You can get just about ANYTHING delivered to your door through subscription boxes these days. My favorite out of these options is services that cater to my beauty addiction. Receiving these gifts to myself each month makes me SO giddy. If you are thinking about signing up for a beauty box subscription, you are in for a treat! This is the perfect opportunity to try out fun new things you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself. With there being so many options available it can be overwhelming to decide which service is right for you. Don’t stress, that’s where I come in! I am going to break down the high and low points of the beauty boxes I receive.



I have been subscribed to Ipsy for a year and a half and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. This was the first subscription I ever received and is the reason I fell in love with this process. For $10 a month you receive five beauty samples. The samples range from makeup to skincare and everything in between (I get SO many makeup brushes with Ipsy). This is the perfect service to start off if you are just looking for one. You receive fabulous items that will build your collection in an inexpensive way. If you are ballin’ on a budget, Ipsy is perfect for you. This is the only service that will cost you ten dollars (that’s basically a large coffee) and still give you some full size products!


– full & sample size products

– personalized survey to pick products

– cute makeup bag each month

– rewards program


– sometimes receive low-end products

– waitlist period

Sephora Play


I was excited when I heard that Sephora was coming out with their own beauty subscription service. I have been subscribed to this box for just about a year now. All the samples you receive come from products you can purchase at Sephora stores. If you fall in love with a sample you can easily find the full size! This is another $10 a month box that gives you five beauty items PLUS a perfume sample. The products range from all aspects of your beauty routine with an emphasis on hair and skin care. If that sounds up your alley, Sephora Play is the right service for you!


– high-end products all sold at Sephora

– personalized survey

– a lot of great skin and hair care samples

– bonus perfume sample each month


– small sample sizes, never full size

– waitlist period

– not as many makeup products

– no rewards program



I have been getting Boxycharm for the least amount of time but it did not take long for this subscription to steal my heart. For $21 a month you get a box filled with five full size beauty products equaling a total retail value of over $100 (the value cannot be beat). If you are a beauty junkie and want to build an impressive collection, this box is calling your name! They send out a full size eyeshadow palette almost every month, so much to love! Boxycharm is a makeup addict’s dream come true!


– full size items

– high-end brands

– easy to build an impressive collection

– features trending beauty items

– rewards program


– more expensive

– waitlist period

– if you do not like a product it’s hard to use up a full size

– no personalized survey

As you can see there are pros and cons to each one of these subscription services. Hopefully my input helped you out a little bit. My final ranked list is #1 Boxycharm #2 Ipsy and #3 Sephora Play. I am just far more excited by the first two each month. However, I think all of these services offer a great selection of items that would be the perfect treat each month. I have fallen in love with so many products from each of these boxes. You should go and read my previous beauty unboxings to see which subscription you most identify with! Order away pretty thang, you deserve a little pampering!

 Do you subscribe to any of these and have a favorite? Are there any other beauty boxes I should sign up for? Let me know down in the comment section!



to get your own subscription go here:

Ipsy Subscription

Boxycharm Subscription

Sephora Play Subscription

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Have you heard about LipSense? Have people tried to sell it to you on social media? That was my first experience with this product! LipSense is a long wearing lipcolor by the Senegence brand which is sold by distributors, making it a bit more tricky to get your hands on than your typical lipstick. However, in the last year selling LipSense has become more and more popular so these distributors are readily available. It was killing me not knowing if all the hype and talk about this product was real or not. I was sent these products for reviewing purposes and was finally able to try LipSense for myself!


I chose to get the shade “Blu-Red” which is a bright, bold and cool toned red! A very flattering and gorgeous shade. When testing out a lip color a red will be the true testament of it’s strength.  I received the “starter kit” which is the lip color, the gloss and the “oops remover” for mess ups and removal. This kit costs $55 and is definitely the most bang for your buck. This lip color is meant to be worn with a gloss. I was told the gloss is a must to keep your lips hydrated and help the color last throughout the day.

The first time I applied this, I did it wrong (read the freakin’ directions Casey). Naturally, after misapplication I was not too pleased. This lip color smells like straight chemicals due to the high alcohol content. Alcohol dries out your lips but it also lets the product adhere better and last longer. If you don’t plan on wearing this everyday I think the amount of alcohol in it is fine or if you always follow up with a conditioning balm after removal. I applied it too messily and didn’t let the product dry down like it needs to. The PROPER way to apply is in three thin, continuous layers allowing a few seconds in between to dry. Once you do these steps, LipSense preforms far better. The wand is small and sturdy which is perfect for allowing you to line your lips below you fill them in which I highly recommend to keep everything looking neat.


My lips took a bit of time to fully dry down and they weren’t even all the way there when I applied the moisturizing gloss. Prior to the gloss my lips felt sticky and heavy, Make sure to not rub or purse your lips together before applying the gloss to ensure no smudges! I received the standard “moisturizing gloss” but there are several other finishes available. The gloss topper ROCKS. I am in love with it and want to try it with my other lip colors. It is smooth, not sticky whatsoever, smells nice (unlike the lip color) and fades evenly after several hours. Together Blu Red & the moisturizing gloss look awesome. I got a lot of compliments and am totally digging the duo. I thought when applying the gloss some of the color would transfer on to the wand but NOPE, this stuff seriously is budge proof! I kissed the back of my hand and there was no transfer whatsoever, how amazing is that?! I had been drinking and eating all throughout the day and nothing moved. This product means serious business! The combination makes my lips look full, luscious and a lot healthier than some other liquid lipsticks do. My biggest concern was that my lips would feel dry all day but they truly didn’t, even without re-applying the gloss all day.  I can certainly feel the product on my lips but it doesn’t bother me. The color is just as vibrant at the end of the day as when I first applied it, love that!

Removal of the lip color was easy to master as well. You glide on the “oops remover,” give it several seconds to break down the product and then wipe it away with a makeup remover towelette. Since red tends to stain your lips, it took me a couple tries to fully get all the product off.  I then recommend exfoliating your lips to nourish them and make your next application look even better.


Overall, I really do enjoy this lip product. A lot more than I was expecting to! It lasts far better than some other liquid lipsticks I have tried. If you can get through the intense smell and slightly difficult application then this stuff is totally worth it. What a great long lasting lip product! You do have to buy this brand through a distributor but the experience I had was very enjoyable. Have you tried LipSense? What are your thoughts on this phenomenon?


To make your own LipSense purchase contact Alicia:

Cell phone: (253)-241-7337

Instagram: Puckerupwithalicia

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