Boxycharm has been slackin’ for me in recent months. Could this box be the one that puts them back in the forefront or am I just over it? Let’s find out!



Once again, you cannot go wrong with getting brushes in subscriptions. You can use them forever. Loving the fact that they sent three. Two of which are eye brushes that are good for packing on color or glitter (see below) on the lid. The third brush is said to be a contour brush, a bit on the small side for me, but I will find some way to use it. Do I have way too many brushes? Yes. Do I still love receiving these? YES!


Loose highlighters are a bit harder to work with than a pressed one. However, they can pack a punch! This peach highlighter has a major purple shift when light hits it (which I learned is almost impossible to capture in a photo). How fun is that? It can be applied subtly or built up. This finely milled powder will last a very long time. It is best to apply loose highlighters with a fluffy brush to get a seamless appearance. When I want a colorful and unexpected highlight this is the product I will reach for.


A pencil eyeliner is not the most exciting product to receive, can we all agree on that? I do appreciate that it is not black however. I occasionally like wearing a pop of color on the waterline, so it will get some use. This bronze shade can be a bit hard to apply. I recommend warming it up on the back of the hand first. It is by no means an incredible product but it does the trick.


Getting a palette is Boxycharm’s M.O. This eyeshadow palette features 12 shades ranging from matte to shimmer to glitter. What I’m most excited about? The pressed glitters! I have never used a full-on glitter eyeshadow like this but how pretty would they look on the eyes?! I cannot wait to play around with this product. Some of the shadows did need to be built up (mainly the purple and the deep bronze). Overall, the shadows blended well and were decently pigmented. There are some fun pops of color but for the most part this could be an everyday palette.


I have been ALL about lip gloss lately. This holographic shade can be worn over any lip color for a plump look with a pink hint. When applied to the lips it is very difficult to see the shift in color (so not really holographic, now is it?) it just looks like a clear gloss. I still dig it though! I’m just grateful that Boxycharm mixed it up and did not send another liquid lipstick. Juicy looking lips all spring and summer long please!


This was not my favorite box. Boxycharm has been boring me lately. I feel we get the same brands over and over again. Maybe i’m just spoiled, I will of course be giving it another shot to bring back the excitement I initially felt with this subscription.

What do you think of this box? Did we receive the same products? Do you have tips on working with pressed glitter shadows? Let me know down below!


Boxycharm time! It has been a while since I’ve been consistent with posting these unboxings. I still get this subscription and am still obsessed with it. For $21 a month you get 4-6 FULL SIZE products. A great value and usually chock full of awesome products.


ACE Beaute – Grandoise Palette

Another Boxycharm, another eyeshadow palette. With eight warm toned shadows that feature shimmer and matte finishes, this palette is all you need to create an eye look. These colors are perfect for the holidays (especially Thanksgiving). Everything about this product is stunning, from the color story to the packaging. I cannot wait to try this out and create some bold looks.

CoverFX – Glitter Drops in “Nova”

CoverFX is a fun, high-end brand to receive an item from. This bottle of pigmented, glittery gold liquid features a dropper applicator (which I find very fun for some reason). These drops can be used as a highlighter or under/mixed in with foundation. I personally do not love the look of large glitter on my face. I am thinking about mixing this in with a body lotion to get an all over glow. I’m excited to have this item I just have to figure out how I want to use it.

LUXIE – Luminous Eye Set

Bring on the eye brushes, The more the merrier! This set of four soft brushes are small enough for detail work and getting into the crease. The gold sparkle handles will look beautiful on anybody’s vanity. These will be used like crazy!

Lashaholic Lashes – Instagram False

My fake lashes of choice for a while now have been that of the magnetic variety. I find them so easy to use. My traditional strip lash collection is growing however and I need to start wearing them. These lashes are fluttery and long but not too thick so they will still look natural. These will be incorporated into a look very soon. Also, can we also talk about this packaging? SO CUTE!


JonteBlu – Glittering Star Eyeliner

I don’t need another black eyeliner. Especially not a pencil one with glitter in it. Gel twist-up liners are easier to apply and last better on the waterline. I’ve tried a liner from this brand before and it was much too dry for my liking. It hurt to put on the eye but did end up looking okay. Not a terrible product, I’m sure somebody will scoop it up out of my giveaway bag and be happy!

