I have been wanting white booties for a while now.  There are a lot of styles available out there so it took me a while to find the PERFECT pair. White shoes may seem like an odd choice in the dead of winter but I promise you, they are just the ticket. Winter whites look chic as can be and will transition into your spring wardrobe effortlessly.



Go for a stiletto for a sleek look or a block heel for built-in comfort. Both give off the same vibe and look great. White shoes can seem daunting, I know. I can practically hear y’all yelling “they will get dirty in five minutes Casey!” Always opt for a protector spray, this is a good tip for any of your leather or suede shoes. Make a point to be diligent about doing a quick clean after a couple of wears and you will keep them pristine with minimal effort. Look for a studded pair or a classic chelsea boot. You have the opportunity to have fun with this style. Are you more trendy or western? White booties popped up EVERYWHERE this year so your favorite retailer is bound to have the ideal pair.



I love styling mine with denim or a flouncy dress. These boots go with more than you think! Wearing them with jeans is a casual route to take but will take any outfit up a notch. Sometimes you don’t want to think too much in the morning, a dope pair of shoes do just the trick to look like you put in more effort than you did. Straight leg jeans work great with these boots, a street style favorite. This lived in look is what created the hype for this trend. Skinny jeans (I wear mine cuffed) would work too. I opt for a light or medium wash denim when wearing my booties, too much of a contrast between the jeans and stark white cuts off the line of the leg. Us short girls need all the help we can get.



White boots styled with a dress will add a hint of edge to your girly number. I love pairing dainty dresses with chunky boots. You don’t have to wear heels or ballet flats all the time! Boots add a much-needed attitude to an otherwise typical appearance. Let’s keep people guessing, shall we?

What do you think of this trend? Are you going to be rockin’ white booties anytime soon? I can guarantee these will be my most worn shoes for the next few months. Let me know all your thoughts and shop down below!



There have been a lot of trends in 2018. Some of which were amazing and others not so much. That is why I’m pleased to welcome back an oldie but goodie, the leopard print!  Was it ever really gone though? Leopard print is a classic look that has been around for decades. But I’m excited to say this print is currently having a major moment to round out the year.

 This trend can be worn at any age (yes, I do mean any) which makes it such a quintessential look for your wardrobe. To keep it  fresh, search for streamlined pieces and just add one pop of feline fun to your outfit. More than that and it will look like you’re making a mockery of this majestic pattern. Which means you do not need to run out and buy a ton of new stuff, whew!

Be on the prowl for this pattern in accessories at first. A leopard purse or shoes are fun add-ons and will look great with any outfit you already own.  A leopard scarf over a stellar jacket or sweater will turn heads and keep you warm. A little accoutrement will help you tip toe into this trend.

Leopard print should be seen as a neutral which sparks a plethora of fun ideas. Wearing this style with a bright pop of color will highlight it even more so. Don’t feel the need to shy away in other areas of your outfit whilst wearing a bold print.


If you love it after that, go ahead and dive in with a coat. My personal  favorite way to rock this ferocious print. A faux fur or trench style is the perfect completer piece for any outfit. I adore adding a leopard jacket to add instant glam when wearing a basic t-shirt and jeans. It takes any outfit from day-to-night in two seconds flat.


What are your thoughts on leopard? Right up your alley or too much? I recommend trying this print to pump up any outfit, you may find that you love it!

Let me know all your thoughts and shop down below!


The holidays are upon us and I’m so freakin’ excited.

Let’s face it, you are either throwing a holiday party or going to one. I fall under the both category and needed to put some looks together ASAP.

There are different levels of parties so you most likely can get away with wearing something you already own. Take a deep breath. You can do this and have a killer ensemble for each event on your list.

Red is a classic look, don’t let anybody tell you it is cliché. You will not go wrong with a red dress. This color screams confidence which is what we all want, right? A fishtail hem or an interesting sleeve adds even more interest to the piece.

If that it too bold, a black dress with some killer red heels will do the trick. A red lip will go with ANYTHING you decide to wear as well. Look for a blue toned, matte red lipstick to make your smile sparkle and last all night.

If you are wanting to buy something new, start with finding the right fabric. Look for interesting textures. Sequin, fur, velvet or lace. All of these fabrications feel luxurious and epitomize the season.  Keep the people staring long after you walk in the room. Then seek out your color scheme. Gold, silver, green, black or red. All wise choices. Make it sparkly, go over the top. Wear something you normally wouldn’t. This is the holidays after all!

Depending on the party, you could skip a dress altogether. Dark wash skinny jeans with a festive top and heels will suffice for a casual get together. Look put together but still comfortable enough to eat all those gingerbread cookies.

My favorite look thus far has been high-waisted, wide leg trousers with several tops. You can rock a crop or tuck in a slim fitting blouse. A fun twist on a classic look. The best part is that pants have everybody’s favorite feature: POCKETS!!! This is by far the most chic option for winter.  Heading to an office party? Whip off your blazer and you’re good to go! This outfit will gain you style points and dare I even say, a promotion?

Do not let all the red and gold you see around steer you away from softer colors. White and pale blue are also stunning options for winter. You will look like you just walked out of a winter wonderland, who wouldn’t want that?!

To put it all together a (faux) fur coat will add glam to any ensemble and keep you warm! Black is classic choice but keep your eye out for dark jewel tones as well. A forest green jacket would be stunning. Who knew looking HOT in the cold could be so easy?!

What do you enjoy wearing during the holidays? What do you think of my choices? What parties are stepping out for? Let me know everything and shop down below! Happy celebrating!

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