ipsy. Therefore I was very excited to receive this item! This healthy sized spray bottle is perfect for travel or throwing in your purse. I am no good at describing scents so I will just say I enjoyed it. Not overly sweet nor extremely floral. A neutral everyday perfume that I can see myself wearing often. It does not have the longest wear time though, which is the only bummer.


MARSK Loose Eyeshadow in Foiled Again

Loose pigments can be hard to use but when they are this pretty I am willing to make it work. A silver shade with high impact that would stun on the lid for a smokey look. I am excited to wear this for a fun night on the town. Wear dry for a subtle look or apply wet to gain the most sheen. Since loose pigments are just that, straight pigment, a little goes a long way. This will last forever and take my eyeshadow game up a notch.


LUXIE BEAUTY Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249

It is no secret that I love receiving brushes in my subscriptions, doesn’t everybody?! Luxie also happens to be one of my favorite brands. Dual ended brushes are not usually my jam because they are harder to store within my collection but I can make an exception for this one. This will be ideal for travel. It saves space and you can get a whole eye look with just one brush. I can’t find this exact item online so I will link both ends in separate brushes, they are that good. Pink, soft and cute as can be? Yes please!


Overall, Ipsy did a good job. I saw some of the other possible products sampled this month and would have loved to have received those, but I am not complaining. For  ten dollars, I got some incredible stuff. What products did you get this month? I would love to know!



LUXIE 205 Rose Gold Tapered Blending Eye Brush

LUXIE 213 Rose Gold Eye Shading Brush

English Laundry Signature For Her Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz

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Shop Miss A Makeup Review

Paying one dollar for a quality makeup product just doesn’t seem feasible, right?! Well, we shall see about that. Shopmissa.com is a website that offers tons of products that typically retail for a dollar. Yes, just ONE DOLLAR. Talk about ballin’ on a budget. For the sake of science and my wallet, I added some of the makeup deals to my cart.  All of the chosen items were from the site’s in-house brand called “AOA Studio.” The complexion products are what I gravitated towards, since those are the products that are the hardest to get right.

Let’s talk the good, the bad and the ugly to see if discounted makeup is even worth it.

AOA Wonder Skin Primer

I purchased two primers that claim to do separate things. A blurring one with a silicone base and an illuminating one that feels more like a lotion. A good primer is key to keep your base makeup looking and lasting it’s best. The silicone primer was a miss. The consistency was too thin and it just felt like excess slime on my face. I did not see it help the appearance of my makeup at all, if anything the BB cream just slipped right off when worn together. The illuminating primer gave me more success. The lotion feel was on the thicker side and gave me skin a subtle glow. It dried down with a slight stickiness to it which made any product I put on top adhere better. I will continue to use the illuminating primer since it rivals products that are far more spend-y.

Do I think they were worth the one dollar? One of them, yes!


AOA Perfect BB Cream:

This thick BB cream pleasantly surprised me. With medium coverage it worked just fine for evening out my skin. You can easily build the coverage with another layer as well.  While it did not last all day, that is not something I typically ask for in a BB cream. This is a great product for light makeup days and when you want your skin to be able to breathe a bit more. Applying it with a dense brush got the most coverage but when applied with a damp sponge I was given a more long-lasting flawless look.

Do I think it was worth the one dollar? Certainly!


AOA Wonder Cover Concealer

This site carries a ton of different concealer shades including ones designed for color correcting. I got a peach one to counteract dark circles and one that was a couple of shades lighter than my skin tone to brighten my complexion. The color correcter was a total fail. It has a good amount of pigment but it was too orange to counteract anything on my pale skin. My dark circles were actually enhanced and it was too dark of a shade to then be easily covered up. The true concealer shade had a similar consistency, thick and somewhat greasy. When applied to the face they set almost immediately making them impossible to blend out. The concealer wiped away my foundation underneath and made my under eye area look terrible. These products aged me at least a decade. This might work for spot concealing instead of under the eyes, but probably not worth the headache.

Do I think they were worth the one dollar? No!