Overall, I am pleased. Boxycharm just knows what they are doing. I will get use out of almost everything in this month’s box. The theme was “Gold Digger” and for once, I think they really nailed it in matching that. What products did you receive? What did you think of my box? Let me know & shop down below.

To get your own box:

Boxycharm Subscription

Beauty subscriptions are rolling out, which is the best time of the month! This month’s theme is “Altar Ego.” Something that is somewhat spooky for October? How fitting! Here’s hoping this month knocks it out of the park.




Who doesn’t always need another mascara? I have used this in the past and remember  enjoying it. This product both lengthens and volumizes the lashes. Two coats of this stuff and you are good to go!



Palettes come standard in Boxycharm these days and I do not hear anybody complaining. This double sided palette features four face shades on one side and eight eye shadows on the other. However, all could be worn beautifully on the eyes. While they are pretty, they are not my favorite formula. The eye shadows needed a lot of work to create a decent look and I had to build up the face shades a ton in order for them to appear. Not my favorite palette but not the worst. The selection of colors is fun, they just take a bit of patience.



Skin care? I’ll take that! High end skin care at that! This cleansing balm should be applied to dry skin, rubbed on making up heavy parts (including the eyes) and then wiped away with a cotton round. This will hopefully melt off all residue and leave you squeaky clean. This stuff smells bomb and has skin loving benefits. I have been wanting to try more products from the Farmacy line, so I am enthused.



 Another skin care item? We lucked out this month! This product comes with two parts. A charcoal paste mask that you apply to the skin and a thin lace material mask you put on over top. You secure the lace mask around your ears (so it really does stay in place) and then peel the lace off once the charcoal mask has dried. I can’t wait to try this!!! An exciting, nontraditional face mask that gives you enough for two applications.



Another long wear liquid lipstick. This one is FINALLY not a brown shade though, so i’m happy about that. Lovesick is a mauve color that really is transfer proof. Does this mean it dries out the lips and emphasizes lines? Yes, but nothing a little chapstick underneath won’t help. I really like the shade on me and how it wears for about four or five hours. After that time, it is best to take off and completely re-apply.

Overall, I am pretty stoked with this box. All awesome brands and items that I will use. The theme was very on point for the month of October. Every single product had a Halloween element to it between the packaging or the use of the item. What did you think of this month’s Boxycharm? Did you receive the same products? Let me know and shop down below!


Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Dermovia Lace A Peel Black Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Farmacy – Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy

It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

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You can get just about ANYTHING delivered to your door through subscription boxes these days. My favorite out of these options is services that cater to my beauty addiction. Receiving these gifts to myself each month makes me SO giddy. If you are thinking about signing up for a beauty box subscription, you are in for a treat! This is the perfect opportunity to try out fun new things you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself. With there being so many options available it can be overwhelming to decide which service is right for you. Don’t stress, that’s where I come in! I am going to break down the high and low points of the beauty boxes I receive.



I have been subscribed to Ipsy for a year and a half and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. This was the first subscription I ever received and is the reason I fell in love with this process. For $10 a month you receive five beauty samples. The samples range from makeup to skincare and everything in between (I get SO many makeup brushes with Ipsy). This is the perfect service to start off if you are just looking for one. You receive fabulous items that will build your collection in an inexpensive way. If you are ballin’ on a budget, Ipsy is perfect for you. This is the only service that will cost you ten dollars (that’s basically a large coffee) and still give you some full size products!


– full & sample size products

– personalized survey to pick products

– cute makeup bag each month

– rewards program


– sometimes receive low-end products

– waitlist period

Sephora Play


I was excited when I heard that Sephora was coming out with their own beauty subscription service. I have been subscribed to this box for just about a year now. All the samples you receive come from products you can purchase at Sephora stores. If you fall in love with a sample you can easily find the full size! This is another $10 a month box that gives you five beauty items PLUS a perfume sample. The products range from all aspects of your beauty routine with an emphasis on hair and skin care. If that sounds up your alley, Sephora Play is the right service for you!


– high-end products all sold at Sephora

– personalized survey

– a lot of great skin and hair care samples

– bonus perfume sample each month


– small sample sizes, never full size

– waitlist period

– not as many makeup products

– no rewards program



I have been getting Boxycharm for the least amount of time but it did not take long for this subscription to steal my heart. For $21 a month you get a box filled with five full size beauty products equaling a total retail value of over $100 (the value cannot be beat). If you are a beauty junkie and want to build an impressive collection, this box is calling your name! They send out a full size eyeshadow palette almost every month, so much to love! Boxycharm is a makeup addict’s dream come true!