AOA Perfect Setting Powder:

Loose powder can make or break a makeup look, especially when you have dry skin like me. Adding tons of powders can make you look dehydrated. I was worried that for such a low price point this powder wouldn’t do my skin any favors. Without fragrance and with the powder being so finely milled it felt like silk going onto the skin. “Baking” your face is a makeup practice that ensures it last all day while making the skin look airbrushed but it takes a LOT of powder. Why spend a ton of money on powder to just use it up so quickly? The “Soft Light” option offered a slight beige tint to it while “Transparent” was the typical white powder that comes off as nothing on the skin.  They claim to have no flashback but I did not find that to be true, so use a light hand or avoid flash photography. These powders preformed great and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Do I think they were worth the one dollar? YES!


a2o Setting & Priming Sprays:

After all the hard work I put in, I want to make sure my makeup is going to stick around all day. That is where using a priming and setting spray comes in. These two products were the only two that cost more than a dollar. Coming in at $3.50 each, I was skeptical. This site jaded me almost instantly. If everything else could be sold at one dollar why not these? Maybe there were amazing! I was hooked on that idea and just had to purchase. The primer sprays feels nice and adds another boost of hydration for my dry skin. It dries down fast so you don’t have to wait too long to apply your makeup. The setting spray also feels nice. The nozzle on both of these bottles isn’t perfect but still offers a fine enough mist. While I did enjoy using both of these products, they didn’t do a whole lot. When using them in conjunction I don’t think my makeup lasted or preformed any better throughout my typical day. I will continue to use these though in hopes that I may eventually see a difference.

Do I think they were worth the money? Maybe?


Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are my obsession, that is public knowledge at this point. However, this habit of mine can tend to get a little pricey. When I ran across sheet masks being sold for one dollar a piece, I lost my mind. These perform just the same if not better than their higher priced counterparts. With so many options available your mask collection will be set for life. Pick some up if you are curious to see if this is a skincare regimen that could work for you. The two that I tried smelled great, fit my face well and left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Total success!

Do I think they were worth the one dollar? ABSOLUTELY!


Overall I had a lot of fun trying these products and was stoked to find some serious hits. Saying something isn’t even worth a dollar may seem harsh but I wanted to hold these items to a high standard, no matter the price point. While I don’t have particularly sensitive skin trying these products still seemed a bit daunting. After testing the items for over a month they did not cause my skin to have any sort of bad reaction.

If you are new to makeup or just don’t want to spend a ton of cash, this site is perfect for you. You can buy almost a full face of makeup for less money than a grande latte! Happy shopping.


All the products can be purchased here:

Shop Miss A

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Boxycharm January 2017


Boxycharm is hands down my favorite subscription service. Each month is like a mini Christmas when I spot that black box in my mail.

Let’s see what they gifted us with this time:



Girlactik Lippie

 At first I was not pleased with receiving yet another matte liquid lipstick. We seem to get one every single month. However, after application my mind was changed. This product features a beautiful terracotta shade and a lightweight texture. It feels lovely on the lips, and wears beautifully throughout the day. A huge difference from other overly matte liquid lipsticks i’ve tried. I have not been able to stop wearing this since I got it!


PUR Bronze and Brighten Palette

This was without a doubt the stand out product in the box. This palette, which I cannot find anywhere on the internet, is a total hidden gem. When swatched the three shades (all extremely shimmery) pack a serious punch. So serious in fact, I was a bit nervous in how they would apply to the face. Have no fear the blush, bronzer and highlight all apply beautifully on the skin with just the right amount of pigmentation. This palette will give you some serious glow so make sure to avoid areas of the face that have a lot of texture. All three shades would double as stunning eyeshadows as well, two uses in one! This may be my new must-have face palette.


Crown Glam Metals Palette

Another full size palette? Boxycharm is really out doing themselves this month. This eyeshadow palette features mostly metallic shades that range from cool to warm toned.  With a grunge like color scheme this item is unlike anything in my current collection. It truly is an interesting array of colors. The only shade that isn’t a metallic is a matte black that comes across more of a dark gray when blended on the eye. While this color is nice to have to smoke out a look you will need to pull in another shadow or palette for a transition shade. I have been loving wearing this product so far and find myself reaching for it often. The shadows last all day and blend easily. As a pop of color and sheen on the lid this palette is ideal.


DR. BRANDT SKINCARE pores no more® Luminizer Primer

This may be tied for my favorite product in the box. I am obsessed with Dr. Brandt skincare products, therefore trying a makeup primer from them was exciting. This primer claims to be luminizing on the skin, which it may be but not overwhelmingly so. It adds just a touch of sheen. Where this product stands out is how well foundation applies on top of it. Any foundation! It locks my makeup into place for the day and blends well with other products to make the skin look great.


IT Cosmetics Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow Pencil

My go-to eyebrow product tend to be pencils so this was a hit for me to receive. A dual-ended item, one side featuring a spoolie to get brows shaped and the other side being an oval shaped pencil. This has a good amount of pigmentation but in my opinion it might be a touch TOO creamy. Pencils that feature more of a waxy consistency keep my brows in place all day, but when using this product in conjunction with a brow gel you are in the clear.  I am also not sure if this pencil truly is universal, anybody with very dark hair might have trouble getting the pigmentation they need from it. Nonetheless, I am pleased with this product and plan to use it up..


Whoa, what an incredible month with two full-sized palettes. How does Boxycharm do it?! What do you think of this box? Did we get the same products? I would love to know.


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It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil

Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more® Luminizer Primer

GIRLACTIK Matte Lip Paint

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Ipsy January 2018


It is the beginning of a new year, how fun. It still feels weird to write out 2018 though, don’t you agree? With that fresh start comes new makeup to play with! My Ipsy is here so let’s hope they started 2018 out with a bang!

Show me the good stuff:



NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lip Lingerie in Satin Ribbon

A full product is always great but a full product from a brand I know and love is even better. This liquid lipstick is a true nude shade on me making it a bit tricky to pull off but with the right lip liner it is not an issue. Featuring a true matte formula this product will dry the lips out a bit. I am still willing to give it a fair shot because it looks stunning on. NYX products are usually on par with higher end items so this liquid lipstick will get lots of use by me.


ORIBE HAIR CARE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

With super fine hair a lot of products can weigh it down so I tend to steer clear. If I was going to receive a hair product however I am glad that it is a dry shampoo. The Oribe brand costs a pretty penny so I am happy to have gotten a product to try from them. Dry shampoo is always needed when you’re in a time crunch or just don’t feel like waking up early to shower ( c’mon we have all been there). It smells good and does the trick of soaking up oil fast.



I am trying really hard to wear more eyeshadow this year (maybe THAT is my new years resolution). This color is a stunning shimmery, burnt red shade. I am wearing it today and loving it. It went on with full pigmentation, was buttery smooth and appears vibrant even without an eye primer. Total hit and another full size? Yes please!



This was the standout product in the bag. I know, I am shocked too. City Color Cosmetics is a very inexpensive brand but you would not know it by how this item performs. Three shades round out this palette and are everything you need to contour and highlight the face. The darkest shade is perfect for sculpting the face, the middle shade is ideal for adding warmth and the last shade, a shimmery white is a strong highlighter. These all  looked great on the skin and lasted all day. Just the right amount of pigmentation that blended like a dream. I have been reaching for this all week and adore how my makeup has been looking.


CAKE BY CAKE BEAUTY Heavy Cream Intensive Body Balm

A lotion is not a bad thing to receive, it just isn’t my favorite. I like to stick strictly to make up products. This product smells just like cake though, hence the name, and that wins my heart over. This heavy cream can be used on the whole body but the travel size makes it the ideal hand cream to throw in my purse. Always a good thing to have around!


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this month’s Glam Bag. All these products were new things to try that I will get a ton of use out of. No misses and a potential holy grail product. How exciting! What products did you get this month? I would love to know.


Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick – Satin Ribbon

City Color Contour Kit

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