– full size items

– high-end brands

– easy to build an impressive collection

– features trending beauty items

– rewards program


– more expensive

– waitlist period

– if you do not like a product it’s hard to use up a full size

– no personalized survey

As you can see there are pros and cons to each one of these subscription services. Hopefully my input helped you out a little bit. My final ranked list is #1 Boxycharm #2 Ipsy and #3 Sephora Play. I am just far more excited by the first two each month. However, I think all of these services offer a great selection of items that would be the perfect treat each month. I have fallen in love with so many products from each of these boxes. You should go and read my previous beauty unboxings to see which subscription you most identify with! Order away pretty thang, you deserve a little pampering!

 Do you subscribe to any of these and have a favorite? Are there any other beauty boxes I should sign up for? Let me know down in the comment section!



to get your own subscription go here:

Ipsy Subscription

Boxycharm Subscription

Sephora Play Subscription

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It is that time again, for my favorite beauty subscription to arrive! Who doesn’t love getting full size products? Since Boxycharm almost never disappoints, I hope this month continues the pattern.


Let’s jump to the products:


TEMPTU x BoxyCharm Liquid Glow Hand Applied Highlighter

I have gotten a lot of liquid highlighters lately, but I am not mad about it! This one by Temptu was specially created just for Boxycharm subscribers. I love getting limited edition items, it makes them seem more fancy! This highlighter is a rose gold shade and is VERY thin and liquid-y. When pouring from the the bottle you get a lot out at once, far more than you need so be careful. When applied to the skin I got more of a sheen than the rose gold color, but I was pleased with the end result . I love using liquid highlighters underneath my foundation for a lit from within glow. This will be a summer staple!


IBY Powder Highlight & Contour Palette

If you are a true beauty fanatic you should have a contour palette in your collection. This is such an awesome product to receive in a beauty subscription box! I already have a few palettes like this in my arsenal but I am stoked to add another. This palette comes with three highlight shades and three contour shades. The powders are extremely soft and pigmented but still blend like a dream. They build up a realistic finish on the skin to give you a sculpted look. I really enjoyed my makeup after using this product. They also included a little cheat sheet on how to use the palette if the whole contouring craze is too confusing (which it can be for all of us)!


Paddle Brush from Crown

This brush is mimicked after the famous (and ridiculously expensive) Artis Brushes. I have tried a few brushes of this style in the past with little success. However, since this one from Crown brush is made of better quality I am excited to put it to the test. This is labeled as a contour brush but I will use it to blend in my foundation. The densely packed bristles make it ideal for applying cream or liquid products. The handle makes it easy to hold and rub onto the skin. The idea behind these types of brushes is that you should blend in a continuous motion and lift the brush from the face as little as possible. I really want to like this brush but it feels as if I am just smearing product around my face instead of having in sink in like I want it to. I will continue to use it though because practice makes perfect!


“The Convertible Brow” by The BrowGal 

I have not used a powder to fill in my brows in YEARS! I was up to the challenge this morning and was very pleased with how my brows turned out. This product contains three powders which could work for a large spectrum of hair colors. These powders can be applied dry or wet to act as a pomade . I think that is a genius idea! I do not typically use pomades but this product really IS convertible! I did finish off my routine by applying a tinted brow gel as I always do, and my brows looked great all day. This product was the surprise front runner of the box for me.


The Brow Brush from The BrowGal

I do love that they included a brush to use with the previous product. Do I wish they came together and counted as one product? Yes. Have I become incredibly spoiled by this beauty subscription? Also yes. This brush is great, the spoolie and angled side both worked great to get my brows in tip top shape. I actually did not have a brush like this previously since I always use pencils to fill in my brows, so this was a welcomed product for my collection!


Overall, another winning box from Boxycharm. No misses? I’ll take that any day! I am always happy with this beauty subscription. There is so much to love about getting FULL-SIZE products at a ridiculously good price tag. The total value of this box? $138…and I paid $21 for it. BEST. DEAL. EVER.

To get your own subscription go here:

Boxycharm Subscription


Liquid Glow Hand Applied Highlighter

The Browgal By Tonya Crooks Dual End Eyebrow Brush

The Browgal By Tonya Crooks Convertible Brow for Light Hair

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